Sunday, December 28, 2008


It's yet again another Sunday after all these holidays that we've had that felt like Sundays. So, again the stores are closed, although the cafés are open and I would go hang out at Café Monopole on the heated terrace if it weren't so darn cold and I would have to get there first.

You see, I need darn good motivation to go downtown and a cup of cappuccino just isn't enough in this weather. I would wish for the stores to be open and for me to have about a 100 euros to spend on frivolities. You know, leggings and necklaces and a new wallet or something like that. The thing is that I don't need any of those things. It would be a pure waste of money.

Since I am not of the well off financially, I'll let that idea drop by the wayside and consider myself lucky that I was able to get new glasses for such a good deal yesterday. Things are so relative and what gives me joy are these very lucky and unexpected good turns like this. I'm also glad that I can turn up the thermostat so precisely and have a toasty warm apartment. You must always count your very basic blessings first.

All the food that is bad for me is gone now and I am down to food that is good for me, for which my expanding hips will be grateful. I had really made the month of December an eating party with too many things that had too many calories that I did not burn off and that translated themselves into a few extra kilos that I now need to get rid off. So, I am starting my resolutions before the New Year. I am not going to be eating rabbit food, but I will eat wholesomely and sensibly. You'd think that with a gastric band it would be impossible to eat too much, but I had found ways to do it.

I suppose this is going to be a lazy day, unless I deem it to be necessary to wash the windows or something, which would be a bad idea in this cold weather. Besides, who ever heard of major housework on a Sunday? I am trying to decide if I still feel Christmassy enough to have the sparkly branches in the vase up on the dresser, because I am always in danger of poking my eye out when I go to get my medicines out of the drawer and Christmas is over now. I will ponder over that while I write this and then make a decision.

I am very happy that I don't have a whole Christmas tree to dismantle, as I always remember that as being a job I disliked very much. The needles fell off and disappeared into the carpet forever and the tree always looked so bare and unattractive when stripped from all its finery, sort of like when you turn on the bright lights at the end of a really good party and see the damage that's been done to the interior of your house. And is there anything sadder than an ejected Christmas tree by the curb waiting for the trash man to pick it up?

I am all for getting things back to normal as quickly as possible, except for the Christmas cards on the door, those I keep up for a long time. I like reading the messages inside of them and some of them are home made and you have to appreciate those especially. But I do like to get the evidence of the holidays out of the way once they are over and get the living room back to its original state. I guess it is my way of saying, "Okay, we've been sentimental, let's get down to business now."

I am looking forward especially to 2009 although I can give you no specific solid reason for why this is so. I just expect it to be a good year and one in which no major upheavals are going to take place. Dreams can come true, can't they? If everything is just a solid dull roar, then that would be fine with me. With the beginning of the new year comes the longing for springtime and the nicer weather and all the new life that it brings to nature and the uplifting of everybody's moods. It gives you hope. You think, just that final little push and we'll be there. I see the glass half full.

Well, I have got to do my hair and try to look smashing for no reason in particular. Just because. It is one of those days too fool around with your hair and try to make something of it.

Have a good day, you all. Enjoy your day off.



CC said...

I for one agree that we must first count our very basic blessings; especially us Americans who feel the "need" for everything new on the techno market. I am content with my hubby, my dogs, and like you in that I can afford to keep my home warm and food in my belly.

Enjoy your Sunday and maybe you will find a new hair-do in the process. Stay warm and hoping your great mood stays with you the whole day through.

PS: I am ready to put away Christmas today, but maybe leave the tree up one more week. I love the way it sparkles.

Frances said...

glad you are feeling content in yourself. True about the bare tree, so I will leave mine up until 3 Kings, for the sake of Orthodox Christmas. I only decorate on Christmas Eve, old family superstition, so the tree usually survives till the school term starts.
Glad to see your art works creeping in, I didn't mention them before in case they shied away.

VioletSky said...

I do like your artwork at the top of each post.

Makes me want to go out and find a good kaleidoscope.

Yes, it is always a pain to have to take down the Christmas decorations - one reason I put up only simple ones, like cards and plants.

John said...

love these at the top

my best

Maggie May said...

Over here, traditionally speaking, we take down the decorations on the twelfth night of Christmas. Of course you can do it when you like really.
I will get it all packed away after the visitors go home before school starts I think.

Glad you are enjoying your Sunday. I find that I am on my own this afternoon & I have books to read & a crossword to do! Heaven!

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh a new hairdo. That can always be fun. I've been gathering the Christmas "stuff" up around the house slowly and it may take me a couple of weeks to get it all packed away in the boxes. I'll miss the pretties. Have a good Sunday.

Stinking Billy said...

irene, you must be ecstatic because, as far as I am concerned, this has been a five-day weekend, starting on Christmas Eve. But, in retirement, every day is Sunday, anyway! x

Mad Asthmatic said...

It sounds like you had a peaceful christmas, I am glad you have not been too plagued by your moods. I had a lovely time with family and am now home.

Heres to 2009 and all the gifts the future will bring.


Breakfast in California said...

Your art reminds me of comforting quilt patterns.

The tree will stay up till Epiphany, but I'll start putting other decorations away tomorrow. The east-coast kid leaves tonight from Long Beach.

CC, you are so right! We have so much to be thankful for, basics that others only dream about. We were talking at breakfast of the time we bought our first washing machine, what luxury! Irene, we picked it up from the store on the way to our move to CM. Until then I'd used the laundry room in the basement of the apartment building.

Have a peaceful and warm Sunday!

Bev said...

I love your snowing background...I wonder how you do things like this. Unusual, being red, but snowing, but I like it.

Bev said...
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Maureen said...

Ah yes, discarded trees. Luckily ours is a fake tree so it is not so sad to take it down. I know it will be up again in a mere 11 months! But there is something nice about getting everything back in order again. I usually wait until after the New Year.