Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Now, now, now...

I had my hair cut this afternoon. I was supposed to go tomorrow, but I couldn't do a thing with it, so I went today. I tried to brush it into place, but it just flopped over and played dead and no amount of hairspray helped me put it back in place. I fluffed it and I perked it up, but it was all to no avail. It just didn't want to do anything, it was beyond hairspray, it was too long.

My hairdresser was in a rush and subsequently, she cut my hair a little bit shorter than usual, but heck, I don't mind, when I got home I washed all the wax out of my hair and combed it into place and fixed it there with some hairspray and it looks fine. Now I just don't look like a hooligan anymore. I look like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. I took some pictures of myself, but for some reason, I can't make my eyes come out right. You be the judge. They don't look happy, but I don't feel sad now. Maybe I'm deranged.

There's been a cold wind blowing all day and it is very unpleasant to go outside. I must, because the Überhund has to go for his walks, but I don't go gladly. I have the heater on all day, because I refuse to sit here with cold hands. I've got my warm slippers on and I feel like an old lady all bundled up against the cold. I am throwing my whole image overboard this way.

I've visited Blurb.com and it looks like they've got a really good product on offer that is worth looking into when I have enough art to make it into a book. Actually...maybe I already have. I have to do some serious thinking about this. I really, really do...

I have been so caught up in myself, so very much only busy with what has been on my mind, that I have not read any blogs for a couple of days and I hope to rectify that situation soon. I must go to the google reader and see what I have missed. I am sure there wil be lots waiting for me there. I must put on my brave shoes and wade through it.

It's important that I sleep well tonight, because tomorrow is ergo therapy and I must be perky and on my toes. I am quite alert right now and wonder about falling asleep. I am drinking decaf and will take my sleeping pill and hopefully not be awakened by any rambunctious cats. Actually, I am a bit hyper and could easily walk around the block several times if it weren't for that awful wind. I will take the Überhund for one final walk in a while.

Life is a lot duller if you drink decaf. Did anyone ever point that out to you?



Maggie May said...

I am the first!
I don't drink coffee at all, Irene. I went completely off it when I was pregnant with my second child. The smell....... I drink copious amounts of tea though!
I know what you mean about hair getting to a stage where you can't do a thing with it. Mine gets to a certain length & then it collapses & adds 10 yrs onto my appearance. (Which makes me pretty old!)
You always look good, Irene.
Hope the cats don't do a tango on the staircase again.

Sleep tight. X

VioletSky said...

decaf coffee is pointless, I find.
hope you sleep well and therapy tomorrow goes well. I've missed you, but then I took a bit of time off as well. We all do that - get into ourselves.

Lane said...

It's been blowing a gale here too. Short hair sounds very practical in this weather:-) And yours looks good!

Have had a look at blurb.com (thanks to your previous commenter for recommending it). Looks like a great site for making one off presents and I already have a couple of ideas.

Hope you have a good night Irene with no cat cacophonies:-)

Maureen said...

I too need a haircut badly... it's at that point of no return. Again.

Since daughter has been a Barista at Starbucks, I have all the coffee I could possibly want. Luckily, it doesn't bother my sleep; I doze off nearly anywhere... and often do.

Frances said...

Wowieeee - very sharp haircut. Looking good gal.
enjoy your therapy tomorrow.