Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The first cup of coffee...

I'm still working on my first mug of coffee, but it is a big one this time. My sister brought it with her all the way from Japan and I guess they like big mugs there also, at least for the tourist trade. I'm going to have a mug of cold milk after this, because I've had enough coffee to fill me for awhile. There is such a thing as overdoing it and as I said before, my taste for coffee is waning and i don't drink nearly as much as I used to.

The other day I had a cup of English tea without sugar and it didn't make me cough, so it is the sugar in the tea that makes me do that, So no more tea with sugar for me. I was offered Earl Grey, but I never developed a taste for that. I like Irish breakfast the most, although I know there is another more official name for that melange. Unfortunately, the labels on my two jars of tea have faded and now I don't know which is which anymore. One is Irish breakfast, but which one? And what is in the other one? Maybe the taste will tell me.

I've been up for awhile after a very nice sleep on the bed together with Tyke who has decided to stop demolishing things. Maybe he is outgrowing this phase. I fell asleep almost instantly when I laid down and closed my eyes. I always think that I will give myself half an hour to fall asleep, otherwise I will get up, but I'm always asleep way before that. It's nice to give yourself a deadline like that, though. Then you don't have to lie awake worrying about whether or not you will get up. It takes the pressure off. If I were to get up, I would start the going to bed ritual all over again, even if it would take me a few hours, but I've not had to do it yet. I suppose in a way I do it when I get up early in the morning and sit behind the computer with my coffee and get tired again after awhile and go back to bed for some more sleep, but nothing is set in concrete and I can do as I please.

For some mysterious reason, my rubber plant has died. It started to droop and the leaves died and shriveled one by one and now it's just a poor old thing sitting there and I need to throw it out. It lasted about 4 years, which is not bad, but it was thriving and then suddenly gave up the ghost. I have to buy 3 new plants to replace the ones that are either dead or doing poorly. This is not the year of my green thumb. It's a trade off, something else good will happen instead. That's my philosophy anyway. I'm going to try and save one plant by putting it in a different spot. It may make a comeback. It's not beyond hope yet.

Well, that's all the gossip I had for this morning. I just had to turn up the heater because I'm cold. I need to live in a warm country and I was a fool to leave California.

Have a nice day, all of you.




Frances said...

hugs! Sorry the plant died. It is difficult to know why they die, but usually something to do with over - or under-watering.
have a good day

Frances said...

PS - have re-bookmarked the blog and hop won't lose it again!

Twain12 said...

sitting here with my first coffee too. It is frosty this morning but the sun is out. Sometime re potting does the trick , good luck with the plants. hope you have a good day

Wisewebwoman said...

On second cup of coffee but must get off line and work work work now.
As to the plants, like Frances says, usually the watering or failing that some tiny bugs underneath.
Start afresh. Buy some spring plants.

jeannette said...

If you have been used to tea with sugar, maybe you could try green tea or Jasmine tea (best in Oriental stores) -they are not as bitter in taste as Earl Grey...

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I always have my tea without sugar. The Bear however shovels about 6 teaspoons into a cup.

If I wake in the night I never get up. Even if I lie there for 3 hours before going back to sleep, I just stay there. If I start getting up in the night I will end up with no firm pattern at all. I have to show a firm hand to that bit of me that thinks it's cool to be awake in the night.

Hope you're sound asleep now,
Bearfriend xx