Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday morning.

I can't believe it is Saturday morning and that it is still early enough for me to sit here for a while and drink my coffee and smoke my cigarettes and write this post. I slept well, despite the fact that I forgot to take my sleeping pill and tranquilizers before I went to bed last night. I did have the oddest dream, but in a way it was very revealing and said a lot about how I think about myself, which for the most part is not bad.

I dreamed about small tunnels and small openings and rebirth and genetic codes written in Braille in an old language that was tattooed on my belly. And about me being sold off as a cheap inspiration for an impressionist artist, but with me standing up for myself and arguing my points of view and my rights as a woman of dignity and elegance against the overwhelming atmosphere of male chauvinism. All the men I knew were there, smoking cigars and having their pint and I was defending myself successfully, but with anger and indignity.

The human mind is a wonderful thing to behold. It is amazing what it can make up in symbolism, when simple images would be enough and clearer.

That's a revelation, isn't it? I understand a lot about this dream, but I'm keeping those conclusions to myself for now. I will integrate them into how I think about myself and make them part of me. You can make each important day of your life a lesson for yourself or completely waste it and not learn a thing. I stood the chance of having done that yesterday, but I turned it around and made the day work for me. Now it's behind me and I came out the better for it and some delusions are shattered, hopefully to never be put back in place again. You must always do things with authority, as if you have the rule of law on your side, and behave as if your choice is the only logical one. You must believe in yourself, even if it takes effort.

Well, I've had two cups of coffee and it's time for a glass of milk now. Ice cold milk to quench my everlasting thirst. I've turned the refrigerator up higher because I thought things weren't cold enough. Hopefully the milk will be extra cold now. is! Cold milk is so lovely when you're thirsty. With my compliments to the cow, of course.

Tyke is sound asleep now on the coffee table, but I have to get dressed to take him for a walk. We both need some fresh air. I don't even know what the weather is like yet for lack of a weather forecaster on my browser. I can look out the window and see that the sun is shining and I assume it's nice outside.

Have a good day and enjoy your hopefully good weather too.




Frances said...

sounding cheerful. Hope the day continues bright. hugs

Gail said...

Is this cheerful real?

Twain12 said...

what a amazing dream. BTW i looked up where exactly your hometown is and you are only 1 hour 15 mins
from my hometown of Düren :)

Maggie May said...

You seem to have very vivid dreams like I do. I dream in bright colour. Do you?
Today is a lovely sunny day, with not an aircraft in the sky.
Hope you enjoy yours too. Maggie X

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

*edit* indignation for indignity I would suggest.

Great empowering dream.

Enjoy your day, my friend.


Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Great that you slept well without your pills. I love interesting dreams! Your brain obviously had some important things to tell you.

I'm very impressed with how you took charge of your mind yesterday. I'm not sure I could ever do that myself - which makes me sound really pathetic!

..Compliments to the cow lol!

Bearfriend xx

Bernie said...

What happened, I read your other post first and you were so sad yet this morning you were so strong and good.......:-) Hugs