Thursday, November 27, 2008

I've been up...

I've been up since 4:30 AM, but I do have to add that I slept a large portion of yesterday evening on the sofa, so if you add that to how long I slept during the night, it adds up to enough hours. What am I worried about anyway, the sofa is right there available for me to go lie down on any time I wish.

I am reading such an odd book. It is written by Josepha Mendels and it is translated from French into Dutch, titled, "Everything well with you." It's a story about a university student who sits at a café table outdoors and has his feet swept away by a waiter. Now, obviously he is going through some mental crisis, but that aspect of it is not discussed. The fact is that his feet are gone and what does he do about it?

The funny part is, that he walks home without any problem and that doesn't seem to puzzle him. It's interesting to read a French-Jewish existential novel that is so surrealistic. I am planning on finishing it, because I do like to have my head turned upside down and the translation is sometimes really funny. Take a purely impossible situation as a given fact and build a story around it as if it is the most normal thing to do, then translate it from French into Dutch and watch it all become even more strange.

I need to go to second hand book stores and replenish my supply of books. I am almost out of English language books to read and I think I only have a few Dutch language books left, under which James Baldwin. There is a good second hand book store downtown and I'll have to go over there next month if I have any money left after all the bills are paid. There is a good book store on line where I can also order English language books with a discount, but that is a little bit too dear to me right now. Besides, isn't it great to get a really good bargain?

I have a lot of cubbyholes free in the book case now that the Exfactor's books are gone. That's all my space now, Mine, all mine! I get very melancholy when I think of all the books that are out there to read and the limited time I have to read them in. I would love to be set free in a really good bookstore with a 1,000 Euro voucher and take an afternoon to pick out books. I wouldn't even care if most of them were in Dutch, I can read that language easily now. Well, I ought to, being a Dutch woman, right?

I remember the day when I realized I could read. I must have been about five years old and I was sitting at the diningroom table with a story book. I was looking at a particular picture and the words beneath it and suddenly I knew what the words meant and I thought to myself, "Hey, I can read." I yelled out loud, "I can read. I can read," but I don't remember who was home. It was on a Saturday morning and the sun was shining outside. The picture was a black and white print of a wooden shoe with sails on it.

Memories, they aren't all bad.

Well, now I have to go do my morning routine. Everything in the right order so I don't forget anything. I get so easily discombobulated if I do things the wrong way around.

Have a great day and I hope the sun shines for you.


P.S. Look, i know I said I wouldn't change the name and the image, but I was so unhappy with what was there, that I just had to. You're all just going to have to keep voting and you have 2 days left to do it. Thank you very much.


Maggie May said...

Glad you changed the header as I hated it. Chirpy Sunflower was better though! Maybe you are feeling Melancholy?
I can remember the first book I was looking at when I knew I could read. It was a school book and the sentence was....... 'Here is an ox, and I asked my Mum why the 'a' had an 'n' added to it?

CC said...

I love to read, and when my German daughter visited again this summer for three months she must have read at least 50 English written books, most on history as she was leaving us to travel to South America for 9 months. You can change your title anytime, like the shelves it is yours, yours, all yours! Have a great day!

Bev said...

Glad you are enjoying the reading.

The first book I really enjoyed was the ladybird book 'Cinderella'. I loved the pictures of Cinderella's dresses, and those old ladybird books were really beautifully illustrated.

Can you remember the old Janet and John books, but perhaps you didn't have them in Holland, or maybe you did, but the Dutch equivalent.

I also have a soft spot for 'Mrs Pepperpot' and 'Milly Molly Mandy'.

laurie said...

you should join bookmooch, irene.

free! you post online the books you want to get rid of, and people email you and ask for them. you mail them out. you search the lists online and let people know which books you want free. people mail them to you.

it's great.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had more time to read also. Your English is excellent by the way. You are very multi-lingual.

CJ xx

Mean Mom said...

You have a lovely new picture in your header. It's very striking.

I love reading, too. Books are so expensive, now and I rarely want to read them twice, so I mostly buy mine from charity shops, or I look out for special offers in the supermarket. We have an Oxfam bookshop, where you can buy cheap paperbacks, and another charity shop where they are 3 for £1! You have to pick them over, of course.