Friday, April 02, 2010

I have to...

I have to immediately start writing another post, because I just changed my template to the one I really wanted. There are some problems with it. I can't place a photograph with the text, because it makes a little bit of the text run beside the right side of the photograph and it looks really shitty. Just one or two words crowded beside the picture for a bit and it looks ridiculous. So I edited out the photographs from the last three posts.

The other problem is, that if you have too many labels, they start to run into the text of your post and make the first one or two sentences unreadable, so I have to keep my labels to a minimum. I did have a tendency to overdo those, so this will be a good exercise to keep it short and not label every little thing in my post. It's also good to start writing my post three sentences down from the top, but I don't actually know if that really makes a difference when it comes to publishing it. I do it anyway just to be on the sure side.

When I looked at the different templates, this is the one I really wanted, but because of its defects, I thought I couldn't use it. Then I decided to be stubborn about it and go ahead and find a way to do it anyway. The photographs I've been posting are copyrighted and I wasn't supposed to be using them anyway. That was a major faux pas I committed, so it's a good thing that I'm stopping that practice. As a matter of fact. I should edit them out of all of my posts. They were so lovely, though, that I couldn't resist the temptation. I'm a criminal, I admit it.

Well, I laid down on the sofa for a very long 5 minutes and fell asleep, which was lovely. I slept for an hour and a half and woke up just before the phone rang, so I had time to get my wits about me. It was my SPN who called to see how I was doing. I have an appointment with her next week. As a matter of fact, I'm seeing her on Wednesday right after my psychiatrist. Luckily, because of my nap, I didn't feel too horrible, but I had sent her an email earlier telling her about the state of affairs. We only talked briefly, because there's not much you can resolve over the telephone, but it's good to touch base and hear a friendly voice. We're going into a long weekend, so I'm on my own for the next 3 days.

I should be able to survive that, even though it's going to be lonely. As a matter of fact, it's the loneliness that scares me and I hope I will sleep a lot and sit bleary eyed on the sofa and not be aware of my surroundings. Loneliness is like a prison cell where you get locked up in. Oh, pay me no mind. I took that pill 45 minutes ago. It does affect my emotions.

I'm drinking a nice glass of cold milk and I must say that it's a simple pleasure in life and I'm very grateful to the cow that provided it. I hope it walked in a friendly meadow somewhere by a river. The truth may be quite different, but I choose to believe in the kindest scenario. I didn't use to think about things like that, but I've become such a sensitive person that issues like that haunt my thoughts. Yet, I can't think about it too deeply either, or I would not sleep at night. That's why I can't eat meat anymore, especially pork.

Oh, that's the end of that subject. I mustn't go on about things like that when I'm under the influence of that pill. Everything bothers me so. I become hyper-sensitive to everything. I better bring my thoughts around to other subjects, like how wonderful it is to have a dog like Tyke, who I need to take for a walk in a while so he can do his dog things and mark his territory and very furiously kick the grass with his hind legs so other dogs will know that he's been there. Let that be a warning to them.

The tulips are looking good. They are opening up a bit, which is pretty, but I don't want them to open up too much, because that will be the end of them. I should buy myself flowers every week, but I prefer tulips, as a bouquet of mixed flowers gives very mixed results. Some flowers die while others are still good. I'll make it a point to see what's on sale at the supermarket every week. I never do and walk straight past the flower section, while I know the flowers aren't expensive, and if you have a bonus card the second bunch is really cheap. Oh well, maybe it is a luxury after all. I'll have to see.

The sun has been shining all day, though it has not been warm out. It was a real chilly day, scarf and warm jacket. Tomorrow we're having 11C and showers. Isn't that just great? It makes you want to go out and buy a sweater and build a fireplace. I am dressed in my cardigan now and have the heater turned up and now I have to go out in the cold and walk Tyke for the last time today.

Have a great evening, or a great day, whichever applies. You choose.



Bernie said...

Hope you are warmed up, it is lovely and sunny here today.
Be well my dear friend....:-) Hugs

Gail said...

I do like this template. Will you be coloring eggs and hiding them from Tyke?