Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i am not going to bother capitalizing anything, because my shift key doesn't work and i can use the other little shift key, but it is a terrible bother and slows me down something awful. besides, you are still capable of reading this, so i won't worry about it too much.

i think i figured out why the überhund was asking for treats all the time. i think he was just plain hungry, because he didn't like his food and wasn't getting enough nutrition. luckily, i had bought a new bag of dog food at the store the other day. it is the same brand as he always gets, but this time the chunks were bigger and meatier, and frankly, they looked more appetizing. so i opened that bag and poured some in his dish and started to hand feed him. he decided that he liked that very much and after a while he started eating on his own, until he had eaten about half of it. i then fed him the rest of it by hand again until everything was gone and i knew he would be full.

he didn't beg for food again until this evening, so i again poured some of the chunks into his dish and hand fed him until he was full. there are just 5 chunks left in the dish now and he is very content. i think he needs to learn to eat properly, as this always has been an issue with him. he has always been very picky about his food and never really liked anything, but he seems to like these chunks and especially when i hand feed them to him. i don't mind encouraging him a little. i just want to make sure he is really full and it seems to work. this way i know he is getting some decent food into him.

i seem to be doing better this evening than i was this morning, although it has been an off day. i have felt so down and tired and it is just now that i feel some of my energy returning. i did talk to my spn over the telephone and i will be in contact again with her tomorrow to let her know how i am then. neither one of us knows exactly why this has happened, so we will chalk it up to just one of those days that will hopefully not repeat itself.

i am waiting for the installation packet from the new internet provider. it should have been here yesterday, but when i called the help desk to ask where it was, they could not tell me so specifically. if it's not here tomorrow, i'm screwed, because that is the last day of service with my old provider. my old provider withdrew money from my bank account for the month of january, but has promised to return it, and my new provider has withdrawn money from my bank account for a bill dated 22-12 that i have never seen. these kinds of things drive me crazy and it means making costly phone calls and being put on hold endlessly.


there, that feels better. it's not like i'm frustrated or anything, you know.

tomorrow morning i have to go to the grocery store early before the shopping madness starts for the new year. i only need to get a few things, but they are things i need for when the stores are closed new year's day. another holiday! enough of them already.

well, i am going to watch some tv now and then go to bed early. i'll try to make it as cozy as i can for myself.

have yourself a good night.



Maggie May said...

I wondered if the Uberhund had a problem with his teeth? That can affect their eating.

Annoying about the provider and all the money going out by direct debit. Hope it all gets sorted soon and that you won't be left high & dry.
Also hope your mood lifts soon. Might be because of the messing with the drugs because of the insurance.
Hope you get a good night's sleep Irene. X

Maureen said...

Good for you for figuring out what the Uberhund was needing... they are a puzzle sometimes, aren't they?

We too need to get grocery shopping today; I hate not having fresh milk and bread.

Take care and I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

CC said...

Well see you fixed a problem today with the uberhund, he is happier and you sound much better yourself for which I am truly happy myself hearing. I waited all day for you to write again.

I as well am tired of all the hildays and it is time just to get on with normal activites once again.

Have a great night Irene, and hoping your tomorrow is filled with only good and happy moments.

Elaine said...

Every time I have switched internet providers I have used the same modem, so haven't needed the pack they send out. As long as the company have taken possession of the line, I've never had any problems. Could you connect without having received anything in the post?

The billing system is totally ridiculous!

John said...

ok never listen to me, sorrrry. happy new year - fire.works, no.

Babaloo said...

Hope the change over to the new provider goes OK. Not sure what this packet contains cos like Elaine said, you should just need to update your settings on the computer.

Well done for figuring out the Überhund's food problem. I always make sure I measure the exact amount of food ours are supposed to get. Jack always eats his, he could eat all day. But some days Honey eats less and leaves some in the bowl. No big deal cos she always eats more the next day.