Friday, November 28, 2008

Did you?

Did you ever have a night when you found yourself waking up from a sound sleep, sitting straight upright on the sofa in your bathrobe and you know you have been asleep like that for hours? Well, I did. I woke up and it was 3:30 AM and I had been asleep like that on and off since 8 PM the previous evening. I spent part of that time in a twilight zone of sleep and half awake states, during which I tried to do dangerous things like eat yogurt and smoke cigarettes.

Eating the yogurt was dangerous, because I am always tipping the glass over which is still half full when I start to nod off and the contents threaten to spill all over the area rug and the sofa. Smoking the cigarettes speaks for itself. I do have very lucid nano seconds during which I realize that I have to put the cigarette out in the ashtray before something bad happens. I figure it's my guardian angel shaking me awake to prevent me from catching on fire. I am very grateful to my guardian angel.

So, what do you do then? Well, in my case, you get up and make yourself a mug of coffee and turn on the computer and hope that there are blogs with new posts. Of course, it being Thanksgiving in the States, there weren't that many new posts and it is nighttime in Europe, so those people are all asleep. Then you amuse yourself by clicking on blogs on other peoples websites and you hope you find something interesting to read, or you go to Black Boxes, but I always seem to end up on the same blogs that I'm not interested in, so I must make the wrong choices.

Then, because your so terribly bored, you think, "I know, I'll write a very amusing and entertaining post myself!" and that is what you set out to do. Except that the part of your brain housing your humor nodule isn't quite awake yet and needs another shot of caffeine.

Actually, what is really wants is an orange juice with vodka, but that is a road we won't travel today. That's like throwing caution to the wind, and although I am all for it, I don't know how well I type when I am inebriated. I am trying to remember if I have any experience with that, I think I do, but I don't recall how well I did then. Luckily, there is always spell check to depend on.

If I'm not mistaken, today is Friday and another week has raced by like it was the Kentucky Derby. I tell you, the older you get, the faster the time goes by. Hours seem like minutes, etc. There is absolutely no sense in trying to make time slow down by savoring each moment. The minutes fly by like swallows in a storm. I can meditatively sit on the sofa or be completely be occupied behind the computer, but the result is all the same, suddenly the day is over and I feel like there should be hours left to do things in. The fact that it gets dark so early doesn't help. You do feel that the day gets done faster and that you ought to go to bed sooner, because your physical clock tells you to.

Nevertheless, time races by and a year seems to come and go in a fraction of the time it did when I was younger. I laugh at one year now, it seems like nothing, when before 3 months seemed like a lifetime. There was 3 months time between my engagement and marriage to my first husband and I didn't see him for all that time and it seemed like an eternity to me. Of course, when you are in love, days apart seem like an eternity.

The Überhund is giving me forlorn looks, whatever they are supposed to mean, it could be anything. Lately, they have mostly been about wanting another snack. He thinks he is especially deserving of them, because he is so well behaved when I put the ointment in his eyes, but also at other times. It is true, he is being a very well behaved dog and I don't know what I have done to deserve it. Maybe it is my 'I ignore you if you act that way' attitude. Thanks to having had kids, I find that I can ignore obnoxious behavior a bit easier than the Exfactor could. I tune him out if I don't want to hear him. He has learned that it doesn't work to pester me and he gives up quickly. It took us a while to get there, but we did in the end.

Well, I am going to put this not so hilarious post to bed. Just the post, mind you, not me. I am going to take my medication and take the Überhund for a walk. I never did get that humor nodule to wake up completely.



Maggie May said...

Oh! I am first!
I have never spent the night on the sofa as I believe it is bad for the back. However I do need a while when I wake up to get myself up together and feel I am in some twilight state! Ha!
My husband likes to sleep on the sofa while "watching" TV. Sometimes I creep over & turn it off & he says, "I was watching that!" Through closed lids!

Time does go faster as you age. I read that there is a clinical reason for it. To do with the brain.

Have a good day! X

Flowerpot said...

Did you sleep after that at all?! I'd be in a terrible mood if I'd been up like that all night. Enjouy the award by the way!

Tessa said...

I haven't fallen asleep on the sofa with a yogurt, but I have spent a considerable few hours asleep on the loo. Very comfy, actually, until you tipple over into the bath.

Not only does time go quickly as you age, but I've found I leave a trail of dead brain cells wherever I go these days.

Great blog, btw, so glad I discovered you this bleak and foggy Friday!

Angela said...

Hi, I came to you via Crystal. If you are looking for really wonderful blogs, go to monkeysontheroof first and then on to her list - ngorobob house, thetimesofmiranda, thegoldpuppy, loritimesfive...all of them! I promise you won`t fall asleep there!

CC said...

I feel that time as well is passing so quickly these days, and it maybe it also has to do with both age and the time change as you stated it gets dark so early now. Hope you did finally get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

I have had nights like this, I hate them because I feel so disoriented. When I finally do fall back asleep, it is time to wake up for work and I'm so tired, it probably would have been better to stay awake in the first place.

I hope you managed to go back to sleep and that this doesn't disrupt your typical sleep cycle. Too important!

I ate a piece of pumpkin pie, in your honor, with whipped cream, of course. It was yummy!!

Have a good day!

Breakfast in California said...

Finally, an internet connection!
Yesterday was a great turkey feast down here, and today's lunch was, naturally, turkey sandwiches with cranberries and all sorts of goodies. The apple pie is gone already, but there's still a slice of pumpkin. Hope your ribs and back are feeling better. It's warm and mellow here, we sit in rocking chairs and watch the river flow past. Five more days till we head west. I'm glad you're warm, feel better!!

Maureen said...

Ah, I wish I could sleep on the couch; alas I find ours far too uncomfortable. For I am used to our waterbed.... which I am overdue to visit.

Goodnight and have a wonderful Saturday!

Grit said...

i am not good at sofa sleeping, mostly because in winter our front room is like a fridge unless the fire is blazing. it was a stupid idea to take out all the radiators, and the idea never got better with time.