Monday, November 17, 2008

Pretty Tired.

What do the English say when they are tired? They say, "I am pretty knackered," don't they? Well, that's what I am for no real obvious reason and so is the Überhund who is laying curled up on his blanket.

It hasn't been an out of the ordinary day. I got up too late and because I didn't want to rush and because I still wanted to have my normal morning ritual, I came to creative therapy too late. Everybody was glad to see me and it was no big deal that I was late, because it doesn't happen normally. I dove into my work right away and started cutting pictures and texts for my next collage. The one I had finished last week was dry and looking at it again, I was more pleased with it than I remembered being. It actually turned out okay, but now I feel that I should be doing other things and applying other techniques, so for this one I am doing the upside down images again and doing them carefully so that they will turn out well.

It gives the images a sort of worn out and stressed look that I like and it looks better than pasting them on right side up, even when they are color washed subsequently. I gather whatever silly texts I can find together that sometimes make no sense at all, but should they? I try to remember that it only has to make sense to me and have meaning to me and that I am not trying to bring a message to the world. It's an old trap to fall into, to be a little bit messianic when you work with texts in a collage. I have no words of wisdom to impart.

I went straight home afterwards and made myself big mug of coffee and a shopping list of which one of the items was cleaning vinegar to clean the Senseo machine with. I also added Quaker oatmeal, because it is good for your heart and Muesli with apple and raisin, because it is good for your digestive system. That and eight bottles of milk and two packs of decaf pads, because I have decided to cut down on the amount of caffeine I am drinking.

So, very merrily I rode my bike to the store and got everything on the list and wobbled home again, where the Überhund was waiting patiently. He had not been out yet, nor had he asked for it. I ate my lunch and promptly fell asleep on the sofa, which was an added bonus. I woke up because the phone rang and it was my sister, but I was incapable of having a near normal conversation. I yawned and yawned and hardly could speak.

Then I finally took the Überhund for his walk, because the poor dog had been waiting patiently all this time. Speaking of which, I notice his eyes are getting worse, because sometimes he can't find me in the apartment if I am sitting still in a place where he does not expect me to be. He will get within an inch of me and walk right by me, looking for me in other places. He is really like a lost pup then.

I talked to my other sister on the phone for quiet some time. We get to reminiscing about our childhood and our early married years and one thing leads to another and one whole hour has gone by. We're brutally honest about our childhood and not the least bit sentimental, except that we share the occasional good memory about the street we lived in and the activities we did there. The games we played with the other kids and the warm summers and the cold winters.

Goodness, I am so tired and it isn't even that late yet, still I want to go to bed. Get all nice and cozy in my pajamas and get under the duvet with a good book. I think that's what I'll go do now, my story was nearing its end anyway.

Have a wonderful sleep yourself.



Frances said...

sleep well and see you tomorrow. Today sounded busy and fulfilling.

Wisewebwoman said...

I'll be keen to hear if the vinegar worked, Irene. Don't forget to run just water through the machine before making coffee!!
Sleep well, my friend.

Maureen said...

Good night Irene! It's my bedtime now, and here it is early morning for you.

I forgot to add on my last comment to your previous post; you certainly should give yourself more credit about learning things; look how much you do to your blog(s)! You learn quickly and have a very inquisitive mind (which I think is even more important that "book skills").

All the best!

Lori ann said...

Hi Irene! Its so nice to meet you, I use a coffee press, it works pretty well, Oh, i love your blog!

Maggie May said...

Well...... its good morning Irene now!
Hope you slept well and that you have a good day today. A peep out of the curtains reveals another wet, manky, cold one! Yuk!

Mean Mom said...

Yesterday was miserable, overcast and wet, here and today is the same. It's enough to make anyone feel tired. Would some of us secretly like to hibernate in winter, I wonder.

I'm glad that you're enjoying your creative therapy. I could do with a bit of that.

It's a good idea to cut down on your caffeine. I don't drink coffee any more, because I discovered that any more than one cup per day would give me palpitations. I lost the taste for it, after that!

Mad Asthmatic said...

Hi, hope you slept well, another british expression for being tired is "cream crackered"
Creative therapy is such a wonderful way of releasing emotion I have found. I don't go to a formal therapy group but have found that doing it myself has been beneficial in the past.
I love your blog, haven't had chance to read much but will be back soon.
hope you are less tired today.
Mad Asthmatic

Stinking Billy said...

irene, you've got me yawning here at noon, though not with boredom, I hasten to add. Some form of remote hypnosis is my guess. ;-) x

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

Lori Ann and Mad Asthmatic, welcome to my blog. I don't know how you found me, but I hope you'll be back. I'll be visiting you at your place too.

The rest of you, you know I love you all. Thanks for the comments.