Saturday, August 01, 2009

One of those nights!

I completely fell asleep on the sofa while watching the 8 pm news and didn't wake up until midnight. I felt very good when I woke up, and full of energy, and the computer was in its sleeping mode, so I woke it up and checked my emails. Well, you know, one thing leads to another and then you have to make yourself a cup of decaf and answer all your emails and that takes a little time, so before you know it, it is very late and you're still not in bed. At that point, I figured I may as well stay up a little longer and really break the night. Besides, tomorrow is Saturday morning and I don't have to go anywhere, I really officially don't have to go anywhere and I don't even have to go grocery shopping.

Actually, playing with Ubuntu has taken up a lot of my time, because I'm figuring out how everything works. I have to do it on my own and I don't have an instruction booklet, which would be mighty handy, so I just work my way through things and figure them out as I go along. Sometimes I'm stumped and sometimes it works. Sometimes the help section really helps and sometimes it doesn't. Slowly but surely I'm getting things to work, though, like the music systems, which would not play at first, but there is much more I have to work out. I'll be busy with it for a while yet.

So, I did not go to therapy today and that means that I've been home all week this week and I've had a whole week off. I'm not going to claim that it was like a vacation, because it was not enough fun for that, but at least I had a break. I become a basket case thinking about it, so I'll just say that on Monday I'll go to creative therapy and hope to talk to the head therapist then.

Well, that's quite enough of that.

Actually, I can't wait to get an extra table and chair to place in my bedroom by the window so I can start creating art there. That's what I'm really looking forward to. I'm so excited about doing that and I can't wait to go out and get the supplies. There is a store close to here called "Action" that sometimes sells art supplies at really low prices so I must go and have a look there at what they've got. I also have to remind my sister not to throw out any of the magazines she reads for the images and the texts.

A good blog friend is sending me a box of art supplies from the Sates and I can't wait for it to get here. That will be the start of it, along with some of the things I still have myself, which are scant.

The weather was beautiful today. The sun was shining all day long, but it wasn't too hot. The bike ride into town was really nice, especially when you consider that I have a good working bike now and the Exfactor had pumped up my rear tire so I really moved along well.

Some people were sitting at our table, but it looked like they were just about done and just as they were getting ready to leave, I grabbed a chair to prevent anyone else from claiming it. You have to be just a bit rude to get what you want and I wanted that table, because all the tables under the sun cover and on the square were taken. It's tourist season, so things are always busy.

Von and I had a heated discussion about love and men. Is there another subject more worthy of discussion? We both thought that falling in love was a horrible thing, but loving someone was good. Falling in love is like temporary insanity and makes you behave strangely and do odd things. Things you wouldn't do under normal circumstances. Loving someone is a totally different ballgame. For one thing, you can think clearly and you don't make a big mess and you aren't blindsided by your overheated emotions.

I ordered a piece of apple pie with whipped cream with my second cup of cappuccino, figuring I had deserved it after a week of despair, but I couldn't finish it nor could I finish my cappuccino.

So, we went shopping instead, first for Von and then for me in my cheap store. We found a see through blousy top that I can wear over a sexy tank top and that Von said I should wear in my boudoir. It was only 7 Euros. I bought another set of matching bracelets to go with it, this time in reds and pinks. I just have to stop spending money on myself!

On my way home I didn't run over any pedestrians, although several made suicidal attempts by stepping of the sidewalk into the street and instead of using my bell, I still yell at them. People are so oblivious! On the way into town, people were walking in the middle of the street and I yelled at them to use the sidewalk, because it is hard enough to ride your bike over the very rough cobblestones. Yes, they get upset with me and no, I don't care. I just don't want to end up face down on the street.

I stopped by the pharmacy to get a supply of drugs, which they gladly gave me and when I rode away on my bike, my necklace broke and it is one of my favorite ones, but luckily, I noticed it and caught it in my hand before it fell in the street.

Jesker was so happy to see me. He had been laying behind the front door again. I always make a big deal out of greeting him as if we've not seen each other for ages. He's so cute.

When I was fixing my necklace, I managed to spill a whole glass of fruit juice all over the table and all over my cigarettes. Guess what I said then? You're right! I sopped it up with a towel and laid my cigarettes out to dry, which did not even taste that funny when they were. I did fix my necklace. It had broken because of the strap of my purse. It had gotten caught underneath it when I turned my head to see if there was any traffic coming. That's what happens when you wear your purse across your chest against purse snatchers.

I put on my boudoir top and walked Jesker and I wasn't propositioned once, which I think is probably for the best. You don't want to pick up men off the street.

Well, that just about was my day. I am going to try to add some photos to this post, but I have to resize them first and I don't know yet if I can do that, so we'll see.



pinklea said...

Ooooh - you Dutch and your bicycles! I cannot count the number of times I was that pedestrian in the cyclist's way when I was in the Netherlands a few years ago! I'm good at looking for cars, but I kept forgetting to check the cycling lanes as well, and I almost got hit many times. DD was so exasperated with me! But honestly, the worst reaction any of the cyclists ever had was a long, loud sigh at the idiot Canadian tourist apologizing over and over. (So I guess I can safely say that you did not ever almost run over me, since nobody ever yelled at me! LOL)

Maggie May said...

That was an action packed, interesting post, Irene.
Like the idea of you making your bedroom into an art studio! Clean up as you go, mind, else it might get very cluttered.
I think you need the contact with the others at the therapy sessions though, as anyone can get too insular on their own.
Your description of the bicycles takes me back to the Netherlands, where thousands of bikes were chained up everywhere without the danger of the wheels going missing like over here. Children were piled onto bikes and driven away by one parent. Wouldn't see that here.
In Japan I was nearly run over many times as in the major cities, bikes are allowed on the pavements but at least the ride on the same side of the road as we do! Sorry I am writing a post!

Have a good day, Irene. X

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I usually sleep like a log but occasionally wake up at some ungodly hour in the morning wideawake and full of energy. I get up and blitz the housework but then have to go to work. I'm zonked by midday and can't wait to get home for a rest! I blame it on middle-aged hormones misbehaving! Great post, by the way, lots of interesting stuff to read.

Gail said...

What a day! I envy the action. I believe you just needed a week off and to start thinking so much!

Enjoy your new computer program, you are a greater man than I!

Elaine said...

Oh, I wish I had an art studio or even somewhere to put an extra table and chair. I do all my mucky artwork in the front room and occasionally get carried away with it. My sofa and table now have multi-colored flecks of acrylic paint all over them!

Maureen said...

Well that was a lot of things happening that day! I am so glad you caught your necklace in time; it would have been hard to find again if you had ridden off without realizing it was broken! I too wear my purse diagonally over my chest; it is a large one with a long strap... but I have to wear it that way otherwise my neck gets pinched and sore.

Good luck setting up your new "studio!"