Sunday, November 09, 2008

A new day.

I was very fortunate and slept very well. In fact, I had to decide when I was done sleeping, because I could have stayed in bed all day, and that would have screwed up my schedule, so I didn't want to do that.

So, a little bit drunk with sleep, I made my way to the kitchen, where I made my first mug of coffee and I drank it while petting the Überhund and it was a good way to wake up. The Überhund thought so too.

I now have my second mug of coffee and read all of your comments to my post of last night and I must say that they encourage me to start the day with renewed vigor. You've all got an understanding of me that baffles me and I am so happy for it. The way you all use your common sense and beam that across to me in your comments is fantastic. I am ever so grateful.

So, now I am The Boisterous Butterfly, living in the place called The Choppy Sunflower at the address of The Most Splendid Day. I think that will do, don't you? I like how I came by the name Choppy Sunflower honestly, by means of the Random Word Generator. I mean, I didn't make it up and that was the whole purpose behind the exercise. That's where I should have left well enough alone yesterday.

Much to my disgust, it is finally raining today, although it had been predicted earlier. It is rather cozy if you are inside, but I still have to walk the Überhund. He did a piddle out back and is now sound asleep on his blanket, after eating a bowl full of food, but sooner or later he'll really have to go out. Nouri is sitting in front of the window, looking out into the street, pondering the bigger questions of life, no doubt. Toby is asleep on the kitchen counter and Gandhi is asleep on the sofa. That's how peaceful it is here.

I do love the fact that it is Sunday. I have to hang up one load of washing and do some dishes, but that's it for me for today, because I do respect the holiness of Sundays. I love the fact that there is one day in the week when you are not supposed to do anything labor intensive. When nothing is expected of you. You can make it as uncomplicated as you wish and say, "Well, it is Sunday, after all." That's one of the smart biblical things in our society. I hope we never do away with it.

When we were kids, we had our Sunday clothes, although we didn't go to church. They were our clothes that we only wore on Sundays and on no other day of the week, unless we got something new and then those became our Sunday clothes and we could wear what were previously our Sunday clothes during the week. That was always a big deal.

When we were in elementary school, our mother made very many of our clothes herself, as she was very handy with the sewing machine. I loved some of my dresses and she also knitted our sweaters and it was always great fun when we came home from school and she had finished something for us to try on. She would hang it on the doors that separated the dining room from the sitting room and leave it for us to discover. She was always so proud when we liked it, which we mostly did. Especially with sweaters we couldn't wait for her to finish knitting them and watched her progress with much curiosity and interest.

Unluckily for me, I took no interest in the actual process of the knitting, and although I know how to knit, I don't know how to read a pattern, otherwise I am sure that I would be knitting myself some cardigans.

I do know how to sew and when my kids were small, I did make some of their clothes for them and on one occasion, I made them Dutch costumes, which they wore with pride. As a matter of fact, when we lived in the mountains, my kids wore wooden shoes for ease and they wore them so much, that they wore them out and got holes in the bottom. By the way, you have to wear thick socks when you wear wooden shoes, otherwise they hurt your instep.

Well, it has stopped raining, so I better get the day started now. The Überhund is sound asleep by my feet, but will be wide awake as soon as I move one inch. It is going to be a good day. Sleeping well really helps and keeping things as close to normal also does. I've got a lot to discuss with my SPN tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday and I hope it is as relaxing for you as it will be for me.



Maggie May said...

Glad you had a good sleep & feel so much better, Irene.
I think you have got your identity really sorted out now! It was never lost, really!
Was interested to hear about having to wear thick socks inside the wooden clogs.
I think if you know how to knit, Irene that you could follow a pattern. K=knit p=purl. Why not buy a simple pattern & try something really simple? Knitting is therapeutic. wish my arthritis would let me do more.
Have a good day today whatever you decide to do.

Lane said...

I think your blog name, name and place are just dandy. And I'm glad you haven't changed the header for the moment. The lavender is lovely with the blog background colour. Very soothing.

Have a good Sunday Irene.

aims said...

Why don't you pick up a learn to knit book from the library?

You'd love making your own things by knitting. It calms the mind and keeps it busy at the same time.

Read the following post Irene and I really think you need something adjusted. Please call you SPN. Please?

Maureen said...

I have to tell you, I have a pair of beautiful carved wooden shoes I got in Volendam in 1977. They are plain, no paint, just very intricately carved... my favorite thing I brought back from our school Europe trip.

Oh, yeah, and I can wear them; they are very comfortable with socks!