Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Morning.

Yesterday morning at 8 o'clock, I was sitting on the sofa, watching the teletext news and waiting for it to be time to leave for my creative class, and a terrible tiredness fell over me and I started to fall asleep and I realized that more than anything I wanted to go back to bed and sleep some more, so that is what I did. I slept for another 3 hours and when I woke up I felt ever so much better.

I could tell that I needed to sleep some more, because I was starting to feel a little bit defeated and that is always a sign that I better go back to bed and not do anything else. If I don't get sleep when I need it, it affects my mood so much and that is one thing I don't want to happen. It did mean that I missed my creative class, but I figured that sleeping was more important at that time. I was right about that, because the rest of the day went smoothly.

The only thing I am having a problem with right now is doing the household. I am being very lax in it and I am leaving some jobs undone and just can't find the motivation to do them. I keep postponing jobs and promising myself that I will do them tomorrow and then I still don't do them. I suppose I don't care enough if they get done or not, otherwise I would put some effort into getting them done. I am so not a typical Dutch housewife.

I did do groceries yesterday and I am eking out the money that I have left until the 20th when I will get my welfare payment again. It's a challenge to go to the grocery store and buy what is absolutely necessary and not spend a penny more. There is a sport in that and I am not complaining, because I'm still better off than other people who have nothing. I count my blessings every day and I did have the added expense of the new glasses, which are not covered by my health insurance, believe it or not.

I do like a challenge when one comes my way and I can be a penny pincher just as well as the next guy and, even though I like to buy pretty things, I can withstand the allurement and close my eyes to them and walk away from something very attractive, even when it is a very good deal. I'm lucky in that I've found some shops where I can get decent clothes and accessories for a good price, because I certainly don't need to shop in the expensive clothing stores which abound here and which the town is famous for.

So far I have gotten 4 Christmas cards and yesterday I sent out 5 more and I think I need to buy another box of cards and some more stamps, because cards are coming in from people that I had forgotten. So, you see that despite myself, I am getting in some sort of Christmas mood anyway. I do enjoy sending the cards and receiving them, especially when people have gotten my surname right. That's a real big one! Some of the cards are very pretty and I enjoy looking at them. I am not at all a Christian and the purpose of the season is lost to me, but I appreciate the little rituals that come with it.

Today I get to see my SPN and I am so happy that I see her once a week, because she is one of the steady things in my week that I always look forward to. I feel very grounded when I have been there. We have tried to make our appointments every two or three weeks, but it has always been necessary to go back to once a week. I suppose it is not possible yet for me to do without her for a greater length of time. I have an enormous amount of trust in her and I like discussing my thoughts and actions with her. She always gives me good feedback.

I also have to go to the Obesitas Nurse Specialist to get weighed and discuss if my gastric band is going to be filled some more. I have to go to the hospital for this appointment and it is late in the afternoon, so it will be dark when I get home. I very often take the bus, but today I am going to ride my bike over. It's really not that far, but I always like the luxury of riding in the bus, which delivers me right in front of the hospital. Now that I write this down, I may change my mind and take the bus anyway, so I won't have to ride my bike in the dark.

The cats surprised me. I bought a box of cheaper cat food yesterday and I honestly thought they might not like it very much, but they are eating as heartily as the more expensive one. I don't understand this, because they are usually so finicky. I suppose if they get hungry enough, they'll eat what's being served. The Überhund is being finicky and I have to take away his bowl of food regularly, because it is just sitting there. I have two kinds of dog food, but I don't know what he wants anymore. Today I am going to serve some of one of them with some broth and see if he likes it that way. I have a huge bag of it and I hope he will like it. What he wants, is to live on treats.

I was going to show you my collages, but the photographs I took this morning didn't turn out well. I took them with and without flash, but I'm not happy with them, so I want to redo those in daylight. So I owe you those.

Well, that's it for this morning. I hope you all have a great day. It's foggy and 2 degrees Celsius here. What I wouldn't do for a bit of sunshine.



Maggie May said...

I feel I'd like a couple of hours extra sleep today. No chance of that. The girls will be here any minute & I must get their breakfast & do their hair. Yawns..... It is so cold and dark.
I need to clean the house before Christmas. Wish I could get motivated.
Keep warm and hope you have a good day, Irene.X

Frances said...

Glad your SPN is delivering for you. It is good to have a professional who is dependable and knows how you tick. I remember when you decided not to go and see her for a while, when you weren't ready to face your real feelings about the Exfactor. It is good that you can open up now and have regained that little bit more trust - hope today is lovely. The bus sounds sensible and more comfortable than the bike, but of course the bike is good exercise and economical... then again, cycling in the dark and cold.... - see I can even be indecisive about other people's decisions. LOL - I wonder what you have decided to do.

Stinking Billy said...

irene, Wow! If that really is you sitting on your sofa your botox and gastric band are doing a helluve job between them? ;-)

the rotten correspondent said...

I think sleep may be the greatest thing of all. It's certainly one of the most underrated.

At least it's almost the 20th, and you can relax a little about the money. That'll wear you out all on its own.

Grit said...

but you are on for the bahamas irene! i'm hunting down my fake tan and bikini bottoms right now! let's have something to drink on the plane! what's your favourite tipple?

Gone Back South said...

The sunshine will come Irene. Really, it will. x

John M. Mora said...

Moody Blues have a lovely song called "Tuesday Afternoon" on same record as "Nights in White Satin."

Snowy slush here tonight. Near freezing. Icy hell in the morning?

I want summer and all its halter tops rather than slip and slide break a rib after you fall ice.

I am so un nordic.

Mean Mom said...

Sleeping is good. I wish that I could fit in some more. It's good that you get on with your SPN. She seems to be very dependable.