Thursday, November 20, 2008


Even though I'm on a schedule today, I can't help but write a few words. I have been sitting here with my coffee doing odd little bits and my feet are toasty warm, because I am wearing my thick slippers, the ones I got from the Exfactor last year. I am also wearing my red bathrobe that I got from my daughter at Christmas time and I wonder how I ever did without.

The Überhund piddled out back and is now sound asleep on his blanket, so I think I can sit here for a while longer. It's nice to draw out the moment that I actually have to get up and get dressed. I haven't quite decided what I am going to wear yet either, can you believe that? How badly organized can I be? Maybe I should have put that on my schedule too: decide what to wear at 9 AM.

All kidding aside, it isn't very warm outside and rain has been forecast, so it promises to be a heck of a great day weather wise. I am glad that I only have to go out to walk the Überhund and that there is no other reason for me to have to go out on my bike. It does mean that I have to dress in layers, though, because I have to be able to peel off something when I get too warm while cleaning house and put it on again when going outside. Brrr...

The Exfactor came by yesterday afternoon and so far only one of his friends and his girlfriend are coming for sure. I feel kind of bad for him, but it can't be helped. Maybe people are very uncomfortable with the idea that we are having this party, while our intentions were so good, all along. Maybe we should have had our heads examined. What seemed like a wonderful idea to us, may have been a total turn off to everyone else.

It does help me to know who is coming when I do the groceries. I would hate to be stuck with a large amount of food that I won't be able to eat. Or that I will try to eat and regret afterwards. There is nothing greedier than my pair of big blue eyes when faced with party food. I am sure you can all sympathize with me on that. Lord, does this woman like to eat, or what?

I was walking the Überhund yesterday and came by a large patch of wildflowers and I was surprised at all the things that were still growing there. There were daisies and clover blossoms and I even saw a red poppy. I regretted not having the book with me to identify all the different things that grew there. I think the Exfactor has it, I must get one of my own. I didn't realize that so many things would still blossom now.

I admit I don't pay attention enough to nature to appreciate what it is doing around me until it is almost done doing it. Now that all the leaves have fallen of the trees, just about, I am amazed at the size of some of the leaves. They are humongous and I try to think of useful things to do with them. The same goes for the wild mushrooms that are popping up all over the place. I don't know their names and if they are edible and I feel quite ignorant looking at them. I can't even identify the trees that stand along the streets unless I see the seeds.

Well, that shows you that I am a real city woman at heart, much to my disgust. I recognize a cappuccino from a mile away, but I don't know an oak tree when I see one.

Oh, in order to stick to the schedule, I have to quit writing now. Just when I had made myself another mug of coffee, such bad timing...

Have a good day everyone, I think it is raining!



Frances said...

lovely to hear you enjoying your cosy moments. Laughed about the schedule. I wish someone would make me a schedule! only problem is I know I wouldn't keep to it.
Keep warm and enjoy the cosiness indoors.

Mean Mom said...

Well, I'm still stuck to my computer chair, but I have been to bed and I did get some things done, yesterday - really!

Sounds like a good start to the day, so far. It's quite bright, here, for once. Better make the most of it. It'll be dark by the time I've had my lunch!

Beware of wild mushrooms!

Lane said...

I can name a few trees but have no idea about mushrooms!

You sound like you've got this party well under control. Hope the wind and rain hold off when you go out to get provisions.

Have a good day Irene/

Maggie May said...

You know, you can cancel that party if you have had a change of mind. Everyone would understand.
I meant to mention yesterday that you have been at your computer again! Were you not supposed to pursue this name thing?
Irene, I liked the bright and cheerful ones! The header especially!
You sounded lovely and cozy when you wrote this. It is sunny here for a change.
Hope you have a peaceful day X

John said...

Nature is a constant. Have you heard from Trinje lately?

Hope the party works out...

John said...

loss for words?