Saturday, December 06, 2008

And the Award goes to...

I want to give away an award I have discovered. I like it very much and it fits in with my sense of humor. I discovered some other ones too, but I am not in the mood for them right now. This is the one I want to give away:

  1. I want to give it to Frances of A Carpet Full of Holes.
  2. To Babaloo at
  3. To grit at grit's day.
  4. To Lane at Lane's Write.
  5. To Mean Mom at Mean Moody Middle Aged Mom.
  6. To Maggie at Nuts in May.
  7. To Laurie at Three Dog Blog.
  8. To John at Typos. Dayllight. Fate.
  9. To Cheryl at Wishing and Discovering.
  10. And last but certainly not least, to Bev at On Another Planet.
I hope that gives you guys a certain amount of satisfaction.



Maggie May said...

Many thanks, Irene!
Must point out that I'm not good at passing these awards on. Now that my technical support is no longer living here and my awards are all trapped in my slide show, beyond my control, really.
Much appreciated though.

Babaloo said...

Thank you so much, Irene! That's certainly a cute award. :-)

Bev said...

Honoured I'm sure!

Frances said...

ooh - yes I love it - so appropriate too!
Thank you Irene
I'll put it on the blog next time I am posting something.

Milo said...

Thank you.

John M. Mora said...

This dog keeps juuunping okn[ my leege anddddd iitt isssss harrrrdd tio tyrrrppem

Irene said...

I seem to have forgotten a very important person by the name of Milo, who would have love to have received this award, so I am awarding to to her now. Milo, won't you please come and pick up your award?

Mean Mom said...

Oooh! Thanks so much for the award, Irene! I'll own up to being crazy any day of the week and I like to be in good company! Thanks for thinking of me.

Grit said...

thank you irene! and i will be off to explore these other award winning blogs too!

Lane Mathias said...

Thank you very much Irene!

That sure is a great award:-)

Milo said...

All done! I also said thank you for all the lovely words you said in my comments box.
love you from Milo.

Anonymous said...

My belated thank you! This is so kind of you and made my night. I have not been online in several days, so was thrilled to see this. Thank you for making me smile!