Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another Story.

I am starting this Thursday off quite slowly. The Überhund let me sleep in, but then suddenly was in quite a rush to get outside and letting him out back was not cutting it, so I had to get dressed and take him for a walk before I had properly had a cup of coffee and a decent cigarette. My hair was uncombed and my medicines not taken and there we were walking, with me hoping he would get down to business quickly, which he finally did, twice, so that we could return home and get back to the business of waking up properly.

I was very much longing for some quiet uninterrupted time behind the computer, when the doorbell rang. It was a neighbor come to pick up a package and one of the cats escaped in the stairwell, so I had to go chase her all the way to the top, with the Überhund standing at the bottom barking quite distressingly, thinking I was leaving him.

I got all the animals inside safely, took my medicines, made a mug of coffee and set myself down behind the computer and said to myself, "Come hell or high water, I am not moving one inch." Well, I won't, except to get myself some new coffee and new cigarettes when I run out.

I had another 6 sentence story published by Six Sentences and you can read it here. It is not something I had written about before in one of my posts. What I mean is, it is not a bit of text that I have stolen out of my posts. This is the 4th story I have had published, but mind you, there have been many rejects and I only get lucky sometimes. Please go over and have a read and leave a comment, as it will help me get stories published in the future. I am pleading, aren't I?

I want to thank you all for leaving such positive and supportive comments on my collages. I would like to make them at home, but I don't have the materials to do so yet. I would have to invest a few bucks to get to the point that I could make them at home. And I would have to have many magazines to get pictures and texts out of. It is something worth looking int when I stop creative therapy, because I enjoy making them very much and I would miss not being able to do it.

I had such a lazy. lost day yesterday. Well, I did go to ergo therapy and I got to speak my mind about my objections about what I see is happening in the group now. Some things I said publicly and some things I said privately to the therapist. It certainly felt good to air all of my grievances and it is going to help me make up my mind about whether I stay in the group.

I am of two minds about it. Part of me is thinking that I should not go a difficulty out of the way, but that I should handle it and draw a lesson from it. That explains the dream I had last night. I dreamed I had to eat some very bitter ethnic food that ordinary people could not eat, because it was so foul. It was a test to see if you could get past the bitterness and taste the glorious flavor that was of orgasmic proportions. I did get to that point and passed the mark. It is of course a subliminal message to me to go ahead and hang in there a while longer. To get past my intense dislike of the people who are now inputting the group and whom I somehow have to try and accept and find some understanding for.

Life is a lesson, isn't it, and sometimes it is a bitter pill.

The Exfactor was here in the afternoon to do his laundry and together we decided on the look of the invitations for our divorce party, which I then printed out and put in envelopes. We're going to celebrate it on the 21st of this month and not make it too big, because the apartment is small. About 14 people will be invited and we are sharing the cost. It will be fun and I am looking forward to it, as it has been a long time since I have been at any social gathering. I am looking forward to drinking white wine and having some good snacks and being in the company of some interesting people.

I almost thought about going grocery shopping yesterday, but then went ahead and ate the last little bits of everything that was in the apartment, so I do have to go today and load up on everything. I don't mind grocery shopping, it's just the trip home that is so tricky. I have to make a list and stick to it, otherwise I'll have too many things and I'll never make it home. I'll go splat on the road.

Alright, I have to get the proverbial show on the road. First I have to put on my face and comb my hair. Can't look like a half crazed witch out on my bike. Well, I could, but it would scare the public.

Here's to you all having a good day, then, and congratulations on your new president-elect to those of you it applies to. We are all very happy too.



Breakfast in California said...

Your collages are great, particularly "clarity," I love the colors! We are quite happy with the results of the election, except for some strange business here in CA. Lots of outside money came in to push a proposition through. Ugh! Now it will have to go through the courts again.

Your six sentences are striking. I remember when it happened, your hurried phone call and trip. You've been through so much!

Is your party going to be a food party or a drinks party?

Anonymous said...

It's good, Irene. I read it twice!

CJ xx

aims said...

'Life is a lesson and sometimes it's a bitter pill'.

Absolutely Irene. Absolutely.

Frances said...

I laughed at the thought of you rushing out all unkempt, after all the admiration and kudos coming your way for your impeccable self-presentation, glad you can drop it all at a moment - and then put it all back on the next. Good to hear about your ergo therapy - that you spoke up and that your dream told you something so wise. Worth hanging on if it doesn't become too unpalatable. Maybe by having some people who have adapted to it and are already showing the benefits that might speed the positivity on with the new guys. I know you found it difficult to accept some of it yourself when you started, but you really seem to have gained a lot from the process.
The divorce party sounds good... you will enjoy it, I'm sure and I think that what Eduard said a while back was true. It will be a chance for people to see that the split has been a positive move for the two of you - out of co-dependency and illness and into a good friendship of equals. (ups and downs, but still a much healthier thing than that sad thing of the end)and you can show off your new slim figure and social confidence and have a LOVELY TIME! lol - hugs from here

Frances said...

and the story is just completely mind-blowing. So well-crafted. Congrats at getting chosen this time. Well-deserved.

Maggie May said...

It is a brilliant six sentence story, Irene and I left a comment, saying that it sent chills down my spine & that you wrote it in such a matter of fact way.

Grit said...

successes here irene! you've led me astray though, because after reading your story there, now of course i am enthralled, and have to subscribe to six sentences... and i shall look forward to your next story there!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Irene, I loved this post, and I love that you're having a divorce party. Hee hee. Sorry there are some gits in your group but I think you're right about your dream. Weather the storm and hopefully they'll disappear or settle down.

And now I'm off to read your story. x

kario said...

Amazing how often our pets interrupt our lives, isn't it?

Love the six sentence story - what a great concept!

The Artful Eye said...

Your six sentence story is great!
I keep saying I'm going to do this and the forget, aargghh.. getting old, memory loss yadda, yadda.

If you have thrift stores or goodwill look for magazines there or library sales for cheap. All you need is glue, paper and paint. You're resourceful, look around only recommendation is would be to spend a little more on paper which will support multiple mediums.

Good day! said...

Life is a lesson, isn't it, and sometimes it is a bitter pill

Perfect. Just perfect.

Maggie May said...

PS.... I meant to call you "The Peace maker" Many thanks!

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

I want to thank all of you for your comments and for the positive response to the story. It really helps to get feedback like that. It is a true story and I wrote about it as if I was reporting the weather. After all these years, that is how I've learned to deal with it. The hell I went through is behind me now, enabling me to write about it this way. Thanks, all you guys.

Maureen said...

Okay, I have to go read your story now... you have me intrigued.

Your story of the cat chase had me chuckling...