Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Brand New Saturday...

Yes, with my third cup of coffee and the back door open on a rained upon patio, with the trees and bushes dripping with rain and I think that is so wonderful. Everything is drenched and I hope it will rain some more, except for the time when I have to go to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping, because I do not want to be drenched myself. I do draw the line somewhere. Also, my bags on the bike aren't rainproof as far as I know, so I don't want to come home with wet groceries, although everything is packaged very well and it shouldn't matter, but I would have to dry everything with the dishtowel first before putting it away and that is too much work for me. Especially considering that I'd be drenched myself and would need a good rub with a large towel myself.

Oh, the joys of riding a bike in inclement weather. Well, never mind, rainwater is good for your hair and it's supposed to be good for your skin too, although I'd rather depend on my moisturizer for that. I do have the secret belief that It will prevent me from getting the wrinkles I don't deserve yet and keep me youthful looking, although I think that's more a question of genetics and keeping out of the sun. I wear my sunglasses in order not to get those squinty lines in the corners of my eyes.

I don't know if my sunglasses are very good, since I got them for free out of the lost and found at the filmhouse, and they aren't even in the latest style, so I am not at all fashionable and I should be walking around with those enormous sunglasses that cover half your face and let people know how chic you are. I don't even know which brand I ought to buy now in order to be really hip. Or is that term outdated? Let's face it, except for my clothes, I am an outdated woman, who is hanging on by the skin of her teeth to keep up with all the latest styles and I really should read more fashion magazines to know what in the world is going on. I doubt very much I could make it to the catwalk with my selection of clothes. I am probably running just a little behind all the time in my own interpretation of what is fashionable and very modern.

I shop at one store only that's continually getting in new collections and I need to go there often to see what the latest offerings are, because the turnovers are quick and items go on sale in no time. I only shop off the sales racks and get things as cheap as possible, but lately my shopping has consisted of buying a very cheap few items, as my budget forces me to make choices between one thing and another and from this point on, I am going to be spending more money on books, which also excites me to no end and gives me the same satisfaction as buying new clothes does.

After checking my bank account this morning, I ordered two new books at that should be here in about 4 days. They are The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry and The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood. Maggie May suggested the former book to me and Margaret Atwood speaks for itself. I am hoping to finish the Road Home by Rose Tremain in the next couple of days. That's the book I am having such a hard time with, but I will finish it. I'm more than halfway through it and I can finish it quickly if I dedicate myself to it.

I have been wearing jeans all week and they have been most comfortable. It is because they are not tight one me and I can move around in them easily. I forgot how comfortable jeans were and I have another pair that I can wear, so I'll be putting those on next. I have been wearing skirts and dresses all year and thought I would never wear jeans again, because I thought they were unbecoming to me. Well, guess again. It isn't so. There goes another myth out the window.

I have to eat now and drink some juice and maybe take a little nap instigated by reading my book. Just a little shut eye.

Have a good day!




Maggie May said...

Oh Irene....... what a responsibility! I hope the book is to your taste. I enjoyed it that's all I can say.
Although that book was bought new, along with others, from a gift token from my daughter, I quite often pick up good books from charity shops for a very low price, though obviously it might take a good while to find one that I really had been looking for. The library can also order books for you. Well I assume that it is the same in the Netherlands.

It is dry and sunny here! Have a good day, Irene X

jeannette stgermain said...

I remember coming home with wet groceries, but that's (in my opinion) not as bad as being cold and wet yourself!What are the temps right now? And is that the Dutch version of

Frances said...

sounding good, Irene
It's funny how sometimes we can't get on with certain books. Others are such an easy read and we whizz through, enjoying every moment and wishing for more. Others are such a slog and sometimes I find I finish reading things and still don't know what they were about.
Hope the rest of the day goes smoothly.

Gail said...

My extent of fashion is comfort. I have reached the point I think I look good in nothing I wear so I hit the comfort zone and lookers be damned!

Have a wonderful Saturday.

laurie said...

i read that rose tremain book, and i liked it ok but thought the plot entirely too convenient and sweet. i think it takes a lot more work to become a great chef than he seemed to have to do, but what do i know? i've never worked in a kitchen.

but it won the orange prize, i think, and was well-regarded.

i have the secret scripture and haven' tyet read it. let me know how you like it.

Wisewebwoman said...

I adored the Secret Scriptures but then I'm an enormous fan of Sebastian Barry. I would like to discuss it with you when you are finished.
I just ordered a few unread Richard B. Wright's books, did you ever read "Clara Callan"? He is a wonderful writer, IMHO.
it just stopped raining hear, a guy came by and picked up the decrepid old living room furniture from the garage. It is a sad state of affairs when your used furniture is taken to the dump. Not even the poorest would want it.

Maureen said...

I live in my jeans. I have a few pair and can even wear them to work which is great. I find they are so comfortable...

As for sunglasses, I recently had to buy a pair to go over my glasses (for the long drive to Minneapolis). They are huge; but great while driving.