Saturday, December 27, 2008


I managed to sleep until 7:30 AM again and I just finished my first mug of coffee. I woke up at 3 AM with the silly idea that I had to get up, but luckily I had enough good sense to go back to bed after I realized that I was drunk with sleep. I laid me down in bed and was departed to dreamland in the shortest amount of time, I think half a minute. Such a silly woman am I, to want to get up in the middle of the night to turn on the computer and read blogs.

It's a compulsion to want to be up in the coziest hours of the very early morning hours when nobody else is awake and to be active then. But it is a silly one, because I screw up my sleeping schedule and I have promised my SPN to try and do something about it. So, I am trying very hard to sleep through the night and to ignore the desire to get up when it is far to early to.

Sometimes I am wide awake, though, and there isn't an ounce of sleep left in me and I have to get up, because staying in bed is senseless. I think that has to do with having a mild case of anxiety about what is going on in my daytime life, such as anticipating Christmas on my own. Now that it is behind me, I can sleep much better again.

The cats dragged home a big bone of something and the Überhund has laid claim to it. He has placed it on his blanket and guards it very protectively. Woe is the cat who tries to get near it. This makes things very easy for me, because now he is so busy protecting that bone, that he forgets to be bored and ask for treats. It makes me think that I ought to ask the butcher for bones, or maybe buy soup bones that have a little bit of meat on them.

Yesterday I got off my lazy butt and vacuumed all the rooms and vacuumed the furniture too. This was after I changed the bag in the vacuum cleaner which was dead full of dog and cat hair. It sure made a difference in suction power. I have to change it more often than I think I do and I can notice it by the results of my attempts at getting the sofa hair free. When those are futile, it is time for a new bag.

Today I have to tackle the bathroom, another one of my favorite jobs. At least the dirt is all mine, except for the paw prints in the wash basin, where Toby likes to hang out. He thinks the shape is perfect to curl up in and have a nap. He doesn't mind that the faucet drips a little bit and hits him right on the head. He is also oblivious of the rain and comes in soaking wet.

Now there is only one holiday left to get through and that is New Year's. It wouldn't be so bad if the whole town didn't set off fireworks at midnight and make it sound as if WWIII had broken out. There is no way to go to bed early and sleep through that.

It's minus 4 degrees Celsius outside. Cold enough to stay inside, but The Überhund still needs to be walked, although right now he is sound asleep on his blanket. If I don't make a move, he'll stay asleep, but I have to get some more coffee.

For now, life is back to normal. I'll be able to go to the grocery store today and buy milk and muesli and dog food and tobacco and filter tubes. Hurray! First I must go and check my banking account and see how rich I am toady.

Have a great day, everyone.



Maggie May said...

Hello Irene! Just been shovelling all that snow from your blog! Phew..... I am exhausted!

We have all been away for the past day! Mad that's what we are....... going all the way to London & back for a West End Show!
Daughter is still here with us until 4th.
Glad you seemed to have had a good Christmas. I have read a few posts that I missed!
I am also reading that Mark Haddon book that you mentioned. Very good so far and helps to understand autism a bit better.

It is freezing here again now! Had to buy one of those hats from Nepal while I was in London. You now with the plaits hanging from the ears and knitted in lovely colours? Lovely & warm. Family said I don't look too funny in it!
Have a good day, Irene. X

Elaine said...

I tell myself that New Year's Eve is just another day and nothing to get excited about, nor upset about, but the anticipation of spending it alone this year sits a bit uneasily with me. I'm not entirely sure whether staying up tll midnight on my own would be a happy or sad event for me. We shall see.

I'm glad you got through Christmas ok, Irene. I still have the weekend to go before things return to some sort of normality and people return to my life - until then I'm here and feeling pretty useless and unable to walk about. I may just click blogs for the rest of the day too!

I hope your Saturday is wonderful. x

Babaloo said...

Good Morning Irene! Glad to hear that you had another good night's sleep. Maybe you can settle in to a new sleep routine?

I had to laugh at Toby curling up in the wash basin. That's so weird! Salem wouldn't go near the basin if there was any hint of water in it. However, if the bathroom door is open and someone's there, he has been known to jump into the (empty and dry) tub to check out the plughole for mice. Not that he's ever found any there.

We have some things to do today, too. I'm going to go grocery shopping for a few things and Felix is going to change the bed linen in the meantime. Oh, and the bathroom needs doing, too. *sigh*

Have a good Saturday!

Frances said...

Yay you! came through that okay.
And the change in you with going back to the old meds is just GREAT! So quick. They just suit you, that's what it must come down to, these are the ones that work. You did tell us a long time ago that they were better than various things you had taken in the past. So glad, such a weight off your mind and Christmas passed with no enormous crisis. Well done you. Hope the rest of the day is good for you as well.

CC said...

Good morning Irene, I compleatly understttod your comment about the "compulsion to want to be up in the coziest hours of the very early morning hours when nobody else is awake and to be active then" I get up with the dogs at 4:30am and blog, read, drink my coffee and have smoke while the rest of the world here is still snug in their bed.

My 20 year old cat Spencer used to years ago do as your Toby does, curl up in the sink and sleep. He is black and white and he looked like a huge caterpillar in there. Now that he has arthritis he can no longer make the leap up.

Your day sounds all planned out, mine yet to be determined as I too have to clean the bathrooms, and dust, and so on…and as far as I am concerned all the Christmas can be wrapped back up and placed in the attic until next year. My level of pain in my foot will determine how much I get done, as I am now tired all the day, and the pain medication makes me sleepy as well.

Enjoy your day and as always thank you for sharing with us.

Madge said...

that is cold! i have that compulsion to get up in the middle of the night and read blogs too. so far i haven't given in, but i think my time is running out.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Sounds like you've had a very peaceful Christmas. I hope you found something to do today, it's good to keep the xfactor on his toes.

I love the image of the cats dragging in a bone only to have to relinquish it to uberhund, hee hee. And minus four sounds very cold to me. Hope you wrap up warm.

John said...

Tess said...

I find being awake... at the computer or elsewhere... in the wee hours of the morning... when everyone else is sleeping... to be one of my favorite things. It is one of the few spaces in my world that I can claim as truly belonging to me.

Maureen said...

Ah, I am so looking forward to a quiet New Year's Eve! I am now beyond those days of going to parties until all hours.... I guess my age is showing!