Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday morning.

Well, I've slept. It wasn't a heck of a lot of sleep, but it was some sleep anyway, and here I am bright eyed and bushy tailed, drinking my first cup of coffee and having my first cigarette of the morning. Outside the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining and it looks like it is going to be a wonderful day. That reminds me that I have to add the weather forecast to my browser, but that rain that was predicted never did materialize. I told you so! I could have dried the laundry outside after all. Makes you wonder why I need the weather forecast, doesn't it? I guess I like to see how wrong it can be.

I added the email addresses to the email program during the night, or should I say, in the wee hours of the morning? That would be more correct. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, that's how tired I was, but it was a good kind of tired, an all over exhaustion, which is why it is so surprising that I'm up and about already. I guess I was hunkering for a good cup of coffee. I have no other explanation for it. It wasn't Tyke who woke me. For a change he slept late too and was as good as gold. He did take up position on the windowsill just now and got ready for another barking session, so I put a stop to that in a hurry. He was very disgusted with me, but is asleep at my feet now. It is Sunday morning and I don't want him making a racket.

The new computer is a little bit addictive. I keep wanting to play with it, but I really have no reason to, except when it comes to downloading and uploading things. I have no business hanging out here all the time other than that and I do have a life away from the computer. I'm like a kid with a new toy and I want to know all the ins and outs about it immediately. Never mind that I have all the time in the world to do so. I have to remind myself that I don't have to do everything all at once. There are other things to do. I have a dog to walk and a household to run and cat barf to clean up. I'm going to make a special effort to shut it off in a while and do something completely different. But first I'm having another cup of coffee. Like the saying goes, I can't walk on one leg.

Tyke is having his breakfast. He is forced to, because every time he walks away from his bowl, the cats come to eat from it, so he has to quickly run back to it. That will teach him a lesson. If he times it right, he will be done by the time I'm ready to take him for a walk. Then our walk won't be in vain. I'm looking forward to it because of the sunshine, although it is a little bit cold out. I will have to wear my gloves.

I'm planning on vacuuming the sofa today and then taking the covers off the cushions and washing them. It is a plan. I don't know if it is actually going to happen. I thought I might do it in one of my spare moments. I'm assuming I will have those if I can pull myself away from the computer. Doubtlessly, with a little bit of effort I can, or otherwise I will have rectangular eyes again and a sore back from sitting here. And a sore rear end. I think I need a pillow to sit on, because I was aching there earlier and I do have a well cushioned bottom.

Well, without much further ado, I will end this post and get going. I will get dressed and finally take my medicines, because I haven't even done that yet. Then Tyke and I will get some fresh air. It will put some color on my cheeks, no, not those that I just discussed.

Have a great Sunday, everyone. I still don't know if my email program works.



Babaloo said...

I've sent you an email to test out your email programme. Which one are you using anyway? Would you not rather use a web-based one? That would save you installation and other troubles at least...

Hope you have a lovely, sunny Sunday! XXX

Twain12 said...

glad you are enjoying your shiny new (to you) computer :), have a great Sunday♥

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your having fun with your new computer. It is hard to get away fro the computer. Once I get on, time seems to fly by so fast. There is just so much to do and read!

I'm glad it is not raining and you can go out for a nice walk. Fresh air is so nice, even when it is a bit nippy.

Glad you got some sleep too. Nothing can make a day worse than not getting your sleep, but you know that better than anyone.

Enjoy your day!

Gail said...

Wow, a new computer, you could not drag me away from one with a chain.
The dog would have to take his own walk, but you are stronger than I.

Enjoy the day!

Connie Rose said...

You're hilarious this morning -- cat barf to clean up, color in your cheeks! Hope you've has as delightful a Sunday as it started out to be. Mine's just getting going. XO

Maggie May said...

You know that my email works!
Great news about your computer.

Nuts in May

Bernie said...

Sounds like you have your Sunday all planned out. Enjoy the newness of your computer, you are having fun and that is what counts.
.......:-) Hugs