Friday, November 21, 2008


I am postponing the inevitable start of the day, which has already been started really by me walking the Überhund and having been rained on. It was cold and windy and dark gray clouds blew in and did not bode well and, indeed, they soon dropped their rain on our heads as we ran down the street back to the apartment.

Luckily, the Überhund thinks running is fun and we don't do enough of it, so he was all game. I don't now if he understood that it was because we were getting wet that we ran, but for the most part we made it to the apartment without getting too soaked. Just some droplets of rain ran down my head to the tip of my nose, where they irritatingly waited for me to wipe them off.

While we were running, I kept saying to him, "Come on, hurry up, it is raining!" This to encourage him on to greater speed, but I am sure he can outrun me. I just didn't want him to stop at a suddenly interesting spot on the road where there was some imaginary bit of food that he had to inspect. He's been known to do that and then I am in danger of tripping over him and I see it happening one of these days. "Woman trips over dog. Falls flat on her face."

I have been applying the eye drops successfully. The Überhund is very cooperative with the box of treats sitting right on the coffee table. If I were him, I would hold out for something better than just regular ordinary every day treats. I was willing to go to the store to buy him some, I still may do to soothe my own conscious. He is being very good about it.

I just in a roundabout way managed to get the telephone number of the most important person of the group of people I had to reach to let them know that the party is off for tonight and spoke in a message and left my phone number. Now hopefully everything will get sorted out. I managed to get a hold of one woman who was supposed to come and she had the phone number of the other person. I did this by calling the Friday creative therapy class, because I thought at least some of them were in that one.

Oh, what a bother, I do have to get my telephone numbers straight. I'm glad I managed to reach the creative therapy class, I thought that was going to be a problem, but luckily it wasn't.

Now all I have to do is clean up the apartment and I'll have that done in many jiffys. Vacuuming and mopping are going to be the big jobs. From the cats' point of view the vacuuming is going to be the worst. They somehow like freshly mopped floors and like to walk on them, leaving little paw prints everywhere.

Right, into the starting blocks. Off I go. Wish me luck. I do have to go to the store and to the drugstore also. I am wishing for many dry spells.



Maggie May said...

You have got quite a lot done already by the sound of it! It is colder here, too and rain is forecast.
Hope the Uberhund's eyes are continuing to get better. He sounds a lovely natured dog.
Glad you got everyone notified about the party cancellation.
Hope the rest of the day goes well. X

Frances said...

All the best with your evening and all the other things you have to do beforehand. So pleased Uberhund is coping with the treatment.
Keep well dear friend

Connie Rose said...

So I see you cancelled -- well good for you setting things right so they work for you, rather than forging ahead for the sake of appearances.

Eons ago I threw a party, a Christmas Party, lots of folks were planning to come, but the afternoon and early evening of the party, each and every person called to cancel for some different reason. All that food! My then-husband and I went out and got drunk, instead! That was pretty bad.

Anyhow, have a lovely weekend, stay warm and dry. And kisses to your doggie.