Saturday, November 01, 2008


Judging by some of the comments on the post with my pictures of the neighborhood, you had maybe expected something more quaint and rural, a pastoral scene, maybe. You all forgot that I live in a little suburb of a University town and that most of the neighborhood is newly built. What you see are streets cobbled with real stones and sidewalks laid with individual cement tiles. I was rather proud of the fact that I could show you as much greenery as I did in such a short distance. That's rather luxurious for a new neighborhood.

The pond, yes. I do on occasion go to the pond where there are ducks and a single heron. I promise to take that walk soon and show you what that is all about, but it won't be at its prettiest now, of course. Maybe I'll do that this weekend, although it's supposed to rain on and off today and tomorrow. We'll see.

Poisonous Mushrooms

A bit of 'art' thrown in to see if you are paying attention and to check if I still have any skills left. I think I need some practicing. That's another good thing to do on a rainy day.

There has a new shopping center been built just around the corner from me with all the best discount stores in it. There's a household goods store and a drugstore and a supermarket and a cheap store for socks and underwear and pajamas and sheets, etc. There is going to be a clothing store there as well, but I don't know if they'll have the bigger sizes that I wear still. It will be worth checking out when they open, though. I will be one of their first customers, you can count on that. I am very happy with the drugstore, because it is one of the best and has the biggest assortment of items you may want. I have always wished for one to be close by here. It will save me the trip downtown.

Well, now I've got to go and do some useful stuff around here. Can't dawdle here all day long, much as I want to. I've still got to put my face on and my necklaces. I feel naked without them.



VioletSky said...

I like your kaleidescope photos - I was missing them. How do you create them?

Bev said...

For God's sake Irene, or should I say Butterfly-by. I wondered who this new blogger was LOL

laurie said...

you feel naked without your face. hahahaha...

(though i know what you mean)

kario said...

Love the photo!

And I love that we have these preconceived notions of what things look like that aren't usually correct.

Mya said...

I feel naked without earrings. Odd, but true.

Mya x

aims said...

I guess I was thinking you live on the edge of the city Irene (I just realized that).

And - I didn't know it was a university town. It is quite pretty and the trees and all the wonderful sidewalks. I was born in a university town and had my wool store there in later years. There is something quite different and unique about a university town.
Always young feeling I think no matter how old the city is.

I look forward to seeing the pond and the ducks if they are there.....

Plus - I'm very happy to put a place to where you live now my friend. I can envision you there. How about a shot of your bicycle?

The Artful Eye said...

I too was wondering who Butterfly-by blogger was, I should have known. Silly me. I'm glad you are over the flu and feeling better. I'd love to see some of your creative works. Glad you are still participating in the Creative Therapy group.

It's also nice that you live in a neighborhood where shopping and strolling are convenient. Sounds like you had a nice visit with your friend as well.

Thank you for your visits and commentary. All is appreciated.
My best to you. Keep well.

Frances said...

I missed all that because I have you on my Speeddial and I click and see your blog, so I didn't notice any change apart from the header.
I also missed the confusion over where you live - maybe you wrote more about that in the past and we saw pics of the town centre and the rest. Interesting how people fill in the blanks themselves if you don't provide the information. Difficult in the land of blogging, because you can't keep introducing yourself and telling the basics again, with the old faithfuls hanging around.
You are sounding in balance again, nice to hear. Keep well dear urban lady. LOL

Maureen said...

I forgot to add I loved the photo of the Uberhund on the last post; he was all like "You went on a walk without me, didn't you?"

I am also glad to see your artwork back!