Monday, August 03, 2009

Towards morning...

Well, it hasn't quite turned out the night I had envisioned, I thought I might have been a bit more active, but instead I have been sitting here behind the computer doing many unimportant things. I think my body is protesting and it doesn't want to do any work, darn that body anyway. I do have a slight backache and I have been leaning to the left again quite a bit, so that I'm almost looking at the keyboard sideways at times and I can't see the letters.

I'm still going to iron some clothes, but I have enough time left to do that. The other chores on my list are going to have to wait, though, until I am sufficiently recuperated. Sometimes I would like to have a brace for my back to keep it straight so my muscles won't ache so much, but then again, a few days of taking it easy is usually enough to take care of it and if I ignore it, I hardly notice it. At least I know what the cause is. That takes the worry away.

I'm going to wear my thin black leggings with my black and white summer dress and a long black cardigan over it. The dress and the cardigan need to be ironed. I have a necklace that will match my new bracelets and I will wear my summer boots, or my ballet slippers, I don't know yet. Actually, I also have to decide between two cardigans. One is a little heavier than the other one and itś only going to be 22 degrees today, so I don't know. I want to wear the heavier one, but it may be too warm. Decisions, decisions! The more clothes you have, the harder it is to get dressed in the morning.

I definitely need a bigger closet. My clothes are packed into the one I have now and there is no more extra room, but a new closet is expensive, They have nice ones at Ikea, but I can't afford them, so I will have to look at the recycle store and see what they have there. Yes, go ahead and add that to your ever growing wish list, kid. But miracles do come true, don't they? Sure, they do. Ha, ha.

Once upon a time, I was not such a clothes horse. I had just a few basic items like jeans and T-shirts and sweaters and some summer dresses. I didn't pay attention to my looks very much then, being basically good looking. But now...I love every article of clothing that I own and I have very few regrettable purchases. Some things are too small, but I will shrink into them. The only thing I really don't like are my white leggings. I don't know what possessed me to buy those, yet I may wear them some day. Stranger things have happened.

Itś very funny how clothes gave gotten such an appeal to me and I don't get tired of them once I have them. They'll disappear in the closet for a while, but then reappear, newly found and loved again with the same passion as when I bought them. The cardigan I am probably going to wear today, I haven't worn in over six months, but I'm looking forward to it now with pleasure. I'm hopelessly devoted to clothes.

Well, now I am going to take a shower and wash my hair and make myself look brilliant, or try very hard anyway. Lord knows I need all the help I can get, so I will be awhile. I wrote a post before this one earlier tonight. Try to read it too.



San said...

My fascination with clothes waxes and wanes too. It IS fun, though, to have an assortment to choose from, to dress for the day with a certain intention, and to feel good in what you wear.

I hope you're feeling better.

Babaloo said...

You could see if the white leggings would do as pyjama bottoms.

I've got more clothes than I ever need and yet when I go out like last night (which I rarely do but it does happen) I can never find anything suitable. Or maybe it is because I just can't make up my mind. I wear the same clothes day in, day out. Jeans and T-shirts, jeans and old flannel shirts. That's about it. Not very imaginative. Maybe I should give some of the other clothes an airing and wear them!

Breakfast in California said...

Perhaps you should tie-dye the white leggings, or paint them with fabric paint?