Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday morning.

I have come to depend on the Überhund waking me up in the morning between 6 and 7 AM, but this morning he didn't wake me up at all and I slept until 8 AM. Now he is snoring away on his blanket and I am still sitting here in my pajamas, wondering when he is going to demand to be taken for his walk. I let him out back for a little piddle, but usually that is not enough to satisfy him.

Oh well, I'll take advantage of the extra time and start writing this post and see how far I get...

...well, I didn't get very far at all, because just then he woke up and decided it was time to go for a walk, so I had to get dressed and coiffed and go out into the world. Luckily, it was just a short walk, because he got his business over and done with quickly. I say, luckily, because I have to wash my hair and that is always quite a production requiring labor and products to get it in the shape I want it in and there are all sorts of tricks to apply. It keeps me busy for a while, especially since my hair dryer has done a disappearing act and I think I may have to buy a new one, but that is for next month.

When I read what I write, I realize what a vain woman I really am. I am so concerned with how I look, how my hair is done and what sort of clothes I wear and what sort of necklaces and if it all looks good and matches. I could be accused of being shallow, luckily, I know I am not. I am occupied with my self image, but once I am put together, I don't spend the rest of the day looking in every reflective surface I come across. Every day, I live under the illusion that I look good, even when that maybe is not true at all, because I am still overweight and I am 54 years old, but I let myself have that illusion and I fit in it very comfortably. I figure that I radiate confidence, so nobody is going to doubt me.

After not having done so for a very long time, I went on the bathroom scales this morning and found out that I had gained 2 kilos, which does not surprise me considering all the cookies and puddings and chocolate I have been eating lately. I guess it was not a good idea not to go on the scales all this time. I do have to get rid of those 2 kilos in the shortest amount of time, so I suppose I will be observing my diet very strictly as of today. I do have a tendency to be very self indulgent, but I think that is something most women struggle with and that I am not out of the ordinary when it comes to that.

I did the grocery shopping yesterday and got enough stuff to last me for 6 days, if I am frugal enough. I always look at how much milk I have and how much yogurt. I figure if I have those, then I'm okay. They weigh a lot to transport home. Next is the coffee, but those packs are very light to carry, just bulky, and then I always have to make sure there is tobacco, but I get that separately at the tobacco shop.

I order the food for the animals on line and it is delivered to the apartment, but I am starting to doubt now if it is any cheaper and I may start buying that at the supermarket again. I've had a heck of a time finding food that the cats really like and they liked the one I used to get at the supermarket, the kind that has the least amount of additives in it. The Überhund likes Frolic in the little chunks and they sell that at the supermarket too now. It's just hauling it home that is the bother of it. I'll have to make separate trips.

Sometimes I feel like a forager when I go out and shop. It is a question of finding the best items at the best prices and to buy them at the best stores. Stores that are local and that you want to support with your business. You want to see the stores in your neighborhood do well and make a success of it. I always get my hair cut at a hair salon that is right around the corner, where all the local people go and where the upper middle classes don't come, and it is really a shame, because they do a good job and would flourish even more if they had that clientèle as well. The fact that they speak the local dialect should not be a hindrance.

Today is deemed hair washing day and house cleaning day. It must be so. While my hair dries with mousse in it, I can vacuum the apartment. I am so awfully excited about this, I can't stand it. The good part is that The Überhund is shedding hardly any hair now that it is getting to be wintertime and that has cut the need to vacuum down by half. I don't know why I make such a big deal out of vacuuming, once it is done I always feel so deeply satisfied.

Doing the dishes and doing the laundry are my two favorite jobs. The only problem now is, that I am always short of dishes and laundry, living on my own. I have to search the whole apartment for things to fill the washing machine and quickly finish my mug of coffee so it can be washed. This way, I do get clean sheets on the bed on a very regular basis, which is something I love.

