Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No need to.

There was no need to worry about getting enough sleep. Almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep and I got up only once to go to the bathroom. When I did wake up properly this morning, there was some question as to whether or not I was going to make it. I sat here quite drowsily for some time, inhaling my coffee and my cigarette, before I was actually awake and functioning. I took about 20 minutes of petting the Überhund before I could do anything else. Lucky Überhund!

I was in such a deep sleep, that I don't remember anything I dreamed about. Usually I remember some small snippets, but I don't remember a thing this morning. As a rule I dream about the children. Not a dream goes by or they are in it, no matter how fantastic the dream gets. If I dream about a tribe in Siberia, the children are there in it too, and if I'm in the South Pacific, then so are the children.

Now I remember what I dreamed about. We were in China and everything was very shoddy. The escalators at the airport collapsed when you got on them and walls crumbled and people fell to their death ten stories below. The Chinese authorities said it was all due to faulty building done by Dutch and English engineers and the Chinese people believed them. We were trying to tell them that this wasn't so, in a language that we made up ourselves and that we assumed was some sort of Chinese dialect.

For some reason, nothing ever bad happens to us on all these adventures and we are always able to communicate. My son always plays a mystical role in these dreams and he gets us into contact with a shaman and other wise people like that. I think he is actually the one who helps us communicate.

Well, that's interesting, isn't it? I'm glad that I always dream about the children. It feels like they are always a large part of my life this way. I know that in reality, a dream only takes a short time, but to me it feels like I spent the whole night with them.

Today is ergo therapy. Remember I told you that 'ergo' is very much like the Dutch word 'erger' which means 'to bother.' So, sometimes we call it 'bother therapy.' And it feels like that too, sometimes. Like you are being bothered. You feel like saying, "Oh, don't bother me so, please!"

I've got to hang up and get the day started. Put on my best face and my best clothes. The Exfactor is coming to do his laundry this afternoon. I've got to look especially attractive for his sake, don't I?



Maggie May said...

Dreams can be very strange things.
I usually dream in bright colours, but many people tell me that they dream in black & white.
You didn't mention if you dream in colour or not. I some how guess you do, being imaginative & creative.
Glad that you are sleeping well.
Have a good time in your "bother" class!
'Bye for now X

Frances said...

Great - maybe that is the break you needed. I hope ergo does you good today.
Keep well

Stinking Billy said...

irene, you are a strange lady, and no mistake. Unless, of course, it is me who is different inasmuch that I only ever dream about people and places I am familiar with. Hey, I guess I am missing out - there must be a wealth of opportunities for interesting posts arising from *your* dreams?

Maureen said...

Ah yes, some dreams are quite strange, no? But then when you think about some of the things you are going through, the things to see (like on TV, news, etc.) creep into those dreams in some weird fashion... I am often going "Ah! So that's why I dreamt that!