Wednesday, December 31, 2008


as i told you in my post last night, i am not using any capital letters because of my shift key and it also means that i type my posts in about half the time it usually takes me. please read that post to see how it all came to be and how i am and about my internet troubles.

i was awakened this morning on the early side by the überhund who had to go outside urgently, meaning that all that food he ate yesterday had gone through his digestive system, which is good, because lately what he produced hadn't amounted to much. so that was good news.

i'm happy to tell you that today i feel normal and awake and cheerful and that i am enjoying my coffee and my cigarettes as i usually do and that i do not feel down and tired and sleepy. so, whatever it was that hit me yesterday, is gone now and i am much relieved. it is possible for me to totally recall these feelings and the anxiety i felt with them, but i won't bother and just leave them behind me.

i think that a lot of the anxiety has to do with the internet troubles and if i can just get a different mindset about that, i will save myself a lot of wear and tear. i have always known that i have a low stress threshold and i must not forget that in a period like this.

the exfactor is coming over with a new keyboard this morning, so i will be able to capitalize my letters again, although i like typing this way. he is going to help me when the installation packet arrives from the new internet provider and, although i do not like being dependent on him this way, i do know that i probably can't do it on my own. it's a double sided coin, or is it a double edged sword? i'm not sure which expression is appropriate here.

well, i have been sitting here for 2o minutes now without writing anything down, just drinking my coffee and smoking my cigarettes. that ought to tell me something, don't you think? probably that i don't have anything of interest to tell you. i am having a severe case of writer's block. i need sweet william's book about blog writing.

i'll hang up then. get myself ready to go to the store early and get the shopping done.

have a great day.



Breakfast in California said...

this might be your e.e. cummings period!

The Artful Eye said...

don't worry,be happy. i like reading and writing in lowercase and without question marks is okay too.

happy new year!, irene.

Maggie May said...

it is great to write like this. could be that capitals will die out on the internet at this rate.
i understand what you mean about being dependent on the exfactor for computer things. thats how i feel about my son when anything goes wrong on my computer and i know that i have to ask yet again. bad feeling.

glad you are feeling better.
hope you enjoy your day x

CC said...

You sound much better today, and for that I am happy. So you need the exfactors help for just a bit, who in the vast world does not need assistance from someone at some point. At least you have someone you can trust and is willing. I must say the umberhund must have certainly liked his food, or did he like you feeding it to him? Anyhow it sounds as if he is off to a good start today as well. I must blog myself now...been days… and with that I wish you a very Happy New Year!

John said...

the art is lovely and sets off each post - eleganty.

i have thought for a while that the question mark is redundant.

does anyone else agree.

shake the keyboard upside down again - whack it hard.

Babaloo said...

Hope your internet and keyboard troubles are sorted now!

Have a good New Year's Eve and I hope you start 2009 with a great night's sleep (as I intend to do myself, no parties for me).

Frerotte said...

Just wandered by and wanted to say what a lovely blog you have going. I think I will read here often. Wishing you the best of all things in the next year.

Kris Cahill said...

i like the capital free lifestyle...

happy new year to you irene. it's hard to keep up with you, with all these new blog names. i do love that you are the finely tuned woman now. that suits you!

Mad Asthmatic said...

no capitals - what freedom. I hope you get your internet sorted.

Happy New Year to you and I hope that 2009 is a time of calm for you.


Maureen said...

I actually don't mind the lowercase writing!

Thanks for the link; I loved the term "Back away from the stats".

Something I so need to do some days.

Happy New Year!

Rick said...

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