I rarely see the night sky, as it is obliterated by the lights of the city, but if I could wish upon a star, I would wish for a new used washing machine, as I distrust the one I have very much. It is ancient and I am waiting for it to stop working one of these days. It churns and churns, but with each churn I keep my fingers crossed. I look kindly at it and tell it that it's my pal and to please keep on working. So far, so good. It isn't letting me down yet.

Well, I suppose it is time for the proverbial show again. Getting it on the road and all that. I enjoy myself too much behind the computer. It's definitely the kind of job I should have, although I would really like to work in a library.

Have a terrific day, you all. There is no sunshine here, but it isn't cold either, so that is good.



Babaloo said...

Have you checked if any of your local supermarkets do deliveries? It might be worth it every once in a while, when you've got all the bulky and/or heavy stuff to buy, like the pet food.
We have one big chain here, Tesco, where you can order online and they deliver for something like a fiver I think. Sometimes they have promotions where you pay less for delivery or you don't pay at all. But even the local supermarkets, i.e. not the big chains, do deliveries sometimes. Might be worth checking out...

Hoovering our house is always a big act, too, because I've got to schlepp the vacuum cleaner up the stairs and do the stairs, too. And then carry it downstairs again. And Honey always gets into a state because she's so scared of the vacuum cleaner. *sigh*

Frances said...

second what babaloo says. Our local small supermarkets will deliver for you, if you go to the shop and buy the stuff. The bigger ones in the nearby town have online ordering and deliveries. I use that to cut down on driving.
Certainly worth it if you buy bulky things.
you are so good to enjoy housework. I don't mind it when I get going, but I do dread it, especially hoovering. Luckily that is a man's job in this house. I prefer digging the garden to doing cleaning... though I like it when I have done it. Satisfying.

Maggie May said...

It is a sunny day here but cold. I am going out to do some digging! (Old plants to be removed etc)
I know a few people who believe in shopping on line.

CC said...

We are ladies and if we are middle age ladies, like myself as well, I think most of us just like you, are concerned with how we look, how our hair is done and what sort of clothes we wear and what sort of accessories to wear as well. I certainly don't call it shallow; I call it being nicely groomed and caring about how we present ourselves to world.

It is windy here today in SC, USA but the sun is shinning and it will reach about 77 degree F.

Happy house cleaning I have my whole Saturday to do mine...not the best way to spend one of only two days off from work.

aims said...

Be glad that you care about how you look Irene. Remember there was a time when you didn't? I recall never dressing or showering for weeks on end - I just couldn't be bothered. The Man never said a word until he couldn't take it any longer and he would help me into the shower....bless him.

So now - it is great that you care so much.

Be careful of what you feed your animals. They like the food that is like junk food to us - but it damages their organs and it is what kills them. Do a bit of research online to see what is really best for your lovely pets.

Wisewebwoman said...

Hi Irene:
I think it wonderful you care how you look, you used to be so disinterested.
I was reading how we should only serve raw food to our dogs. A new place has opened here that provides just that.
Apparently all the cases of cancer in animals is the food we give them.
I feel so very bad about that as several of my animals have had cancer.
I will check out the raw food place.
And try and have your groceries delivered as others have suggested.
It would take another stress factor away.

Cait O'Connor said...

I love doing the washing (laundry) too and I don't mind washing up.
I live in the wilds of Wales but have just learned that Asda will deliver to our and bliss... as we have to travel miles to a decent (cheap) supermarket. But I shall only buy the everyday basic/staples from a supermarket, I prefer to shop local if I can.
I guess I have your dream job as I work part-time in a library, it is my dream too I have to say.

Anonymous said...

At least now I can get mind pictures of the places you talk about here. The walk with your dog and the corner shop.

You do sound like me when I shop, I revel in a good bargain and try to shop methodically. I like to come out with a lot for little!

Your life sounds more settled at the moment. I;m happy for you:)

Maureen said...

Ugh... I hate doing laundry, which is weird since I really don't DO anything but sort and fold.

But then again, because we are a family of three with a teenage daughter, I do laundrey every other day.

It never ends! And I fear my washer and dryer will surrender under the pressure and give up the ghost sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

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