Thursday, December 11, 2008

Silly Woman...

I am such a silly woman. On the night of the day that I post a statement that I sleep all night long and don't get up in the wee hours of the night anymore, I do, of course, making a fibber out of me. I've been up for a while now and unable to go back to sleep. Every once in a while I nod off a little bit, but then pop up wide a wake again and continue with my blog reading.

I actually don't mind too much, it is quite cozy here with the Überhund beside me and the cats spread around me. We sit by the low lights of the living room, with the heater on, and make the best of it. The coffee tastes good and so do my cigarettes. I have been reading comments to the various blogs I read and just started reading blogs on the google reader. There is always something to keep me occupied.

Now I can sing, "The bed's too big without me," and it is true, when only the cats are laying down in it as is their want. They leave little tufts of hair on my sheets that I have to remove before I get in it. I am such a patient owner, I tolerate animals on my bed, not that I can do much about it, they'll lie down there with or without my approval.

After I applied the flea drops to the Überhund yesterday, I washed his bedding and today, when the Exfactor comes over, we will tackle the cats, which is always a job and a half. You have to pounce on them and do it as quickly as you can to prevent any struggles and sharp nails making scratches in your hands. Cats can be very dumb animals and not understand that you are not doing anything harmful to them, they just think all of it is scary and they all become panic stricken.

The Überhund patiently undergoes whatever I do to him and he knows he will get a reward, but most of all, he trusts me and I think that is the main thing. He is such a trusting old dog. I call him an old dog, even though he doesn't really act all that old yet, except for his long naps and his unwillingness to play with little puppies that he meets on his walks. They are just a little bit too exuberant for him. Little puppies go crazy when they see him and want to climb all over him and he scoots out of the way in a hurry. They probably see him as a very strong paternal type.

Yesterday, when I came home, he didn't come tot he door, which was very odd and I went looking for him. He was laying on his blanket, but I couldn't see him breathe and for a moment, my heart was in my throat, until I called his name and he raised his head. He had just been so sound asleep that he hadn't heard me come home. Scary moments, those are.

My bank account is very low, due to having paid for my new glasses and for the expensive flea drops. I have 9 days left until I get paid again, and I will have to eke out an existence somehow and make it last as long as possible. It's a challenge, but one I won't be able to walk away from, nor would I want to. I had less money this month than I normally do, due to the ending of the year accounting in the subsidies and I knew it was going to be a bit tough. I'll just have to buy the minimum basics and get by the best way I can. Like I said, it is a challenge. Eking out an existence is not strange to me. I've had to do it before and somehow it always works out, robbing Peter to pay Paul. It's a fact of life.

Someone said to me yesterday, referring to my punk hairdo, "You're a pretty wild woman today," and then proceeded to tell me about this hairstyling stuff that is almost like rubber and when you apply it to your hair, you can shape it in any wild way you want and it will stay that way and be indestructible. It comes in a jar and is called the Body Shaper, or something like that. She told me where to buy it and when I am solvent again, I will get some, because I am all for hair that I can make do anything. I like having somewhat unruly hair. If my hair is combed too neatly, I feel very dull and unadventurous and my hair is so short now, that it needs all the help it can get. A jar costs less than 2 Euros, so that won't break the bank.

I enjoy walking around and looking at other women to see how they decorate themselves and what they do with their hair. I suppose I am always looking for ideas on what to do with myself and I always see something interesting that I want to try out. Or I see something someone is wearing and I want to find out where they bought it. The most interesting to me is to see what people do with short hair. Then I look at what people wear and I avoid looking at women that are my age, because they dress prematurely old for the most part. I mean, a lot of them dress like middle aged women and I'll have nothing to do with that.

I look at women in their thirties and see what they make of it. They wear interesting coats and boots and leggings and scarves and I get ideas on how to put those together, while still remaining true to myself. I pretty much know what is not gong to work for me, but I do like to upset the applecart. Combine Pipi Longstocking leggings with a flower print dress, for instance, and boots to go with it. Or wear two different but matching necklaces and a scarf and two or three layers of clothes of which each shows. It's all about decorating, like you are a Christmas tree or an art project.

I look at what men wear too, but I am less decided on what appeals to me, except that I like a bit of nonchalance as if it accidentally came together. I like big sweaters and tough shirts with rolled up sleeves and pants with pleats in them. I like jeans too and boots and very nice brown shoes. I like men in long coats. I don't like a man who wears a hat that even remotely looks like a cowboy hat, no matter how cold his head gets. I like men with longish hair that they have to keep tossing back and I love a man who smells good. Good aftershave is a must. I don't like a man who wears sport shoes. Well, I guess I am more decided than I thought I was.

Well, all craziness on a stick, as we say here, but those are just some of my thoughts on those subjects. I bet you couldn't wait to read them. Just for your information, the Exfactor wasn't anything like the man I describe up above. I haven't met that man yet, although I've tried to turn men in my life into that man. It doesn't work. You have to take what you get.

Well now, I think that just about does it for this ramble. It's been a pleasure firing away at you. Oh lord, I wonder what sort of mood I'm heading for now. Well, we'll see where the road takes me. Hopefully to some pleasant hilltop.



Maggie May said...

Oh Blimey! First again!
Was interested in the plasticky hair mousse! I have fine fly away hair and after I have done a freezing round of playground duty, I can look a right mess........ so I am glad that you don't ever see me, Irene, as you are so fashion conscious! LOL! I will try and do something with it when I get the time.
Having to wear a hat in order to survive a lunchtime, doesn't help my tresses one bit!

Having so many pets is bound to be expensive. One of the reasons I have not "replaced" mine. Can the Exfactor help you out? After all, they are part his, aren't they? Isn't he the dad? LOL!

Keep warm today Irene & be careful on the bike if you go out. Everything looks very slippery today and I know you are in a more Northerly situation than we are, so tour situation might be worse than mine.
Have a good day. X

Angela said...

You are funny, Irene, and a good watcher with very personal ideas. I like to read your blog!

John M. Mora said...

Great entertaining post.

Need to buy aftershave...

Stinking Billy said...

irene, how can you believe that the 'body shaper' or whatever, will be any good at all at a cost of a couple of euros? You know that in this world you only get what you pay for?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed some of your posts recently, suffering with muscle spasms and there's only so much I can do. But I like the idea of the cats and dog being flea ridden, never a nice thing for any animal or human to have fleas in the vicinity.

I sometimes think about switching my computer on in the middle of the night. Often I wake up and could be wide awake.

CJ xx

Wisewebwoman said...

You gave me an idea for my blog today, Irene, I've a better sense of you now when you talk about your style.
I love your hair but don't think I could get away with it, I've tried short hair over the years and I don't look good with it. You certainly do, plasticated or not!!

Grit said...

you are right - it is fun seeing the wonderful clothes other women wear, and the clear style they have. but then, as i reach for the miserable black jeans, i always think such style would never work on me! but i tell you what, your blog makes me think i'm not giving up the hope!

Nora said...

I used to read Google reader and then I stopped, have been using just the plain old bookmarks. I may start up again though. I also secretly don't mind being up in the night..being tired the next day is a pain, but I do enjoy the peace.

Anonymous said...

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