Sunday, November 30, 2008


The other blog has been updated, I just wanted you to know, including the text, so there is no confusion. Also, since there were only hours left on the first poll, and since I muddled things up by changing the name and image, I put up a second poll that only gives you two choices, that makes it nice and simple, doesn't it? I hope you'll be kind enough to vote in this second poll also. I'm sorry that I confused matters so much in the first poll. That sure didn't make it easy on you.

Now I'm sitting here all nice and comfortable with my second mug of coffee and the Überhund at my feet. Outside it is 1 degree Celsius and it is raining, causing the Überhund to decline going out back for a piddle. Well, I can't blame him. I wouldn't voluntarily go outside either in this weather.

Once I got the show on the road yesterday, I walked to the tobacconist with him and he enjoyed that, because it is a different direction than we usually take and there was a lot for him to sniff. We had to stop at every tree and every lamppost to check out which dogs had been there. They were all strange dogs, of course, so the Überhund was quite busy.

Inside the tobacconist he was very impatient to go back outside again, he just doesn't like to be in strange places. He thinks they're all scary and he gets claustrophobic. He's always pointed to the door. If he could audibly heave a sigh of relief when we leave, it would be a very large one.

Then again, there is all that fun on the way home of checking out all those same spots again and relishing all those strange smells and hopefully finding something edible. He's a street junkie. He has eaten something before I can stop him, he's that quick. When I say, "Drop it," he swallows it, whatever it was. He is very nondiscriminatory. I think he eats inedible junk too.

I have to remember that I'm a daytime person and not pay attention to my moods in the evenings. There is such a difference between how I feel during the day and how I feel after the sun has gone down. I don't know if that's a coincidence. I can be very down on myself and everything and everybody around me. It has gotten to the point now, that I know I shouldn't comment on any blogs that I read, or write a post myself. I'm terribly grumpy on top of that and feel like picking fights with people, even when there is nobody around.

I have imaginary disagreements in my head and I am always angry when I have those. I don't feel that way during the day, so it is like a page has been turned over and I have suddenly moved from one scene to the next. The mood changes quickly, like a sudden change in the weather. Suddenly I am not a kind tolerable person anymore, but an unkind and intolerant bitchy woman.

The best thing that can happen, is that I recognize these changes in my mood and that I don't act on them, but back off any actions and go find a quiet place where I can do no damage. So, I put on my pajamas and turn on the TV and watch some inane program that takes my mind off everything and makes me sleepy. It's a good thing that I am alone then and don't go into a discussion with anyone.

By all rights this blog should be called 'The Finely Tuned Woman.' It's a shame that I didn't think of that earlier. The Idiosyncratic Watermelon is a good second , though. I like that word, idiosyncratic, it comes close enough to idiot and don't worry, I don't really think I am one. Complicated, yes, crazy, no.

Luckily, I go to sleep and I hopefully sleep long enough for it to be healing. Then I can wake up in the morning with a whole new attitude and be a kind and positive person again.

I woke up at 3 AM and thought, "What, am I supposed to be awake already now?" But then I realized that I just had to go to the toilet and when I was done, I crawled in bed again and very quickly was asleep again until 8 AM. If I'm not too stubborn, I can actually sleep for a long time.

I do have to get a second alarm clock, since the one I have is set for the times that I take my medicines. I'll have to ask the Exfactor if he has the spare one. He is coming by this afternoon, because he accidentally took my bicycle keys with him.

Well, I suppose I'll get going now. It is late and I still have to do my morning ritual. I think it has stopped raining too, so I have to walk the Überhund. See you all tomorrow.


P.S. Yes, I have done the unthinkable and unpredictable and added a new name and image. I am incorrigible and will never learn. It makes me unreliable and a general pain the neck, I know.


Bev said...

I have voted again.LOL

Tessa used to eat chocolate, leftover takaways and things that had been dropped outside Tesco. Since she was so old I figured that it wouldn't do her any harm and would give her a bit of pleasure in her declining years. She became quite a fixture tied outside Tescos, and was quite well known. After we had her put down quite a few people have asked me aboout her.

As she was so old I sometimes didn't bother to tie her up and once I came outside to find no Tessa and a rucus inside where Tessa was roaming the aisles looking for me. Once she a similar thing in Eleanor's playgroup causing a similar fracas. She was only looking for Eleanor.

Dogs are funny and nice to watch:)

Maggie May said...

Well I like this one. I feel as though the voting will go on for ever at this rate!
I wonder how many other headers you will choose?
This one seems to suit you though.

Have a lovely afternoon! X

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at your comment about doggie stopping at every tree. We used to have a dog like that, walks took such a long time to get round.

CJ xx

CC said...

I like the new name and have voted, however, I am sure if the mood suits you it will change again, and that is okay as you are an ever changing woman! It is cold and raining here as well and my three dogs are not too eager to go out either, but what choice do they have as we must insist.

Frances said...

hah - you are very naughty, keeping everyone on their toes with your elections.
It is interesting about the grouchiness. Maybe something you eat or drink builds up in the day and causes this imbalance, or just tiredness makes you grumpy.
I think it is general though. After all, there are people who are angry all the time and it isn't really anything to do with their life, some chemistry makes them feel irritable all the time. Others - like me - feel like that sometimes. Because it is not so frequent with me - it's obvious that it is really coming from within me - at one time something interests me or makes me laugh at another it makes me feel furious... no logical reason. Just my quota of rage has to appear sometime, I guess. Good you try not to act on it.

Elaine said...

Perhaps ypu should call yourself 'The Undecided' and then every day, it will be fitting!

Hugs. x

Stinking Billy said...

irene, I can never work out whether you are one complex, multi-faceted, lady, or the rest of us just don't look at ourselves as closely as we should. ;-) x

John said...

I miss summer.

Lane said...

I see there's a front runner on your poll:-)

I'm always surprised when I see a dog in a shop in Europe and have to do a double take. They're so strict about no dogs in shops. Apart from the pet superstore. They're allowed in there and mine think it's a real treat to go there:-)

Hope you have a good evening Irene.