Saturday, November 08, 2008

Blog Name.

It is early in the morning and for some strange reason I have been wide awake since midnight and not a yawn has escaped from my mouth. I am completely alert and perky and have been hanging out here behind the computer, reading blogs and reading comments to blogs, where I happened to find out about the Random Word Generator, because someone had gotten their blog name there and I thought it might be interesting to go over there and find out what sort of names that thing would come up with for me. You should go visit that site, because it is really fun, even if you aren't looking for a new name. Just give it a try and see what sort of names and phrases it comes up with.

Anyway, it generated a bunch of interesting names for me, but after about 5 minutes of letting a slew of them pass by, I settled on The Choppy Sunflower. In the descriptive subtitle are some other names it came up with.

So you see, my blog is forever changing and evolving and I get a big kick out of it and feel very excited when I have made another change. I think it has to do with wanting to be creative and having to find an outlet to do that and that is why next month I am going to buy paper and medium and paint and start making collages at home. I'll have to make them on the dining table and it will be battle between me and the cats as to which one of us gets the most room there and I know they will interfere and drive me nuts, but I am going to do it anyway.

As I sit here and speak of cats, one of them wants to sit on the desk in front of the monitor and because I don't want him to do that, he wants to walk on the keyboard instead. All the while he is purring very cozily at me and blinking his eyes as if to say, "Aren't we brotherly united?" I hate to burst his bubble and tell him otherwise, but I wish he would hurry up and leave.

I haven't been cold all night, but now I've turned on the heater, because I feel a draft by my feet and my hands are getting cold. It's time to drink my nice mug of hot coffee and warm my insides.

You know, now that I know about the Random Word Generator, chances are that I am going to go over there again and look for other and better names, so don't be surprised if the name of this blog changes again. I am like a kid with a new toy, I want to keep playing with it and then there is the challenge of finding the right images to go with the name, because I need more than one image, of course. The fun part is, that it is all up to chance, you hardly have any power over what sort of name comes out.

The Überhund tried to convince me a while ago that he had to go for a walk. I just looked at him and said, "Who are you fooling, sir?" He is now sound asleep again on his pillow in the bedroom. Sometimes I have to completely ignore him, because he does convince himself of the most incredulous things. That he very badly, please, oh please, needs a snack when his bowl is full of food.

Okay, I am off to play some more. Golly gee, does the fun never end? I figure that I've got one hour to fool around and then I have to get going again.



Maggie May said...

Nothing surprises me about your changing blog, Irene. In fact I think that I'd be more shocked if it didn't change!
However, don't want YOU to change so much that we wouldn't know you or recognize you, but maybe you are working on that! LOL
Have a good day, what ever you decide to do today.
I just peeped round the curtain ( after getting out of bed late) and see the pavements are wet, but a glimmer of sunshine in the sky.
Delicious thought that I can do what I want today...... please myself! Yaaaaay!!!

softinthehead said...

I think you just like to keep us all on our toes Irene :)

CC said...

I think it is wonderful that you wish to change and evolve like a butterfly does; but I also agree with Maggie and hope you yourself don’t change too much. I read your blog every day and feel as if I know you almost as if you live next door to me. I wish only sunny days and happiness for you and I look forward to reading how you keep renewing yourself.

Frances said...

i like beside outermost you - it expresses something about the blog, though aside innermost me might be equally apposite.
Joie de vivre and constant interest keeps you lively - so glad things are smooth with you at the moment.

VioletSky said...

We enjoy your 'company' so much I think we will always find you in whatever incarnation your blog takes.

Stinking Billy said...

irene, someone told me that you are the author of that 'Random Words' thing, and do you know something? I believe that to be true.

As for constantly changing your name and the title of your blog, I have a theory about that. It's all to do with the old adage that a moving target is much more difficult to hit.

You are on the run from all the ex-husbands and lovers you left penniless and up to their eyes in debt. Am I right? ;-)

Grit said...

i love the changing pictures and words; it reminds me there is always something new to discover.

Maureen said...

Hah!! I see the title has changed yet again....

Love it, but dear Irene, what the heck am I supposed to put in my link to you??? ;)

I shall have to come up with something as witty, like

"The Blog of a Thousand Names"

No matter. "A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Just like you and your blog.

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

Maggie-for a bit there I was changing so much, I scared myself and had to turn off the computer. I didn't know or recognize myself!

Soft in the head-I was keeping myself on my toes too.

CC-I don't want to renew myself so much that I become unrecognizable to you.

Frances-You'll notice that I paid attention to what you said. Thanks for the suggestion.

Violetsky-I'm glad you'll recognize me no matter what.

Billy-That is absolutely right. That is just how I left them. High and dry. Up the creek.

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

grit-I am glad I don't confuse you.

Maureen-I don't know how to answer that. How about you just call it Irene's Blog?

aims said...

See Irene! They were wrong when they said you would never get better! See how you are proving them wrong!

You are always changing - always blossoming and morphing into something else.

It's fantastic!

Nora Bee said...

I like your new blog look! I hope you are enjoying it too. If not, just change it!