Thursday, November 20, 2008

To the Vet.

I took the Überhund to the vet this afternoon and it turned out that he had a bad infection in both his eyes that had eluded me until yesterday, when he started rubbing them with his paws. I didn't realize how bad it was until we got to the vet and he had me take a look at the inflammation and the cloudiness of his eyes. He said it was as though the Überhund was looking through frosted glass. Poor guy and he is in pain too. He now has eye drops that I have to apply 6 times a day and he is real good about it and he gets a treat as a reward.

The vet said that the Überhund has a membership there and it is true, he has been having his health problems. But when you look at him and see his sorry little face you can't help but always want to take the best care of him. I think the eye drops help, because he is rubbing his eyes less now and I've put them in 2 times now and will do one more time tonight.

In the meantime, I have decided to cancel the party, seeing as though half of the people weren't planning on showing up. Once I made the decision, and discussed it with the Exfactor, I got a huge stomach ache and had it all morning and laid on the sofa with it. They were genuine cramps and I am sure they were a result of the stress I had been feeling all along. I ate some müesli, but that didn't help and I finally just went to sleep and when I woke up, the worst of it was over.

I have been unable to reach the group of 4 people that I had invited from my creative therapy class, as the 2 phone numbers that I have don't seem to be the correct ones. I will have to figure out a solution to this and try to reach them at their therapy class tomorrow. I can't have them show up here tomorrow night expecting a party and not finding one.

I have a sense of relief that I've called the whole thing off. It just didn't feel right to go ahead with it and my doubts grew bigger every day. The Exfactor needed very little convincing. He agreed almost from the start of our conversation. It was a good idea gone bad.

My sister called me to come and have coffee with her and I went over there at 3 PM, not with the enthusiasm you might expect. I suppose I have grown used to the idea that my sister approaches me and everything that concerns me constantly with the sour air of disapproval, but I am not in a state of mind to accept it anymore and now try to keep the contact to the bare minimum. I listen to what she has to tell me and I observe her and think what I think and then I go home again and put it out of my mind until the next time. Such is sisterly love sometimes. You don't pick your family.

My schedule was nowhere today and tomorrow I have to catch up on myself. My friend Joost, who was invited to the party, is still coming, so I need to get things ready for him. I'll have to make sure there is food in the house for him to eat.

Well, that about does it for me for tonight. I have to get something to eat. Will it be delicious oatmeal or will it be a delicious omelet?



Wild Cat said...

hugs to uberhound ( and you of course!) x

Grit said...

i am glad the uberhund is accommodating about his medicine. otherwise i guess you would have to chase him up the curtains and back down again every day. that would not be good. unless you were trying to keep fit.

Maggie May said...

Poor Uberhund. Hope his eyes get healed soon.

I think you were wise to cancel the party as you were growing increasingly uncertain about it.
Hope you get to the people from the therapy group before they come. otherwise you will just have to have tea & cake! Might be nice.
Good night, Irene. X

Frances said...

Ah well, what will be will be. If they turn up you can have a mini-get-together with Joost and them.
Very good decision to back out of it as it was causing you tension. I'm sure Eduard was relieved too, as so many of his friends hadn't wanted to get involved in it, their response must have put a damper on it. It was your thing and I'm glad you faced up to the fact you didn't really want it.
You noticed Uberhound's blindness the other day - you said he seemed not to be able to see you. So good you got that seen to and hope he makes a quick recovery.
Hugs from here and hope you enjoy whatever happens tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you took the little guy to the vet and they gave you the drops. It must feel so much better for him. I hate when one of our animals is hurting, but can't always express it.

I'm glad you called off the party! I could tell you didn't have your heart into it. The timing didn't seem right. Yeah, for you for tuning into feelings and listening to them. I admire you so much for that. That is really taking care of yourself.

If the few people from your creative therapy group show up, maybe you can just have in informal chat session. Sometimes those turn out to be the most fun. No pressure, just kicking back and talking. Who knows.

I had to laugh when you talk about your visit to your sister. Your right, we can't choose our family. We can love and accept them for who they are and take what they say with a grain of salt. She does not walk in your shoes.

Have a nice night. Hope you have a wonderful night of slumber.

Wisewebwoman said...

Woofs to the Jasker-Boy and all healing to his eyes, poor old fellah.

VioletSky said...

Well, I expect you will have a better time visiting with Joost.

Milo said...

i just love my little one too. i am nursing his tooth infection with antibiotics and pain relief medication... he will have surgery next Friday to have the infected tooth removed. my baby is getting old.. but i just couldn't ask for a better one ever. that is why i just have to look after her, even though it means that money would be tight for a while... but she is all worth it. hope your little one gets better soon. lots and lots of love, Milo

Babaloo said...

Poor Ueberhund! But you'll see, with the drops he'll be fine in no time.

And I'm glad the party is cancelled. I wasn't really for it from the start, it always seemed a bit weird to me. Bet it's a load off your mind, too.