Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Because I slept all afternoon and all last evening, I was afraid that I would not sleep last night, but I need not have worried, because I slept like a baby, albeit on the sofa where I just laid down to wait to get sleepy again. I had taken my sleeping pill and my tranquilizers and the paracetamol for my back and was watching the repeat of the news when I conked out. Sleeping on the sofa hasn't hurt my back any and it feels a bit better this morning, although I am still a bit crooked. I think in the end it is rest that is going to help me the most. I'll have to call on the Exfactor to do the grocery shopping for me.

Today I don't have to go to creative therapy and I'm happy for it. I get to stay home legitimately and wash the dishes. If I am capable of doing that. If not, I can at least rinse and stack them neatly in the sink. It will give the appearance of cleanliness. I must try to keep the apartment clean now, I sure as heck worked hard enough for it.

I didn't walk Jesker once after I came home yesterday. I opened the back door and kept it open until late at night so he could let himself out. He didn't complain once. I think he was secretly hoping for more meatballs to show up, but none did.

The mouse was still somewhere in the apartment, because I heard Gandhi hunt for it every once in a while. I hope it has escaped now through the back door, but I don't know if it is that clever. I will open the door again today. I really hope it makes its get away, because, although I am afraid of mice, I also don't want to find its dead body. Once, when I was cleaning up our old bookcase, I found a dried up mouse between a stack of books, which was not a nice surprise. I threw away the two books it was squashed between. I don't know why I am afraid of mice, except that they move so quickly and are able to crawl up everything.

I am going to see my SPN today and I will tell her about my 48 hour hypomanic episode with the enormous cleaning period in it, because that's what it was. This in spite of the fact that my medication is increased, so you can imagine what it would be like now without that. It would be "hallelijah" all the way to the store and all over the place. I would probably be getting myself into debt buying new furniture and clothes and god knows what else. Paint for my bedroom and art supplies. As it is, I feel pretty "normal" now. At least I am no longer depressed.

Toby is sitting on the dining table like a tea cozy. His eyes are closed and he is purring. He likes the new kibbles very much and hardly gives me the chance to fill the bowl when it is empty, his head gets in the way. They are eating Whiskas now and they both seem happy with it and Gandhi has stopped barfing. They seem to have forgotten about the food in the pouches, which is good, because Whiskas is expensive enough. The Exfactor picked it out. I told him to buy the cats some elegant food that was not cheap, because I wanted to make sure they liked it. I thought he would buy Gourmet, which is the most expensive one, but this is the next best thing. If the cats knew about Gourmet, I'm sure they would only eat that, those finicky creatures. Spoiled rotten cats.

Jesker is busy with his wake up rituals, which involves a lot of rolling around and making a lot of noises and yawning very wide. He is not looking at his bowl yet, so he isn't ready to eat, that will be next, although with him you never know. He may reject his food and not look at it again until sometime in the afternoon when it is ice cold from sitting in the refrigerator. He likes that. He likes cold food...Oh well, he is eating now. He is such a cute puppy! Now really, Irene, he is 12 years old! I know, but he is so adorable, I just can't help myself.

Those paracetamols I'm taking are really called something else, some unpronounceable name, but they work very well. I took them half an hour ago and they are already working. I take two pills, just to make sure.

Well, that's it for me for right now. I am going to get dressed and attempt to walk Jesker.

Have a great day.



Maggie May said...

Glad you are feeling better, Irene.
A day off will do you a world of good.

I hope the mouse isn't pregnant but you will not have to worry with cats in the house.
They chew things up and breed like fury if left.

Have a good day. It is raining again here.....*sigh*!

Frances said...

good to hear you got some rest after the enormous physical activity of recent days.
It may have been mania of a type that helped you do it, but I wouldn't underestimate your own desire to get out of the mess.
You have been struggling for some months with that - and without the help of the 'cleaners' you had to find a way of doing it all.
Glad to hear you recognised it, and that it was able to dig you out of that hole - you sound much more level now, so hope the meeting with the SPN helps to move you on another step.

John said...

"If the cats knew about Gourmet, I'm sure they would only eat that, those finicky creatures. Spoiled rotten cats."

glad you got some rest...no one, not the queen of england, should taste gourmet....

Gail said...

Cleaning will be a simple matter of maintanence now. You just completed your spring cleaning at a differant time. I think it is wonderful.

I, too, have spells of "gotta get it done"s and do not think it is unusal for someone who does as many things as you do. Be proud and enjoy your accomplishments.