Saturday, August 08, 2009


Babaloo said to me, you should join Bookmooch, you can trade your own books for new ones and all you have to do is pay for the postage, and I thought, sure, I'm not going to get rid of my own books in order to get new ones, I'm trying to build up my own library. But she planted a seed in my brain anyway and today I went over to my bookcase to see if I had any books that I really did not care much about and that I would not miss if they were gone. Well, one thing led to another and pretty soon I has 36 books that I could easily live without.

I opened an account at Bookmooch and listed all the books I had picked out and then made a huge wish list of books I wanted myself. Pretty soon, requests started to come in for books that I had listed and I had a good look around and saw that there were books listed that I wanted also, so the trading began. I now have three requests for books that I own and I have put in four requests for books that I would like to have and the day isn't over yet.

I do need to figure out a good way to package the books and I used to be in the possession of padded envelopes, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the Exfactor has taken them, but hopefully there is some strong wrapping paper that was used as packaging material and if I can find that, I will be in good shape. So keep your fingers crossed for me while I set out on this new endeavor.

I am hoping, of course, that lots of the books on my wish list will become available, but one must have patience and see what shows up and check regularly and accept another book or two instead if it comes down to that.

In the meantime, you wouldn't believe how much of my time has gone into this and I have done nothing else all afternoon nonstop. Luckily, I'm very good at doing things like this and can be completely focused while I blank out the whole world around me and even forget to smoke a cigarette and drink my coffee. Jesker has had to take complete care of himself, as I have had no time to pay attention to him, accept to feed him just now. He is sound asleep on his blanket and I will walk him shortly.

I have not done the groceries after checking the supplies and seeing that we could eke out an existence until Monday, when I will also have to go to the post office and the pharmacy. Yes, I like to live dangerously on the edge and make everything last until the very last minute. I count each slice of bread. I do have 4 cans of soup, so I will not go hungry and neither will the animals. They will be provided for.

I keep thinking that today is Sunday, because things are so quiet around here and there is not much movement in the neighborhood, but then again, I haven't exactly been paying close attention, so it probably didn't quite penetrate my preoccupied mind. I'm glad I have another day off tomorrow, because this day has flown by and I feel that I didn't really participate much in it and take advantage of my time off. Well, I did, but I sure was busy doing it.

I need not have worried about being occupied, because I sure took care of that, didn't I? Just when I think I'll be bored out of my mind, some job presents itself and I am fully absorbed and oblivious of everything around me and no other thoughts enter my head. Maybe I should get a job as a data input worker in some obscure office where it doesn't matter what data I enter, as long as it keeps me occupied and it is the least bit interesting. I could take Jesker to work with me and walk him on my lunch break. We would like that a lot. Why can't I find a job like that? Have dog, will work.

It hasn't rained again all day, much to my disappointment and the sun was shining all day. It is nice for the tourists that flock the town and the outdoor caf├ęs, but I think it is so cozy to sit inside and have a nice rain shower come down and refresh everything. Now the weather forecast says it will rain tomorrow, but I don't believe a word of it, because that's what they said about today. At least it's not so hot outside anymore and you can wear normal clothes, meaning sleeves and long pants.

I think I will take my patient dog for a walk and clean this place up a bit. There are some odds and ends lying around that need to be put away and in the trash. It does have to look as if someone cares around here and we all know that the animals aren't going to do it. I see I have a bunch of emails again. No doubt from Bookmooch. How very exciting. I hope the postage doesn't turn out to be too expensive and that I get a lot of books in return.

Have a great evening everyone. My dog is now staring at me, so I have to go.



Elaine said...

Good for you! I had a little look at it earlier, but just out of curiosity. I'm not ready to part with any of my books just yet, even though I could probably find 30 or more as well. I do have this tendency to hang onto things I don't need....

Frances said...

sounds interesting.
We tend to take our books to the charity shop when we can tear them away from us.
Unfortunately, it is usually the dear hubby who goes and sometimes other things come back with him... LOL
I used to get upset when people borrowed my books and didn't return them, now it is a secret relief... one less - sadly it is often books I like that disappear and not the ones I find boring.

Gail said...

What a wonderful day for you!

Maggie May said...

I used to wrap books in strong brown paper & surround the whole package with cellotape in the form of a cross when I sent them to Japan & they all got there safely.
Good idea about the book exchange though.
Forgot your charity shops would probably not have English books.

Have a peaceful night X

John said...

That book trade sounds quite green....I love books and use the library more than in the past - also for dvd movies and lately we bought a blue ray and a high defenition TV...

I still buy music, though....just ordered the mono version of all Beatles discs, remastered...they are only making 10,000 mono copies for the USA so I said, what the heck....thrreew albums were recorded in sterio and are no tincluded =- let in be, yellow submarine and abbey road.

One of the most gl;orious recordings I own is the mono version of pet sounds.

IT comes out on 9-9-9, sept 9, 2009.

Or is it 9 Sept 2009 as they do in Europe?

My best...

Babaloo said...

Yay for Bookmooch! You might have to fork out a bit for the postage initially when you list your books all at once as you'll get lots of requests all at once.
A lot of people set themselves a budget, though, and let people know there is a delay when they've reached that for the month. I don't mind that in the least when I want to get a book. As long as I know I'll receive it, then it doesn't matter that much if it's in 3 weeks or 4.

Happy mooching!

laurie said...

bookmooch is great. it's great as a way to get rid of books that you don't love, and a way to get books free that you might not know for sure you're going to love. you can't lose.

i wrap mine is grocery bags. we have sturdy brown paper grocery bags here. you don't necessarily need an envelope.

Maureen said...

Wow, I have never heard of Bookmooch. Whatever books I don't buy, I usually wait for the Book Fair for the local Children's Hospital. They have thousands of books really cheap, and all the money goes to a great charity. They hold them twice a year at our nearby mall... I can spend hours there, just perusing all the goodies they have to offer! Good luck with your new mooching!