Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nothing Better.

There is nothing better than sitting in your pajamas and you bathrobe, with your warm slippers on, behind the computer on a cozy weekday night, with your dog by your feet in the vicinity of many brightly lit branches with silver balls hanging of them, to give you that Christmas feeling that you have been looking for since you started sending those first Christmas cards.

All that is missing now is a pumpkin pie in the oven and a container of real whipped cream, but I made up for that by buying some real chocolate chip cookies this afternoon of which I have eaten enough now to make me slightly sick. So, hold you horses on the cookies. There really can be too much of a good thing, Irene. You greedy old thing.

The sparkling branches give a festive feeling to the room and there are ten of them in the vase so it makes for a pretty show. The silver balls reflect the light and make it look like carnival. I am having my own Christmas Eve with the slumbering Überhund who is oblivious of the importance of the occasion. I did give him extra hugs tonight, so a little bit of joy would rub off on him.

One cat took off with one silver ball and pitched it across the living room, but I managed to retrieve it intact and put it back in its place secured a little bit tighter. There is too much temptation for them there and doubtlessly it will not be the only ball that hits the dust. They are pretty sturdy, though, not having been made of fragile glass, but some sort of plastic.

So you see, I was swayed by the spirit of the season after all and could not withstand making it a little bit festive. The balls were a late addition. I have strings of beads too, but I think that will really be too much temptation for the cats, so I won't put them on. It is good the way it is.

I had to move two plants to make room for the vase with the lights and the plants look perfect where they are now, which makes me think that I will buy another big plant where the vase with lights stands now. It has to be a plant that can stand low light conditions, so I will have to search for something in the nursery in January and find a big pot. So you see, I always have some scheme brewing.

I am managing to keep the plants inside alive that are hard to kill and that I only have to water really well once a week. If they need special care, they die or don't thrive. I don't have a green thumb for indoor plants. They have to have their own will to live. Nothing can be dainty or fragile, all has to be hardy and tough. Tough broad plants.

The Überhund and I are having a stand off. He is refusing to eat his food, because he only wants treats and I am refusing to give him any and tell him to go eat his kibbles. He looks at his kibbles and then gives me these pathetic looks as if he wants to say that I treat him badly for making him eat that stuff and walks away from it. I know that secretly during the night he eats it when he thinks I don't know about it. I am refusing to budge. He resigns himself and goes to sleep.

Now I am going to watch some TV and hopefully something good will be on No choirs singing Christmas hymns.



VioletSky said...

I see, so you get the chocolate treats, but Uberhound gets only kibble. I think he's sees this as being unfair. But, he will forgive you, when you give him treats on New Year's Eve - do you do the special fritters thing then? I remember those being so yummy!

Anyway, your decorations sound lovely. Mine are very simple too, twigs with a few balls and birds, and a string of white lights across the windowsill. Cat sleeping at my feet, huge mug of tea and Christmas baking from a neighbour.

Exercise and diet starts ... later.

Merry Christmas to you Irene. Am so glad to have gotten to know you this year. I wish only the best for you.

Bev said...

I very much enjoyed this posting, and your description of the cats playing :0)

I enjoy the Christmas tree also. Our new sofa is warm and squishy and pink, and I sit on the sofa enjoying the tree and fire.

We have bought some nuts and a special festive friut bowl with cherries, satsumas and nuts all arranged. We have have all the twinkly lights round here and I have just looked out on them all twinkling, icicles lights hanging down from the roofs, the bushes all twinkling. We have just toasted the season with Buzz Fizz.(I was a little non plussed about this because when I saw the bottle I thought it was champagne. Well actually Mark said it was I think he must have been joking.)

We used to go to Church, but not this time as we've done it for quite a few years now. The carols always make me cry.... 'Silent Night', 'Hark The Herald Angels Sing'. Beautiful music.

Was watching a film the other day about slavery and how one of the slave ship owners wrote that hymn 'I was blind and now I see' after he saw the light...a similarly beautiful song, but can' remember what it's called at the moment, nor the name of the writer. It was a film about William Wilberforce, who, of course, came from round here. More beautiful music.

I will be wearing my special festive jumper tomorrow....There is that great film on tomorrow 'Little Miss Sunshine' on Sky are guaranteed a laugh if you get it in Holland.

Off now to watch 100 Greatest Comedy Moments.

Happy Christmas Irene XXXX

Maggie May said...

Irene that was a lovely post of contentment and *comfortableness* and I had to chuckle about the cat tossing the bauble. Probably thought it was a present from you to him.
The Uberhund has got used to titbits now & is getting pernickety! After all, it is Christmas. Hope he will get something really nice to eat tomorrow!
I wonder what hour the boys will wake us up tomorrow?

Merry Christmas Irene.X

Frances said...

I am just off to bed, having given up on the decorating - so happy Christmas to you Irene, hope it is a lovely day for you tomorrow.
Love and hugs

Pearl said...

I love that you holding your ground with the dog! :-)

Maureen said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Eve. I wish I could have one of those one year. We are either shuffling off to somewhere in the cold, or I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off hosting the family dinner... which I did this year. It took days to prepare, and days to clean up afterward. Now I can finally have some peace, sitting here with the tree lights on and my slippers warming my feet.