Thursday, April 08, 2010

Nothing important...

No really, if you're expecting anything more than the usual drivel, then please stop reading right now, because I really don't have anything important to say. This is going to be an exercise in pure futility when it comes to announcing the word, because nothing important will be announced. As a matter of fact, this will probably be the most insignificant thing you will read today. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Now. what did I do this afternoon? I took a nap on the sofa. That's how thrilling my day was. It amounted to two naps on the sofa and two walks with Tyke.

The naps on the sofa, however, were two very healthy happenings. First of all, I needed the sleep, secondly, I was relaxed enough to take them, and thirdly, I slept through whatever nastiness I may have felt because of the changes I am going through because of the medicines. So, sleep is always the best solution under any circumstance and I am a firm believer in it, except at night when it is cozy and quiet and you want that time to last.

I don't know why I'm even writing that down as if they are god given truths that are supposed to open your eyes and make you become wise suddenly. Oh, look at me declaring my inner thoughts. Wow, how very special. Do you have any more wisdom to impart? I do actually, since I have an opinion on everything, so go ahead and ask. I'm like Solomon, 21st century female style.

Oh, I get tired of typing this nonsense. If I had a bed to go lie down in, I would do it right now and pull the duvet over my ears. I think that is possibly the best idea I've had all day. It is to go to sleep and pretend that the end of the day is already here.

With that brilliant thought in mind I leave you.




Maureen said...

Well, you certainly are keeping me on my toes. Every time I come here I see a new blog theme, now a new title! You are a chameleon, aren't you? I have been reading, just haven't been commenting. I shall catch up on that right now.

Gail said...

Changes, changes, you are traveling through changes.

Bernie said...

More changes to your blog my friend, it is quite nice.
Hope you enjoyed your evening and will sleep well tonight.
Big Hugs.....:-)

aims said...

I'm sorry it is so hard my friend - but believe me - the journey is worth the battles.

Sleep when you must. My mother always said that if you are sleeping then you must be sick. Or something like that.

Twain12 said...

good night my friend :), hope you manage to wash your duvet

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Be glad of a quiet day!

I have been forced into bed during the day recently and found it very helpful. I must get there now as it's 3.52am!!

Hope you awake to a positive day tomorrow.

Bearfriend xx