Sunday, August 23, 2009

A New Hobby...

Frances said that I need to keep my promise to myself and start doing artsy things here at home like I said I would. I think that's an excellent idea, except for one small problem and that is that I ran out of money to buy the supplies with. Now I know there is a store real close to me where I can buy art supplies at a real cheap price, so I need to go over there and see what they have that I can use and price the items and add up how much money I need to try and save this month, Ha ha, I have to laugh just a little bit here, because I'm lucky if I make it to the end of the month.

This store is a discount store that sells everything at dump prices and it is always very crowded there and you never know what they have on sale. Some items they always have and I've been told that they always have art supplies. So if I find an unattended wallet in the street, and it has a lot of money in it, the money is mine. I'm so poor, that I can't afford to be honest.


I started writing the above yesterday when I was really too tired to start a new post, but was being terribly bored, I thought. What I really needed to do, was go to bed and sleep, which is what I ended up doing and I slept late and the dog let me and is now sound asleep by my feet as if he doesn't need to go out for a walk. He has just eaten his breakfast and piddled out back. I guess that suffices for now, because he is snoring.

I have just taken my medicines, all except the tranquilizers. I only have about 5 pills left and haven't taken any since my overdose. I had talked to my psychiatrist about quiting the tranquilizers all together and he had said that it would take a year to get off them completely, because I took so many during the day. Now I seem to be able to do without them completely, or it must be that they are still in my system to some degree. Anyway, it will be a gradual build off and one of these days soon, there will be none of that substance left in my body. At least I will be off the tranquilizers then.

I seem to have lost the weather forecast bar and now I can't tell what the temperature is outside and what the weather is going to be like for the next 3 days. I was wrong about today. It isn't going to be cool and rainy at all. That is for tomorrow. Today it is going to be hot again, meaning a minimum amount of clothing. Hurricane Bill is going to weaken as it travels across the Atlantic and reach us as a low pressure system. We won't have the horrible storms that the people on the East Coast and Canada are having. Thank goodness for that.

I must do a little bit of housecleaning today. Yesterday I did two loads of laundry and dried some of it outside on the clothes line. Today I must remember to water the plants, as the fig plant looks especially needy. I also must sweep the floors and mop the kitchen floor where I spilled coffee all over the place. That was when I was quite uncoordinated. That means I have to get the mop out of the closet where the mouse lives and I hope I don't see him or disturb him in any way. I will not scream, but be highly uncomfortable.

All morning long the church bells have been ringing and I'm trying to make some sense of it, but I can't figure it out. They ring a quarter before the hour, but then they also ring at different times, so go figure. I do like the sound of them, but wish I knew more about their predictability. I suppose I need to talk to a real live Catholic, which should not be hard to do around here.

Well, I need to check my bank account balance. Luckily, I have no nasty mail to open, just one bill to pay on line. I will not get a panic attack now anyway, I hope.

Have a good Sunday. The name is very apt today.



Frances said...

hope the day goes well. Discount art supplies are a good idea, they can be so expensive otherwise.
You are sounding on a reasonable level now, which is very cheering. Yay you! Keep positive as much as possible.

Gail said...

A lady with a plan! That is what I like to hear.

Babaloo said...

Hope your Sunday goes well.

I bet you've still got a very high level of tranquilizers in you. That stuff takes a long time to wash out of your system.

I think it's funny that you've got a house full of pets and a mouse in the kitchen! Shall I send you Honey and Salem the cat? Between the two of them they'd have that problem sorted out very swiftly. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I feel you are a little more positive today, Irene. Looking towards the future with optimism is a great way to go forward.

CJ xx

Elaine said...

If you can't afford to buy the art supplies yet, perhaps you could start looking for images and words you like, either on the computer or in magazines? Get yourself a little collection to use for your collages?

Keep planning, Irene. x

John said...

a good pencil and some decent paper - your thoughts (words) jotted and your drawings - you write so well I would think about inocrporating it into your "art.hobby" like the line about church bells.....

Patricia said...

John and Elaine have great ideas...words, and a pencil and paper..write phrases that speak to you and do pencil sketches in a note book...I think if I started that, I wouldn't want to quit even when I could afford good art supplies.
Hare a great bell ringing Sunday