Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Morning.

Am I happy yet? Let me have a look...yes, I am happy already, even at this early hour and even though my Senseo coffee maker is acting up and wants me to do complicated things to it in order for me to get a whole mug full of coffee. Darn thing!

I think it maybe time to get an espresso machine, either that or get one of those press down coffee makers to which you add hot water. The last would be a lot cheaper, of course, and I would just have to get an electric water boiler. Mmm...economic decisions. We all know which would be the smartest thing to do. Yes, I will look into this first thing next week when I get my money.

No, I have already made up my mind. Espresso machines are too expensive, so it is a plunger coffee pot with an electric water boiler and I know just where to get them at a good price. Just to make doubly sure, I will check out the competition.

See, I like being sensible. Whoever said I was only an expensive airhead was wrong. I am blond, but that is where all similarity ends. My love for clothes and other nice things is purely coincidental.

Speaking of nice things, I have managed to wrangle a whole mug of coffee out of the Senseo maker and I am mighty happy about that. For a moment I panicked when it wouldn't work at all. I banged the water tank around a few times, because that's where the problem is, and the little floater shot up again. It tells the machine when it is out of water, only it does it now with a full tank. Doubtlessly it is our hard water that is the cause of it and I will have to clean it with a special product several times and see if that works.

I can usually figure out why something doesn't work, but I can't always fix it, I'm not technical enough for that. I also get confused by technical drawings and diagrams and written instructions, unless they are very simple. I always feel a bit of panic rise up when faced with one of them. I have the same reaction to algebra and geometry, if that explains anything. I can do some, as long as it does not get too complicated, but I can never do those problems that require you to apply a formula.

We have some very smart people in our family and I don't consider myself to be dumb, but school was never a happy experience for me the way it was for my daughter, for example. For me, school was just traumatic and I was so glad when I was done with high school and I could go to work. I did finish first in my class, but that didn't mean anything to me, I just wanted to be released. My daughter has a law degree and was always able to study easily and get good grades as a rule. My son was just like me and extremely unhappy in an academic environment and had to be released as quickly as possible too. He had ADD and was dyslexic and I wonder what my particular problem may have been academically.

Well, that's all water under the bridge now. My grandson does great in school, so I am very happy about that. It seems he got his mother's brains.

You all do realize that today is Sunday, don't you? It is one of the nicer days of the week. The weather isn't that great and it isn't a good day to take photographs, but at least it is a free day and a day of rest. On top of that, tomorrow is Monday, when I have creative therapy, so that is all perfect to me.

It is amazing how fast the week has gone by again and I swear that, as I am getting older, the time flies by and there just is no slowing it down. I try to cram as much as I can into each day, but much to my chagrin, a person does have to sleep at night.

I try to read when I go to bed at night, but I only manage a page or two. I have been reading the same book forever now. The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I am almost done with it, but it is almost a ridiculous activity, this reading of mine when I lay in bed, because I fall asleep so quickly. I do wake up with my reading glasses still on, sometimes squashed to one side of my face and a little bent out of shape. I'm afraid to read during the day, because I know I will fall asleep and that is not supposed to happen.

Well, that's all I've got to tell you this morning, so you all have a terrific day with whatever you do and wish me luck with my Senseo machine. I do want to drink coffee today.



Baby Island said...

I wonder what you will think of the book. I read it about a year ago and while the book was , eh, ok, the televised show was terrible!!! I was slightly dissappointed that they made the young baby with Down Syndrome seem so damn typical health wise, because that is so rarely the case with new Down Syndrome babies.

Phew anywho. I could go on and on. Glad to hear you are doing well. Send me your address ok? buytwoget1free at gmail dot com. I know just the french press for you.

MUAH xoxoxxo
Baby Island

Frances said...

the advantage of cafetieres is that you can get very small ones and make coffee for one easily. I bought one for my step-mother a while ago, because my Dad has stopped drinking coffee really. Filter machines and so on are a bit cumbersome. The other possibility is the Italian espresso pot that goes on your hob, not electrical at all - and what all my Italian friends use to make their delicious coffee. If you add heated milk you can have a latte or a cappucino quite easily.
There again if your pod machine is working... maybe you won't want to buy another. What did you use before the Senseo?
have a lovely relaxing sunday

Casdok said...

Glad you managed to get a whole cup of coffee! I know i need mine everyday!
Hope you have a lovely sunday!

Maggie May said...

Yes, I know it is Sunday as we've just come back from Church.
Sorry about your coffee machine. I hate the stuff and the smell of it. I drink tea constantly.
The plunger type of coffee maker will not be too expensive. I gave one away recently and would have sent it over if I'd known. There was nothing wrong with it. People had just given me the wrong type of present. A tea pot would have been more helpful! LOL!
Hope the rest of your day goes well & that you can look back on it with enjoyment. X

Breakfast in California said...

I have a Mr Coffee espresso machine, makes one cup at a time. It's $44USD at Target. Do they sell that brand in Europe?

Just finished watching the series on John Adams. Did you know he came to ask the Dutch for money to finance our revolution after leaving Franklin in Paris? They didn't think our colonial credit was very good the first time he asked, but then did lend a bit to help us towards independence.

Fascinating program, in DVD at the library now.

Frances said...

INTERESTING quite fluorescent, that green and quite bright against the black background.
hope the coffee situation is sorted out BPS Tomorrow. LOL

Anonymous said...

