Sunday, August 09, 2009

So early in the morning...

Well, here I am again, early in the morning and as bright and chipper as a chipmunk, all ready to start the day and have my second cup of coffee, if I ever make it to the kitchen, being so busy answering emails from Bookmooch. Man, talk about a new addiction, but those people really know how to find you too when you first join up. To them you are a whole new source of books they have been waiting for and, of course, I do my own mooching too. It sure keeps me busy and out of major trouble in and outside the home. I am sending out six books and in two weeks I'll do the next batch. I'll probably keel over from shock when I find out out how much it's going to cost me in postage, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I am mentally preparing myself for it.

I did find the wrapping paper that was used as packaging material and I was able to use large sections of it and I still have some left over. Luckily, I had plenty of tape, but now I must make sure that I always have these things handy, so I must be an organized lady.

I didn't sleep for a long time. I went to bed late and woke up early. I was done sleeping and nothing could keep me in bed. Out of loyalty, Jesker gets up too, but continues to sleep in the living room. It's too early for him or for the cats, but I'm ready to go and I hope I get some things accomplished today, because I have enough energy for it, regardless of the fact that it's Sunday. I have a lot of discarded clothes lying on a heap in the bathroom and they really must be put away or washed. It's a tidy heap. don't get me wrong. I always have tidy heaps. No wrinkles.

The plants need watering and I have to decide if I'm going to turn one plant around and expose the other side to all the sunlight that comes in through the windows. It is doing really well on one side, but it's getting kind of lopsided and it needs exposure on the other side as well. I just hope it doesn't go into shock from it. Plants are so fickle, I hardly know what I do right and if something goes right, I just keep dong it that way and I hate to make changes. They're like silent sentinels that keep watch in the living room and I have to instinctively know what they want, because they don't tell me.

I still have to do the ironing, but some cat has managed to squeeze between the clothes in the ironing basket and the laundry basket that was sitting on top of it and has deposited some hair there. For me now the job to get rid of the hair in the most convenient way. Whenever you think you have a full proof system to keep a cat out of something, think again and do it differently, because they will always fake you out. I do have a special brush to get animal hair off things and it works with some success, but I'd rather not have to use it at all, especially not when I haven't even worn the clothes yet.

Toby has decided that he now needs to sleep right beside my pillow at night, as close to my head as he can get. It is very cozy, but every morning there are cat hairs there that I need to brush off and is it any wonder why I have eczema on my head and now on my fingers? I was never meant to have such close relationships with animals, but I can't help myself. I can't live without them and will always have at least one of some sort. I am completely enamored with them and for them I'll have an itch all day long. Which reminds me to go to the herbal shop for Jesker and me to pick up herbal solutions for his eyes and my eczema. I have to go all the way downtown to do that and I always forget.

I have just taken my medicines and now I'm waiting for those good pills to start working. Hopefully they will slow me down a bit, because I have to last the rest of the day and I'm not going to be able to at this speed. That means that the rest of the coffee I'll be drinking will be decaf, which luckily I have enough of. I have to pull my own inward handbrake and cut the speed down by half. I'm much too excited. If I were a Zen Buddhist, I would do some meditation exercises now. Instead I will just mentally ease up on the gas and enjoy the scenery.

My SPN said, that as soon as I noticed that I became hypo manic again, I had to take another anti psychotic pill. We made a deal about that, but I'm afraid to take one, because of becoming depressed, which I am definitely not now. It is possible for me to take one now and take the second one at night and not take a third one, so that I will still be on my old dose, and not go to 6 mg. which I was on when I got depressed. It is a bit of a puzzle, but for now I will first drink decaf and see how I do and then make a decision.

Any input from you will be appreciated. Often it is the people from outside looking in who can be objective the most. I feel a bit sped up and I am suspicious of my mood. I don't trust how good I feel. It is too jubilant.

Actually, if I had the choice now, I would want to slow down and become calmer, because I don't want to be this unguided missile cruising through the day, looking for interesting things to do and possibly getting in over my head somewhere. I feel like there is a party going on inside my head and I'm supposed to join in and I don't want to.

Well, there is a pill at hand and it works quickly, so there is help if I need it.

Have a great day.



Maggie May said...

Irene, something springs to mind about Toby & eczema. Would it help if you put a clean towel over your pillow each day and that would get rid of some of the danders that aggravate you? A clean pillowcase each day would also help.
The cat hairs in the laundry basket would respond to a damp cloth to clump the hairs together. Then air the clothes again. Vacuuming them might help if they weren't too flimsy!

Not sure about the medications. The whole problem seems to be because you never can fully recognize which way you are going, mood wise. I am sure there must be an answer out there and I really hope that you get to the root of the problem.

That Bookmooch does seem to be fascinating if you are skilled enough to set it up, like you are. Maybe you could send one book a week if the postage is high & not put too many on the list in one go.
Does that make sense?
Have a brilliant day, Irene X

Gail said...

There is an old wise tale that says cats will steal your breath. I am not sure I could sleep with anything that close to my face, I tend to get a little tight feeling when things/animals are that close.
The towel is good idea from Maggie but would the cat stay on the towel?

Have you thought about natural meds? When you visit the shop, you might ask them.

I love that you have found a source for books. In the states we have a media rate that is much cheaper, be sure and tell them it is a book and there may be a cheaper rate for that.

Hope your day is good.

Frances said...

you did it before I read this. I think you are right, Irene.

Maybe now is the time to stop enjoying the ride until it gets nasty, but recognise before it gets scary and get off.

One of the difficulties with mood swings is that they are addictive and enjoyable in a rather strange way, but they soon go over the interesting stage and pull us too far. I think this is true in general, Irene, and not just for people who have a diagnosed health problem. Noticing what we are doing can be so beneficial. Maybe a bit less exciting, but less damaging too.

Maureen said...

When I was sick, Dakotah made it a point to sleep right at my neck. She even would give me massages there... I really believe it was her way of "nursing" me back to health. She usually sleeps at my feet, and when I was feeling better, that's where she went back.

Babaloo said...

I have noticed that some people put a note up in their bookmooch profile when they have reached their monthly postage limit and they say that others can keep mooching but sending will be delayed until the following month. Or something to that effect. Might be worth thinking about.

It seems like you joining bookmooch has triggered people to ask for books from me, too! All of a sudden I'm getting lots more requests than I used to! What did you do? ;-)