Monday, August 03, 2009

Before I go...

Well, I am showered and made up and dressed and my hair is fashioned into some sort of style with wax and hairspray, it's always tough when it is newly washed. I am wearing my jewelry and I an suitably matched. My summer dress shrank a little in the laundry, but that's okay, because so did I and it all evens out again, but it is something to remember for the other summer dresses. I don't really want them to shrink, so I'll hand wash them and only toss them in the spin cycle. I am wearing my heavier cardigan and I had forgotten how nice it is. I've got one button done up and the sleeves pushed up, so you can see my bracelets. Vanity, my friend, that's what it is all about.

I do have an awfully sore back and had to take the medication that the doctor gave me. I had a bit of a hard time getting my leggings on. I am waiting for the pills to start working now and it will be a real relief when they do. In the meantime, I have to remember to lean back in the chair and to not lean over to the left side, which happens so automatically. Before you know it, I'm a crooked S again.

The reason I'm writing this is to pass the time and to prevent myself from wanting to go to bed. The little amount of sleep I have had for the past 48 hours is starting to break me up and I am getting awfully tired now. I am not sleepy, but my body is dragging itself through the early morning. My mind is still wide awake and wants to go do things, it's just my body that's not cooperating.

I am going to creative therapy because I want to be there, I have had a chance to think about it and I would like to keep the original classes that I started of with. Those were: creative therapy on Monday and Friday morning and ergo therapy on Wednesday morning. I think things went horribly wrong when we were expected to do 6 half days of therapy, which I first reduced to 5 and then to 4 half days. I am going to ask if I can have the original 3 half days back and I know I need the ergo therapy, because there is so much I have left to work on. I think I will do well with the original 3 half days of therapy.

I will hopefully discuss that today with the head therapist.

Jesker and I went for our walk, It was nice and cool out, but t looks like the sun is going to shine today, The trash men had finally remembered to empty the green bin. It's a little one, so it can easily be overlooked, but still.

Jesker is hardly ever interested in any of the dogs that we meet on our walks because he knows them all and he ignores them. He does hate one big overgrown monster of a pit bull and I hope the owner never loses control of him. Jesker barks at him fiercely. He doesn't realize how dangerous that dog is.

Well, I must stop now. I have to make cigarettes before I go and drink one cup of coffee.

Have a good day!



Maggie May said...

Read both your posts! You sound a very smart lady with your matching ensemble!
One of the things I need to do is clear out my wardrobe. I have a rule...... if I haven't worn it in the last year, then I don't need it!

I think you are wise going back to the three days for therapy. Mon, Wed & Frid sounds nicely spaced out and then you can do your own thing on the days between. Hope the head therapist agrees to this.
Have a good day, Irene and get enough rest cos that is when our bodies start to play up........ when we don't. X

San said...

Have a lovely day. May the therapy be restorative to body and spirit...

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Good for you on the therapy. If you actually want to go, then it's obviously doing something good.

CJ xx

Babaloo said...

Did you get to see the head therapist? Hope it was a fruitful meeting.