Saturday, August 15, 2009

For the sake of a post...

Since today is going to be such a busy day, I decided to get up real early, so I would still have some computer time. I got enough sleep yesterday, because I slept on the sofa in the evening and then went straight to bed and kept right on sleeping. I also took a gigantic nap during the day, which was unplanned, but pleasant nevertheless, but it did screw up my schedule a little bit. I don't really mind too much, because I work well under pressure and am good at getting things done at the last minute, when I can time it down to what I will do in the last hours that remain until I am supposed to be done. It's much more enjoyable that way and a lot more manageable.

I got two more books in the mail yesterday from Bookmooch and another book that I had ordered at So now I have six new books to read and more books are on their way, Three that I have sent have arrived and I am waiting to hear about the rest. I have six new books to send when I have the money. You do have to put yourself on a shipping budget, because you'll become poor sending all those books to different countries. Otherwise, it's great fun and I added more books to my inventory yesterday and got two hits on those. It's really a good way to get rid of decent books that you are never going to read again and get the books that you do want to read and maybe keep forever or trade again.

I've always had a love affair with my books and brought most of them with me from the States, and I thought I couldn't be parted from them, but once I started looking in the bookcase I realized there were many books that I didn't really care about all that much and was never ever going to read again and that I had them only to take up room on the shelves. I had them for their volume and not for their interest to me, and I thought of all the better books I could trade them for that I would be really interested in reading. Like Joyce Carol Oates and Anita Shreve and Barbara Kingsolver and Edna O'Brien, to name a few. You don't want me to name the whole list, do you?

Jesker has woken up from his deep slumber and is doing his morning exercise routine, which involves a lot of stretching and rolling around on his back. It means I will have to walk him shortly and turn off the computer and get the day started. I think I will do the grocery shopping first, because it will be nice and quiet in the store and I'll be done in no time. That means making a list quickly.

I'm all out of dog food so I can't even appease the savage beast, except with a Bonzo bone. He is already eyeballing his bowl and is probably hungry and so am I, but I'm also out of milk. I am drinking my coffee with powdered creamer and that isn't exactly my favorite, but in an emergency, it will do.

Right, good morning to you all and have a terrific day on this splendid Saturday, which here is going to be warm and sunny.



Gail said...

A lady with a plan! Sounds like you have a wonderful day lined up. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Irene, I remember a book by Joyce Carol Oates and can see the cover but can't remember the title - it is a picture of an old woman sack in a rocking chair on her veranda in the deep south (I think).

Hope you're well.
CJ xx

Milo said...

I used to love reading books and I sooo want to get back to it. It went away as I slowly lost my concentration ability through my illness. but the passion is there... and i am sure of it.
love you Irene

Maggie May said...

I would die without a book on the go. In the school holidays I can read more with no interruptions.
there is a good book I have just read *The Drowning Girl* by Margaret Leroy. It is about a child who keeps remembering a past life & how her mind is eventually untangled.
*But Inside I'm Screaming* By Elizabeth Flock.
These books have psychological content. I can remember you saying once that that appealed to you.
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday.
It is dry & muggy here.

aims said...

Have a wonderful weekend visiting with your friend.

powdergirl said...

Sounds like a great day. Wish I had stuck to watching my dog exercise It would have made for a better day.

Have a nice week-end : )

Maureen said...

Ah, I hope you had a great day, Irene. Hope you find the time to read some of those new books you have received!

I probably won't be online much tomorrow, but will catch up again with you in a few days. Yes, we are off to Minneapolis again, but this time for a concert and yes, a bit of shopping may even be squeezed in... ;) Take care.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Milo, maybe your concentration will come back. In the meantime you could try reading for very short periods of time, just as an exercise.

By the way, can you send me you email address? I seem to have the wrong one.

VioletSky said...

I used to collect books and had a whole room full of them. I called it my library. I've always hated if anyone borrowed a book and bent the spine or the cover in anyway, and a friend pointed out that what I really wanted was bookshop, not a library. Now, I have also given away so many books that used to be so important but that I know I'll never read again. They were taking up too much space!