I love to read, but find myself so tired at night, I can only manage a few pages! Right now I'm reading Waking by Matthew Sanford, I find it fascinating! However, I still drift off with it in my hands. I guess I should start reading earlier, but too much to do.
I think you should get your coffee situation fixed, ASAP. I know how important coffee/routine is to you and you deserve it. I hope you go for the expresso machine, because your worth it.
Enjoy your Sunday. I hope you are having better weather, it is cold, windy and raining like crazy here. At least it is not snowing yet!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am your alter ego from your other blog and I am wondering why nobody has been over to visit us yet. Do you think they have really not noticed the link or are they just not that bright in the morning when they read you? I did announce that the first one who discovers me gets a Dutch treat. Strange!

Stinking Billy said...

irene. am I right in thinking that the exfactor was your most reliable coffee-making machine? I only ask because that is one of my tasks in here. Instant coffee, of course, because we all know that a machine, however simple to operate, would be too much for non-technical little me. ;-)

VioletSky said...

I am also reading The Memory Keepers Daughter - have been for quite awhile (keep getting distracted). My favourite coffee maker is the plunger as it never breaks down and the coffee is hotter than from a machine. Plus I feel Like I am contributing by pushing the plunger ever so slowly down. Or I just go out and buy a large one and bring it back home, but that gets too expensive.

Lane said...

I have one of those Italian pots that go on the stove too. I love the smell. Hope the Senseo starts behaving or can be replaced cheaply.

I rumbled you 'on the other side' via your update on Facebook. I don't tend to notice sidebar links I'm afraid:-)

Grit said...

filtered coffee to start the day, caffetiere coffee mid morning ... both with a square of 70% Lindt. worth getting out of bed for.

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

Baby Island, the book is okay, although I don't always understand the motivations of the people. It's helping me fall asleep, that's saying something, I guess.

Frances, I've got the Senseo machine working again, but still want to switch to a french press, because of the cost of the pads. I used a filter machine before, but would not want one again for just one person.

Casdok, you and me and coffee, huh?

Maggie, you're real English for only drinking tea. Yes, I could have used your plunger pot, but who knew? It will all work out fine, I'm sure. I'll go price them next week.

Breakfast, I've never heard of a Mr Coffee in the Netherlands. I will go with the french press. Cheaper I think.
Yes, I knew the Dutch had something to do with the Revolution. We're just the right types for that. Always getting in the way of the English.

Frances, yes, the colors are quite interesting against that black background, aren't they?

Cheryl, that sounds like an interesting book you're reading. Anything I'd be interested in? Don't worry, I am sorting out my coffee situation asap. A really decent espresso machine is too expensive, but a french press will do fine. The weather was gloomy, but dry and not cold. Definitely not snow weather.

Choppy Sunflower, someone has discovered us, Lane from Lane's Write. She gets the present for being the first. I wonder who will be next?

Billy, I can't believe you drink instant coffee and that you are a non-technical man. I think you are telling me a great big fib.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I love the feel of this post, and i love the new look and I love that name. And are you really writing two blogs? I must go and see. Hope it's been a lovely Sunday lovely Irene. :D

laurie said...

try sending a bottle of white vinegar through the machine, and then follow it with clear water.

that might unclog it.

it works for my coffeemaker, anyway.

Wisewebwoman said...

Laurie beat me to the advice I was going to offer you Irene.
Those cafetieres make absolutely lousy coffee if you're a real coffee drinker like me.
Know why? The water is not supposed to be boiling and it usually is and it just about murders the coffee grounds. I've given away so many of them over the years (people gifting me).

Nora Bee said...

We had a french press for years--loved it. And I'm the same way about reading--just a page or two at a time and then I zonk out.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're smiling! I've never owned a coffee maker of any sort, apart the fact neither I nor the farmer drink coffee I hate clutter in my kitchen!!

CJ xx

Frances said...

I agree with wisewebwoman.
I use boiled water, but never boiling, it makes the coffee taste bitter and thin. A chemistry graduate told me this, and it proved to be true. If you are in a hurry, use the age old way - boil the kettle. Pour the water into the cafetiere to warm it, then back into the kettle. By the time you have put the coffee into the cafetiere the water in the kettle has cooled enough to make a perfect cup of coffee - leave the spoon in the cafetiere to absorb some of the heat as well... good old choppy, two takers so far, though one from FB...hugs.

aims said...

Are you saying you don't own a kettle? Really? OMG!

I didn't drink coffee for 26 years. I gave it up when I gave up cigarettes - they went hand in hand.

Then my brother bought one of those big machines for making capuccinos and espressos for his business. He kept asking me to try what he had made when we were first testing it out. That started me on the coffee kick again.

Since then he has decided to roast his own coffee beans. He played around with a number of different beans and finally came up with a blend. I can't go through my day anymore without my 4 cups. Good Lord.

Top that off with coffee makes The Man physically ill. Even the smell of it. I have to sneak my coffee while he's at work. Like a little addict!

That being said - I've already had my first 2 cups so I better get going. Hope today - being Monday is as good for you as yesterday was.

John said...



Maureen said...

I have a coffee press now, and love it! Daughter gave it to me last Christmas (the advantages of having a Starbuck's barrista...). I haven't used my old Braun coffeemaker since.

I have a hard time reading in bed too... when I end up reading and re-reading the same passage over and over, I KNOW it's time to put the book down!

Babaloo said...

I actually have plunger mugs, two of them. They're like the big thing, just for one mug at a time. You put your coffee in, add hot/boiling water, wait for a it, then push down the plunger thingy and, voila, great coffee for one!