Sunday, April 25, 2010

Temporarily up...

I took a nap and it was nice and now I'm up for awhile, but I plan to be in bed before midnight. I'm just checking to see if my mood has improved any. I think it has and that I may be more cheerful, though I'm not dancing around the room, but I don't do that as a rule anyway, unless another very cheerful person is with me. Maybe a Tyrolean in short leather pants who's had a lot of Schnapps to drink.

When I woke up,Tyke washed my face and my neck and my ears and I said, "Thank you very much." Sometimes he gets that way and gives me a good cleaning. It feels very pleasant and ticklish, but it makes you smell like dog, so another wash is in order.

I just had a cup of coffee, but I'm switching to milk now, because I don't want to be up all night like I was last night. I do have to get some sleep tonight, because tomorrow is a busy day and I can't afford to sleep late in the morning. It's a shame that I have to function during the day, but so be it. The rest of mankind does too.

I think I need a different kind of life, one wherein I live a secluded life on an island that's sparsely populated and where time almost stands still and where there are few modern facilities. I would just have to have an endless supply of books and many bookcases, but I would have to be away from society as far as possible and be oblivious of the days of the year. Now, where would I find a place like that? I have to give this some serious thought. What do I do with the rest of my life?

Tyke's decided that this is a good time to chase Gandhi around. She's hopping from one piece of furniture to the next trying to get away from him. She's finally made it to the kitchen counter and Tyke is sitting here quite disappointed. Oh no, she's made an error. She's jumped off the counter and walked into the bedroom. Tyke followed her and any moment now I will here a racket. That silly cat. Or should I say, that darn dog?

It's time to go to bed and I haven't told you anything interesting yet. Tomorrow morning my personal helper comes for an introductory meeting. Then I have to go to my psychiatrist, and after that the domestic help comes. A little bit of a lot all at once. Those are the most interesting things I have to tell you.

Sleep tight.



Maggie May said...

Busy day tomorrow then.
Sleep tight tonight! Maggie X

Nuts in May

Bernie said...

Enjoy your day Nora, do hope you sleep well.......:-) Hugs