Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wish I could figure it out...

I slept more than 8 hours last night and it was wonderful. I thought I had lost my capacity to sleep long, but I need not have despaired and slept a hole in the day. I went to bed late, so I got up late and took my medicines late. Then, for some reason that I couldn't figure out, I realized that I didn't start feeling bad. I felt quite cheerful and was in a good mood, even though it had been well over an hour since I had taken my medicines.

I thought that was awfully strange and thought back on me taking the pills and then convinced myself that I had forgotten to take my Welbutrin. I had no other explanation for it. So I took that pill, but for some reason, I'm still in a good mood one hour later, so maybe I hadn't forgotten it and I'm over feeling bad when I take them. Now I may have taken 2 Welbutrins, so I won't take the one I was supposed to take later. You are supposed to take them all at once in the morning anyway, and the way I was taking them was an exception to this rule.

Anyway, the sun is shining outside even though it was supposed to be raining. I assume it will rain later on, it is forecast at any rate. I'm supposed to go to the tobacconist, because I won't make it through the long weekend, but I'll take an umbrella with me. Tyke will get wet, but I'll rub him dry with a big towel. I can also quickly go on my bike and take the chance that I'll get rained on. Then I'll have to rub myself dry with a big towel. My hair will be in ruins, but it already is anyway, so it doesn't matter.

It's very nice to sit here in the middle of the day in my bathrobe. I do have to get dressed, but I'm putting it off for now. My sister called me and we both decided that we didn't give a hoot that this weekend was a holiday and that we were going to live through it the best way we knew how and get on with normal life as quickly as possible. Maybe it would be different if we had a large family and a lot of celebrating to do, or should I say, commemorating? There does not seem to be much soberness to this holiday, but maybe there's not supposed to be. Over here it's a nonstop feast and food seems to be the main ingredient, not so much religion.

Well, I have to take Tyke for a walk before it starts to rain. There are clouds moving in. I hope you all have a nice day with pleasant weather. I just hope for a dry spell to go get my tobacco.



Twain12 said...

well maybe the wellbutrin is finally doing it's job...that would be great. I'm not much for any holidays anymore either. I do what i have to for the Family and that sadly is it :(, this month is hard for me anyway so i know what you are talking about, But none the less enjoy the weekend ♥

aims said...

WoW! You sound wonderful! What a delight to come visit you and find you so upbeat and positive and 'even'. It makes me happy to find you not struggling.

We had a big birthday party yesterday. My brother's birthday fell on Good Friday so we cooked a turkey and spent the day laughing. We celebrated 3 birthdays and it was one of the best birthday parties I've ever been to. There's nothing like smiling and laughter to lighten your heart.

Bernie said...

Hi Nora, so glad you slept well. Hope you made it to get your tabacco before it rained.
Beautiful here today +20 and sunny, I was outside working on my flower pots and cleaning my bike. Had to come in for a rest. My arthritis is quite bad at the moment.......sleep well tonight my friend.......:-) Hugs