Tuesday, November 04, 2008

First things...

First things first. I had let Mean Old Middle Aged Mom know that I coveted awards again, after I had said at one time that I would no longer accept them. I don´t know what was wrong with silly me when I made that statement, I must have been suffering from sunstroke or something. Anyway, I do want awards again now and as you can see for yourself, I´ve displayed all of mine in my sidebar. Call me a twit to care, but I do. Mean Mom was kind enough to share her latest award with me, which is very generous of her, but that´s the way she is, despite her name, and here it is.

It is my intention to give this to 5 or 6 other people, so let me put my thinking cap on for a minute or two.

Okay, I want to give this award to the following blogs:
  1. BeanPaste
  2. Chicken and Cheese
  3. grit´s day
  4. It´s a mad madge world
  5. Nuts in May
  6. The Potty Diaries
  7. Whopping Cornbread
Done my duty? Yes, done my duty! So, now on to other things.

I just watched a program about a Dutch team of reporters that is following the election in the States from Kenton, Ohio. They are interviewing ordinary citizens in a diner. People who have lost their jobs and their houses and who tell about who they are voting for and why. Most people so far want to vote for Obama, although there was one somewhat incoherent couple who were going to vote for McCain, because they felt it was nobody´s fault that they had lost everything, because of the husband´s injury to his foot.

There is going to be live coverage about the election all through the night for people who want to stay up and watch it. I think I´ll go to bed and hope for the best and turn the TV on in the morning.

Oh yes, I have to show you those collages. Well, I´m a bit bashful about it, but I´ll do it anyway. Oh, you´re not going to believe this, but now I can´t find the photographs that I relocated on the PC somewhere in a folder. I don´t know where the heck they are. I am looking and looking and I can´t find them. I know where they are supposed to be, but I can´t find the location. Gggrrr...

Okay, let me not get stressed about that and pretend I can do that another time when there is no American election on TV. I am listening to it with half an ear, because I don´t want to miss anything. I don´t understand how there can be people undecided who they are going to vote for on the day of the election. Surely you must know by now. Or did they have their head stuck in a hole all this time?

Tell you what. I am going to get my pajamas on and make an early night of it. As it was, I had to take a nap on the sofa this morning because I had not gotten enough sleep last night.

Good luck with the election and all of you a good night.



Maggie May said...

Thanks Irene. That is kind of you!
I wonder if Obama will get in? We shall soon know!

Bev said...

I think you tell by McCain's defeatest body language when he got off the podium after his last speech that it's going to be a landslide. I feel sorry for him because apparently he has been campaigning for two years.

I really want to see the collages, I hope you are not just making excuses.....:)

Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh, thanks! You are too, too kind.

Nora Bee said...

Thanks Irene! What a treat. I am watching the election news with much anticipation, hoping we know here in Seattle before bedtime, but you never know...

Grit said...

thank you irene! you are very kind! this usa election has absolutely grabbed my attention like no other, so i may have to stay up late!

Breakfast in California said...

We voted then walked up to Starbucks for free coffee. Nora Bee, we're wondering the same thing, how long will it take to count all the votes? It's an exciting and historic day here in America.

VioletSky said...

Irene: I lose pictures in folders all the time, then suddenly I find them and have no idea how. So keep looking - we want to see them.

Madge said...

Thank you so much Irene! Very very sweet of you!

Suessigkeit said...

Hallelujah!!! Barack Obama elected the 44th president of the United States. I cried at the news and my kiddo thought I'd lost it. I'm so proud to be an American again...no longer have to apologize for the shame that was the last 8 years.

Mom, I wish you were here to celebrate with us...you would have loved this!!!

big hugs and kisses, your daughter xo!

The Artful Eye said...

This is our most splendid day!
The people of our great nation have spoken and drove their vote home. Proud to be a part of it.

Find those collage images. :)