Thursday, August 06, 2009

After a long nap.

I took a very long nap this morning and got woken up, barely, by the door bell. It just penetrated my subconscious and Jesker didn't react to it at all. It was the Exfactor, whom I had asked to come over to take the dog for a walk. I first made us some coffee and he managed to cheer me up a bit with his stories about his family, whom he had visited over the weekend. They had had a get together in honor of a sister who was visiting from Egypt. I know these get togethers very well and I could picture all the scenes as the Exfactor told me the different things that were done and said. I don't miss them one bit, as things always become complicated and different male members want to dominate the conversation. So, it was amusing for me to listen to the Exfactor telling me about it and knowing that from now on the Paramount has to deal with it, though I am not mean enough to wish the worst of it on her and I hope she gets along well with the female members of the family. They are a fine bunch of people.

The Exfactor took Jesker for a walk and when they got back, Jesker was panting heavily, because it is hot outside. This has not prevented him from just eating his second meal, however, with much appetite.

After the Exfactor left, I started reading blogs until Google kept telling me that every blog I tried to open was suspicious and would not let me open them. I'm sure there's a glitch somewhere in the system and that it will be ironed out. I will try again in a while. I was about to read a very interesting blog and felt very frustrated.

I sleep on the sofa whenever I am in the least bit tired and feel much better when I wake up. When I get tired and sleepy, I start feeling worse again and it is very important that I go back to sleep, it seems to be what saves me now and it is the best medicine. It certainly isn't going out there in the hot sun and getting exhausted by the heat. The back of the apartment is very cool and by keeping the back door open, I am managing to keep it pleasant in here. Even the cats are staying inside. They are smart animals. Jesker sticks to the cool places in the apartment. He isn't seeking out the sun like he was the other day.

I am trying to finish reading a book that I find only mildly interesting and I only manage to read a few pages in it at night before I go to sleep. I am not allowed to order another book until I am almost done with this one, so I have to hurry up and finish it, which means I will have to start reading it during the day, which I can do when I lie on the sofa. Every few pages helps to get me to the end. Sometimes you have a book in which you identify closely with the main character and I'm not doing that in this book, although he is sympathetic. I just don't care enough about what happens to him and the outcome of the book is completely indifferent to me.

I've got an enormous long wish list of books over at and it will take me a lifetime to order and read all those books, though if I just make it a habit to read during the day again, I'll go through the list a bit faster. I try to get all the books I'm interested in in the paperback edition, as I don't want to pay the money for the hard cover one. I am very greedy about books and love owning them, though I'm not super careful with them and do break their backs and sometimes get cookie crumbs in them, though I try to avoid that.

Some of my books are very old and fall apart and I have to replace them with newer editions, but I think that's such a waste of money, so I hope to run into them in the second hand bookstore. I want to get all of Thomas Hardy's books second hand, although I can order them at for 3 Euros plus shipping and handling, which is not bad. Are you greedy about books too? Do you collect them like rare objects?

Well, I think I will try to read some more blogs. If it doesn't work, I'm going to lie down on the sofa with that book and maybe fall asleep again. That wouldn't be such a bad thing.



VioletSky said...

So many of my favourite books were bought second hand (including a complete set of Thomas Hardy). But now, I find I don't reread them as much as I used to so I use the library, or I share them with a neighbour. I also find I can no longer read the older versions with their tiny print on yellowed pages...

That sofa of your is sure getting a workout - and is pulling its weight in usefulness!

Babaloo said...

Why are you not allowed to order another book until you have finished this one? Is that a self-imposed rule? Why don't you break it if the book is boring?

I'm sure I've suggested it before, but go and have a look at All you pay is postage and most of the books you get are in good condition. It's like a book swap, and it's free.

Maggie May said...

I never read a book that doesn't grab me by the throat, these days. Life's too short!
Hope the blogs open up for you soon. What an annoying thing to happen.
Have a good night, Irene X

aims said...

I'm sorry I'm always catching up lately Irene but here I am once again and doing just that.

From over here I think I can see you cycling. Perhaps a med adjustment is needed? Or another chat with your SPN?

Just caring - as you know.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

GUESS WHAT???? A little birdie has great news for you....YOU WON A POSTCARD!! It's not on my blog yet so shhhhh... I will post later but the draw haas been done and I just couldn't wait to tell you! You will have to wait and see to find out WHICH card you won but let me tell's the perfect one for you and I hope it will cheer you often.

Havn't read your post yet...its a flying visit to deliver good news!

Grit said...

yes, we have thousands here, and we never give any away. in fact we are greedy and obsessive about them. we even manage to steal library books because we keep them so long, or just lose them in the piles here, that in the end i have to buy them.

as you can see, books do not bring out all my best traits!

pinklea said...

Although I am a voracious reader (after a bit of a reading hiatus earlier this year), I don't buy too many books any more. I patronize the library a lot, or borrow from friends. But the books I do purchase, I tend to reread so frequently that they do get rather ratty-looking. I still keep them, though!

Gail said...

Yard sales and thrift shops are where I find most of my books, unless, of course, I am really OUT of something to read.

Just ordered some books about Agility Training and Corgi dogs, still trying to decide what I am gonna be when I grow up.

Elaine said...

I had a rule that if I started a book I had to fnish it. But one time, eager to read but half way through the most boring book in the entire world, I changed my rule. It now says:
If I start a book I have to finsh it one day. That gives me the right to put it back on the book case and start another one :)

Wisewebwoman said...

Life's too short, Irene, to waste on boring books. Discard. Move on to the one that grips you like one I'm reading now. 4.00 a.m. this morning I put it down with about 2 chapters to go, my heart pounding. Great stuff.
I nap-tested my new sofa. Oh my. so bloody perfect. Now I need a reading lamp to hang over one end of it just so, know what I mean?

Maureen said...

I tried starting the Chronicles of Narnia the other week. I forced myself to read quite a few chapters before I had to put it down. Perhaps one day I shall get back to it, but for now, I just couldn't get into it. Now I am reading the Twilight series and have surprised myself that I am enjoying them so much.