Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ergo therapy.

After a fairly decent night's sleep, I woke up quite ready to start the day and made my cup of coffee with much pleasure and drank it while I checked my emails. Then I shut off the computer and went to my closet to figure out what I was going to wear. on the hot sunny day it was going to be.

I realized that I should wear as little as possible, but being shy about my body, that is hard for me to do, so instead of that, I found some jeans that I had not worn in over a year, because they had been too tight, and I tried them on. Well guess what, they were almost too big, but they fit well enough, so I could wear them. Glad about that, I went in search of a top and found an India style printed top that matched my favorite necklace and the bracelets I had just bought. Isn't it neat when you can go shopping in your own closet?

I got dressed and made up and did my hair and then walked Jesker in the early morning coolness, but you could already feel that it was going to be a hot day. The sky was bright blue and the sun was already gathering strength. Nobody else was out there yet and we made a long walk around and enjoyed the stillness of the morning.

Back home I had some time to go until I had to leave for ergo therapy and made myself a bowl of cereal. Then I sat at the dining table while drinking my coffee and looked out the window, but soon I was nodding off into sleep and waking up again and I kept doing that until I decided that what I needed was a brisk bike ride, so I left to go to ergo therapy.

The bike ride woke me up and I made myself a cup of espresso when I arrived at my destination. I sat out on the deck and waited for the other people to show up, which they did, one by one, and we drank our coffees and talked until our therapist showed up, who is also the head therapist. We filed into the room and took our seats and the meeting began with the usual round of everyone telling how they were at the moment and what was happening in their lives.

I'm afraid that from this point on, I constantly dozed off, until it was break time and the therapist kindly suggested to me that I go home and take a good nap. I gladly agreed with this suggestion and rode my bike home and laid down on the sofa, where I fell into a deep sleep and slept for two hours. I felt fantastic when I woke up.

Now, here's the thing. The anti psychotics have a tendency to make you sleepy. When I was taking 4 mg, I took them at night before I went to sleep, but when I went to 6 mg, I took them 3 times a day during the day. I think that it is time for me to go back to 4 mg, because a high dose of anti psychotics can make you feel depressed, and I also think that I need to start taking them at bedtime again, so that I will be less sleepy during the day. Usually, I am not on 6 mg for such a long time, because the psychiatrist does not like it, but he is on vacation right now, so I have to make the call myself and inform my SPN. I think it is the right decision.

There has always been major input from me when it comes to my anti psychotics and when they need to be raised and lowered. That's one of the medicines I have a lot of influence over, because I know best how I feel and what it does to me and right now I think I am getting too much at the wrong time. That's how I see it.

I just took Jesker out for a walk and it is awfully hot out there, in the sense that it is uncomfortable, and it is going to get even hotter over the next two days. I'm sure some people love this kind of weather, but I'm not one of them and the heat is wasted on me. I like mild temperatures and a little rain now and then. Maybe I should be living in Ireland.

I thought I had gotten my windows very clean and they are, but now I see streaks from the squeegee and it doesn't look pretty. I guess I need Aims to come and do my windows for me, she has a full proof way. I think it involves newspapers and vinegar, if I remember correctly. Probably more effort than I'm willing to put into it. I guess I don't care enough or else I would do it. I want someone else to do them for me. I have to think about window cleaners. I'll think about them real hard.

I have to sweep in a little while, because Jesker has been very merrily shedding hair again and it is piling up into little snowdrifts. It especially shows up on the dark blue linoleum in the kitchen. Then I have to do the dishes and take the dry laundry of the drying rack and there you have 3 chores. That will do in this heat. I also have to go to the tobacconist, because I'm almost out of tobacco. I did make it last, though. Nobody can say that I'm a scoundrel and a wastrel. Well, they could, but it wouldn't be true.

Right, off I go on my bike into the hot sunshine. It will be like a tropical ride in the suburbs to the exotic location of the tobacconist.

Have a good day!



Babaloo said...

Oh, I could do with a bit of sunshine! Been dreaming about our holiday for the last few days. That was already over a month ago, would you believe it!

Luckily, there's been not much rain here today, we've even had some sunshine. Not too much, though, so we don't get too pampered!

Dark blue lino certainly doesn't sound like the best choice if you have pets. We've got beige coloured tiles, very easily cleaned and also very hard to spot dirt/dust/pet hair on. Our friend Dani (previous owner of this house) chose well. :)

Catherine said...

Hi Irene - liked the way you tagged the Irish weather forecast! Just what we need, a bit of Dutch sunshine and heatwave! I love your photos. Today is actually a nice day, we have sun and a warm breeze. Hope you continue to feel well, I am enjoying my week off and going to a wedding tomorrow, daughter of a friend. Should be nice if it stays sunny.

Breakfast in California said...

Yesterday Tropical Storm Enrique was sitting off Mexico, pushing hot moist air and whispy clouds our way, but today the sky is clear blue and it's supposed to be hot. I find the best way to handle that is stretched out on the sofa with a good book and as little movement as possible.

The dark floor must be helpful in spotting the pet fur. I don't see things against our stone.

Maureen said...

It has been a real cool summer here so far; which suits me fine as I too hate the heat.

I hope you get your meds sorted out soon.

Grit said...

over here in bucks, uk, it is humid and makes everyone shout. but i really like the idea of going shopping in the wardrobe. that could be the kick i need!

Gail said...

Sounds like you hit the nail on the head. I was guessing medicine but I read the wrong post first.

Who would know better than you what makes you feel this way or that?

hope your evening is great.