Sunday, August 02, 2009

A mouse!

When I was in the bathroom hanging the laundry on the drying rack, I spotted a field mouse in the shower. It was cowering in the corner. I also saw Gandhi prowling around the bathroom looking for it, so I picked her up and threw her at the mouse, with which she commenced to "play." I didn't stay to watch the game, because I felt kind of bad about the whole thing, but also didn't want a mouse running around the house, so I can't tell you the fate of the mouse, but I think it escaped and is hiding behind the washing machine now. At least, Gandhi seems to think so. I don't know if it is in one piece or if it is deadly injured, I suppose the smell will tell one of these days and I will have to move the washing machine and see what's become of it.

Toby, for some reason, has been bringing home meatballs during the night. The first one he brought inside and left in the corner under the cabinet where Jesker discovered it and made short shrift of it. Then Toby brought them to the doormat outside the cat flap and Jesker discovered that and pretended that he had to go out, only to scarf up the meatballs that were laying there. He then sniffed around the whole patio to see if there were any more, but to no avail and to his disgust. Toby is a scavenger and always comes home with found food. Spareribs, chicken legs, kebabs, sausages, you name it. It's amazing what people throw out.

I wonder what else goes on here when I'm normally asleep. Whole epic scenes probably.

I left you when I was about to mop the floors. Well, that turned out to be a big job because I had to move the chairs in the living room to do it properly and, although I had swept, there was more dog hair that clung to the mop and that wanted to be spread around also every time I made a sweeping motion. So I had to come up with little tricks to collect the dog hair and leave the floor clean. After nuch mopping, I had done the living room and the kitchen and the hallway and took a break. The junk room was next and that is where the animals track in the most dirt, so that was my real challenge,

After answering some emails and drinking some coffee, I was ready for the rest.I wet the floor really well and mopped my heart out and got all the dirty spots out and gathered the leftover dog hair and the room was done. Now I just have to keep the floors looking this good by mopping more often, although I see a spot under a cabinet that I've missed and I'll have to go there on my knees with a rag a scrub it.

I have a feeling that I'm fighting a losing battle with the animals around and that I will be doing this nonstop forever.

In all my enthusiasm, I forgot to mop the bathroom floor, but since I'm planning on cleaning the bathroom anyway, I'll do the floor right away. I'm drinking a glass of juice right now to get my strength back up, because mopping those floors really took it out of me.A salami sandwich will help too.

I hope I have glass cleaning product to shine up the mirror and the bathroom shelf, which is glass, If not, the regular cleaning stuff will have to do.I also want to do the ironing, there's basket full sitting there, but I'm not going to do everything, just the crucial stuff. The things I absolutely want to wear.

I still haven't made that list, but it's the next thing I'm going to do now. I will write it very neatly, in my best handwriting. It will be a list to be proud of. And I will make neat little checks as I get things done, hopefully all of it today. I must strike the iron while it's hot.

I thought I would never say this, but I am so tired of drinking coffee. I feel I've had my fill of it and must drink something else for a while. I may switch to tea with sugar. I have some very nice teas here that I can try, one of them is a new box of Lipton Gold Tea in the triangular bags. So I'll give that one a try.

In the meantime, it's 9 am in the morning and it's time to walk Jesker. It has been raining, but it is dry now, so I'll get dressed and take him now. After that I'll make my list and do the rest of my chores. I´ ll keep you guys updated. It helps me too.

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Babaloo said...

A mouse in the shower, good grief! Hope the cats sorted that problem out. Salem brings birds and mice but usually leaves them outside. Thankfully. The days when he brought home little rabbits or when I found just a lone rabbit ear in the garden seem to be over. I'm glad about that because while I can handle dead mice and birds I'm always a bit squeamish with the rabbit leftovers.

But where on earth did Toby find meatballs? If you trained him carefully he might be able to do the grocery shopping for the week for you. ;-)

Oh, you've been very good cleaning the floor so thoroughly! I think it's our fate to have to endlessly wash floors and vacuum our house. That's the price of having pets. Or children (I assume). You'll never be finished cleaning because someone or other will always drag more dirt in the minute you think you're done with everything.

Don't give up, though! It is a nice feeling to see the floor clean for once, I know, I think I had that feeling once last year. ;-)

Gail said...

I hope some of your work ethics rub off on me. How exciting to have clean floors. I could plant flowers on mine.

Maggie May said...

You could have caught the mouse in a container & let it go. Cats are so cruel. But then..... I have let rats suffer so who am I to judge.
Must read the other posts.