Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Really and truly...

I am now really and truly awake and better able to write a post than I was early this morning, although I don't do badly then considering the early hour. It wasn't anything important that I wrote, but then a lot of times I just babble anyway and nothing much is lost by not reading it, except that I stated that Tyke might be a cockapoo. The more I consider that option, the more I come to believe in it and I wish they had just written that in his passport instead. Maybe they did a lot of wishful thinking, ignoring all the short, curly hair. I've had him for 2 months now and there is no way that he is a long haired American cocker spaniel.

My niece celebrates her birthday today, she is now 17 years old. I still have to go and buy her present, but I know what I want to get her. My grandson's birthday is on the 17th and on the 16th is my son's birthday, which is always a tough day that I'm mentally preparing myself for now. I don't let the day sneak up on me, because experience has shown that this is a bad idea. When I say that I'm mentally preparing myself for it, I have no idea what exactly I mean by that, other than that I am aware ahead of time that the day is coming up and that I'm ready for emotional turmoil.

I've been out with Tyke twice now and we met a 7 month old Labrador who very much wanted to play with him, much to Tyke's delight, and the owner was an American, so I got to speak some English too with my Dutch accent which even I can hear now. I hear myself talk funny and try not to, but it can't be helped. If I were in the States for a few weeks, though, I would be speaking English like a regular American in no time. Right, I can make that claim, because it won't be tested any time soon. I won't have to be sardined into an airplane for a while, much to my relief.

Besides taking a nap this morning, I took one in the afternoon too, on the sofa in the sunlight. It was most pleasant and I slept for 2 hours. Tyke manages to stay out of trouble during that whole time. I think he is past his demolition days and can now be trusted with books on the bookcase. I love taking naps, but I really need them too, because I stop functioning well if I don't take them. I think that is because of my medicines and I think it is a side effect, but one I can easily live with. As long as I don't have to perform at a job all day, there is no problem. I would get into trouble if I had a job to go to and steady hours to work. I don't know how well I would handle that and what it would do to my general moods. Being "on" all the time would be hard without regular breaks. I think it would exhaust me to have to perform constantly and be up to par all the time.

I have to wash Tyke with a warm soapy wash cloth. He really need a trim and a bath, but I have to co-ordinate the appointment for that with my sister, who often works during the week. I figure I can make him look and smell good with a quick wash and then brush him. So, I'm off to do that now.

Have a nice evening and I hope you've all had a nice day, or are still having it.




Wisewebwoman said...

16th is the anniversary of my mother's death, always a rotten day for me. Like you, I'm aware. My daughter's birthday is 18th so that brightens the sky a lot.
Interesting news on Tyke, it won't lesson your life for him one bit.

Wisewebwoman said...

Sheesh, "lessen your love", my brain is in park while my fingers skid across the keys on New Laptop.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. You have a lot of birthdays coming up. It's strange how birthdays in families tend to cluster. Have you ever noticed that?

I understand what you mean by preparing. You are mentally bracing yourself against it so it won't take you by surprise and fell you with its force. I hope that day passes as peacefully as it can for you.

I'm glad Tyke is coming out the other side of his naughtier puppy days. I hope he's stopped bothering Ghandi too by now.

Bearfriend xx