Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey Gang...

I notice that I'm much less tired since I'm wearing my glasses. Now, either that is because I'm exhausting my eyes less, or it is all just a great big coincidence. I am more bright eyed and bushy tailed, to the point that other people notice it also. My eyes aren't so heavy anymore and seem to be open wider. Maybe it is all my imagination and I am fooling myself into believing this, but whatever the cause, the effect is pleasant. I am getting a better look at the world, so I can't wait for Wednesday next week when I get my new glasses. There ought to be quite an improvement.

I made an appointment with the ophthalmologist for January the 17th. Well, actually, I'm going to the clinic inside the hospital, so I don't know yet who I'll get to see, but I'm sure that will be fine. Did you know that they have a machine that can read your glasses and see which strength they are exactly? I'll bring both my old glasses and my new ones in case they want to see the difference.

I'm just thrilled to bits to have my eyes sorted out if they are causing me some of my problems with fatigue. I also can't wait to put on the new glasses because of the new model frames. I think they are a better shape than what I have now and that they will fit my current face better, the slimmed down face. My face was fatter when I had these glasses fitted.

At any rate, I'm not sleeping during the day anymore and this is in spite of the fact that I drink more decaf now than regular coffee. I've cut way back on that. I thought I would be sleepy during the day, but I'm not now. I don't feel called by the sofa anymore to come and lie down on it and have a nap. It has stopped being alluring. I was having my quick fixes with caffeine, but not anymore. I start the morning with it, but then switch to decaf and stick to that pretty much all day long.

I sleep better at night too and very rarely get up so early anymore. I really do have to set the alarm clock now when I have to go someplace. I can't depend on the Überhund to wake me up, he sleeps in just as late as I do.

I had ergo therapy this morning. Luckily the most irritating and obnoxious person wasn't there and that is always a relief. We have a better morning then. It's awful to say it, but it is the truth. I don't think she'll last long in the group, because more often than not she is not there. Maybe she needs all the help she can get, but not at my cost.

We had to start making a present for ourselves, so I am making a three dimensional heart that I am going to festively decorate. It already says 'Hurray' on it. I have to find or make flowers and ribbons and all sorts of stuff.

This is just going to be a short post, because I don't have that much to report and I want to get into my flannel pajamas and get cozy and watch some TV. The heater is on and it should be just right. All that's missing is a package of cookies. Oh well...

Have a great night, everyone.



Maggie May said...

Glad your eyes are being sorted out (that sounds as though they are both muddled up & are being put back in order!) Also leased to hear that it is making you feel less tired. That does figure, really.
Ergo session sound to be going well & that obnoxious person isn't so committed to the group.The heart gift to yourself sounds fun!
Sleep well my friend X

Frances said...

no doubt the obnoxious person isn't ready to get better now.
That is always annoying on amy group or course, if most people really want to get on and make the most of the time, there can often be people who really aren't ready or able to make the commitment.
As an ex-teacher of adults, I can tell you honestly that those people always take up too much of the teacher/trainer/therapist's time because she/he has to try and placate or quieten the dysfunctional one to allow anything at all to happen.
Meanwhile time is wasted and others who really want to be there and are ready and open get annoyed or even give up. If the trainer/therapist doesn't control the negative person, the whole thing can go off the planet and other people join with the negative person and it all implodes.
It is so delicate when you are dealing with adults. You can't reject them or say 'sit down and shut up and get on with it, you silly person' so you have to use diplomacy.... and annoy everyone else who wishes you would say sit down and shut up.... LOLZ
Apart from that... glad you had a good day and are having normal sleep - maybe you are better off without the over-stimulation of caffeine... as an addict myself I couldn't say! hah
hugs. sleep well dear one

VioletSky said...

Being able to see the world clearly is a very liberating thing.

With your new glasses you should be flying!!

Maureen said...

Good to hear about your glasses! And it's great you are getting a good night's sleep; I have found it hard to stay awake these past few days as I have had restless nights. I can't wait for the weekend to sleep in a bit. Oh no; I just remembered I promised daughter that we will go to the mall early Saturday. Rats! Well, maybe I can sleep in on Sunday....

Anonymous said...

I hope you are all settled in, warm and cozy in your flannel PJ's. I love nights like that. Makes for a good nights sleep.

I'm so glad that your taking care of your eyes. It makes sense to me that if your seeing clearer, crisper that it is putting less stress/fatigue on you. Cant' wait until you get your new glasses. Can't wait to see how stylish they are!
So glad to hear that you are enjoying your Ergo sessions. I hate when one person can ruin the group, glad she stayed home today.
I bet your heart will be lovely. Perhaps you can show us?
Take care and sleep well.