Friday, August 28, 2009

A good Friday!

What an understatement that is, it's gone so well up to now...

I just got back from downtown, where I sat at the outdoor café with Von and drank cappuccino and espresso and watched early autumn leaves drop from the tall trees that shade the square. It's too early in the season, but some of the leaves are changing color and dropping to the ground and the strong wind helped shake them off the lower branches.

In a way, it is a nice sight and not so awful. It makes you feel kind of warm and cozy inside, especially if your sitting there in a warm and cuddly jacket that your friend has just given you out of the blue. It has many buttons and is soft and fuzzy and has a hood, perfect for this coming season. I was very pleasantly surprised and after trying it on, kept it on all afternoon.

We had to do a lot of talking, because we had not seen each other in at least 3 weeks. That's a long time when you're best friends. So we talked up a storm, almost literally, because the wind kept picking up and playing around the square quite strongly. There were rain clouds in the sky, but we did not get rained on.

We walked to a big department store and checked out the creative department for a special pen that Von was looking for and I saw lots of neat stuff. I could have a real field day in there. There is so much to choose from and there are things there I had not even thought of.

We also went to the top floor, because I had to use the toilet, and there we saw some neat mugs with sayings on them, so we bought each other a mug. I bought Von a mug that says, "You are my cup of tea, " and she bought me one that says, "I miss you more than coffee." We exchanged them with a grin and a kiss after we had paid for them. They were wrapped up in tissue paper and a bag. It's so nice to buy someone something they are really going to use.

This morning at creative therapy, I got a big white canvas and a big black felt tip pen and the challenge to make a drawing. Of course, I had been thinking about it all week, so I knew what I was going to draw, but the canvas was much bigger than I expected, so I had to take in the scale of it and draw bigger than I thought I was going to. After I filled half the canvas, I got out some acrylic colors and started to paint, which was a lot of fun and gave me a good idea of what in the world I was doing.

Everything is going to need two coats of paint, which is alright, because I enjoy the painting process. It is a very serene activity. So far I've used burnt sienna and moss green. I'll give those two coats first before I go on with the rest and then Iĺl finish drawing.

While I was painting, it started to rain and it rained hard, which is what we really needed and everything got a good soaking. It was really nice and a little dark outside, so inside it was very cozy and bright. Luckily it stopped by the time I had to go home and walk the dog. Everything was very refreshed, though, and the skies were stormy looking and the wind was blowing hard. My short hair almost got blown off my head. It all blew to one side and when I got home, I had to fix it with wax. Push everything back into place.

The Exfactor stopped by on his way home from the library and had a cup of coffee and we had a minute chat while Jesker tried to get all the attention in all possible ways. We sat at the table and Jesker's too short to look on top of it to see if we have anything good to eat. He just assumes we do. You can imagine the rest. The cats jump on top of the table and make him quite jealous. He wishes he could do that too, but he can hardly stand on his hind legs.

When I went downtown, I had to ride my bike into the wind and it was a little hard sometimes. When I got to the bridge, it was too steep and too windy for me to get up there, so I had to get off my bike and walk it up. I was out of breath when I got to the top, but when I rode it down on the other side, I almost couldn't brake on time for someone on a scooter. All I could yell was, "Sorry!" I hope he heard me. He was probably thinking, "Darn middle aged women on their bikes!" I hope he thought I was middle aged and not old.

Well, now I have to go and walk the dog again. Duty calls me. So does the sunshine and the wind. I like stormy weather and I wouldn't mind some more rain after I get in.

Have a good evening!



Maggie May said...

I love the idea of the mug swapping.
You sound as though you've had a good time today.

I have had my hair cut very short too but it isn't spiked up. Maybe I should experiment. But maybe I would look silly at my age with spiked hair. You are that much younger & can get away with it. However I can imagine you doing outrageous things when you are old & not giving in to age at all.

It has been a really strange day. We have had sunshine, rain, wind and thunder!

Have a good night, Irene. X

Anonymous said...

A meet with a good friend is usually as good as a holiday. Yours sounded very worthwhile.

CJ xx

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Bloggers eating my comments again!

I am excited to hear about your painting..the colours sound just like my cup of tea too! I hope you will share your finished artwork with us:) Enjoy the process, painting is for me either very good or very bad. When it's good I love it so much and when its bad i throw a tantrum. It's true.
I am glad to hear that for you it is very good!

I am sure you would have said...but surely that postcard is there by now??

Gail said...

Not just a good Friday, sounds like a great one, of course that is what you meant by undertatement, duh!

You needed a good dose of friend, it was long overdue. Now you can have your coffee and smile knowing she is just a call away.

Isn't the world of painting amazing? Do you now understand why I love the act and not the result? It is the doing of it, the fluidity(is that a word?) of the creation...the freedom in the motion.

Maureen said...

I love stormy weather too... I am hoping for more rain here. Sounds like an awesome day; and what a wonderful surprise Von got you! And perfect mugs for you two; great idea! You are funny today... love the bicycle story. I am sure he thought of you as middle aged, not old. ;)

Be well, my friend.

Patricia said...

good'm ready for a day like that.

Frances said...

hah - I laughed out loud at your comment about the scooter driver. Sad when we have reached the point of hoping people call us middle-aged. LOLLL -
and so glad to hear you spent a happy time with Von. She cheers you up every time you see her. That's what true friendship is about. The mugs are a lovely idea. You will see each other's messages every time you use them.
you are sounding good
enjoy the weekend.