Sunday, December 07, 2008

And the winner is...

Well, the poll is officially closed now and The Finely Tuned Woman has won with 11 votes, so that is who I am going to be from now on. My public has spoken and so it shall be, you made no bones about it, although there were some votes for the Idiosyncratic Watermelon. I think some people just wanted to be ornery. Or they just liked watermelon a lot.

The fact that The Finely Tuned Woman has a TV tuner laying beside her on the sofa was something that only caught my attention after I had posted the image, but I must have subconsciously registered that. It made for another perfection in the picture. The dog is actually barking at a bird in a birdcage, but I cropped the picture, so you can't see that.

But I am well pleased with the outcome of the poll and I thank you for your participation in it and for being patient with me in what actually turned out to be 2 polls. We made it in the end, though, and that's what counts.

I broke my computer reading glasses and put on my regular glasses and realized how much better I see overall and I have decided to just start wearing them again and not worry about my vanity so much anymore. They work for behind the computer and for faraway, so they solve two problems. That's because I am near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other. I think I may have to go to Specsavers and have my eyes checked again, because one eye is just a little bit off. That is because I was having thyroid problems when I had these glasses made.

Isn't vanity a funny thing. I do my very best to look at my most advantageous, yet all day long I haven't worn any make up and I didn't really care about it. I don't think I look that much worse without it. It is mostly just a compulsion on my part, because I have worn make up my whole life and can't imagine going out in a public place without eyelashes with mascara on them, because they are so blond. I feel naked without mascara and vulnerable. I should really do a test and go without make up when I go places.

Speaking of vanity, I got this really nice award from Debs over at The Lehners in France and it is an international friendship award. I feel quite honored to have received it.

I am supposed to hand it over to international friends and, of course, I have no shortage of them, but if you don't mind, I will do that tomorrow when I am in the mood for all that copying and pasting. It is kind of late to do that now.

I have written my Christmas cards, although I did cut down the list quite a bit and did not include anyone of the Exfactor's family and friends, because I don't have their addresses. The Exfactor always did those. I wrote notes for those that needed them. I am only sending 20 cards right now, but will probably send more as cards come in that I have to respond to. I wrote cards until all of them were gone and I had the most important ones done.

Then there was this huge thick envelope from Social Services and I looked at it since yesterday with some amount of trepidation, because I thought something very complicated and nasty was going to be in it, but when I finally opened it tonight it turned out to be an offer for health insurance for low income people at a very reasonable rate with all sorts of things included. Well, I looked at it and for me the offer turned out not to be so good and the rate was higher than what I am paying now, so I'm not going to change health insurance companies. So, that turned out to be a popcorn fart. I breathed a sigh of relief.

My sister and I walked the dogs for a long walk at noon time. Her dog is only allowed on a very short leash and has to walk right beside her and is not allowed to sniff and explore, whereas I give the Überhund lots of space to roam all over the sidewalk. I can't imagine that my sister's dog enjoys his walk very much and I don't see the purpose in it very much. I always think it's the Überhund's outing and he has to have all the fun when we go. I know my sister silently disapproves of my attitude, while I silently disapprove of hers.

Well, it's time to go to bed and take my medicines and shut the apartment up for the night. I hope you all had a good day and that you all will have a good night.



Lane said...

I'm glad The Finely Tuned Woman won:-)

I think the Uberhund gets the best deal out walking. It's pretty strange not to let your dog sniff and meander.

Frances said...

I think The Finely Tuned Woman is a great name and can exist on many levels and have many meanings - it is amusing and serious at the same time. The picture is also classy so you have my approval too!
one of your biggest fans

Maggie May said...

I think your present title really suits you and I am so glad that it won.

I had to chuckle at you two sisters silently disapproving of each other's doggy habits.
That is family for you! I always longed for a sister but if I had have had one that was as strong minded as me, might have been tricky!
Enjoy your day, Irene!

Mean Mom said...

The best title won! I'm glad that your threatening envelope turned out to be nothing to worry about, after all. I've had envelopes like that.

Your sister seems to be a bit too strict with her poor dog. It's nice to have a bit of company, occasionally, on your walks, though, I should imagine.

John said...

Well I am renaming my blog "the well digested watermelon."

Maureen said...

Yes, you are The Finely Tuned Woman alright!

I am so bad; I have yet to get my cards done... must finish, must finish.... gah! Christmas is coming way too fast and I am nowhere near ready!!!