Saturday, March 06, 2010

Another early morning post.

I woke up to a cracking sound and found out that Tyke was demolishing my plastic cigarette case that I had left lying on the bookcase by my bed. I suppose he got bored during the night and decided to give that a go. When I called him on it, he gave me a very innocent look and wagged his tail, as if to say, "I'm just a cute little puppy." A while later I found him gnawing on a huge bone that I had bought for Jesker one time, but that Jesker had showed no interest in. Tyke thought he'd died and gone to heaven and was afraid I was going to take that away from him too. I have no idea where he found it, but I wish he'd found it before he started on my cigarette case. He is now very sweetly asleep by my feet, worn out from this night's adventures.

I slept in my bed after I safeguarded the bedroom, or so I thought. It was pleasant to sleep in my bed, because there's a little bit more room than there is on the sofa, but I didn't sleep longer there than I do on the sofa. Doubtlessly that was because of Tyke's interruption. I have to buy another one of those really big bones and see if that will keep him happy for the night.

I'm trying to read my book, "The Pilot's Wife." I like it so far, but I manage to fall asleep after reading just 10 pages or so, or when Tyke decides to lie down on top of it for some quality time together. When I slept on the sofa, I didn't read at all, but fell asleep with the TV on. I need to get some of my old routine back now that the Olympics are over and I don't have to watch sport's events at all hours of the night.

I managed to do laundry last night. I had one load of laundry in the machine that I had to hang up and dry and it consisted of tops and sweaters and leggings. I hung up the sweaters to dry on hangers on the shower curtain rail and pulled most of the wrinkles out. Hopefully I don't have to iron them when they are dry. I had a dry load of sheets and towels to fold and one load of laundry to put in the machine and another load to put in today or as soon as there is room on the drying rack. I can't hang any laundry outside, because there's rain and wet snow predicted. That is the problem of trying to get laundry done in the wintertime. It takes forever to get it dry and it slows down the rate at which you can get it done. That's when I really wish for a tumble dryer.

I have a sink full of dishes to do that accumulate while I'm not looking. Suddenly they are there, stacked up on the kitchen counter, and I don't know where they came from. You'd think I'd hardly use a dish, living on my own. There are always many coffee cups and teaspoons and the lack of clean ones makes me realize that I need to do the dishes. I would also very much like a compact dishwasher. Just big enough for a one person household. You see how I need my conveniences. I'm all for making my life as easy as possible, but then I was used to having these things and I feel rather primitive having to do without them. I'll never get used to that. That equally goes for going grocery shopping without the convenience of a car.

I'm sitting here in my big bathrobe and the thermometer was set at 20C, but it's cold in here, so I've just turned it up higher. I don't think I'm supposed to sit here with cold hands and shiver. The radiator next to me is nice and hot now and I can feel the warmth emanating from it. It's very pleasant and like sitting by a hot stove. It does make me wish for a fireplace and a crackling wood fire.

Since today is Saturday, I will take advantage of the "free" day and do odd jobs around the apartment. I will try and not do anything structured and make it look like real work. I will just do whatever pops into my head. Pleasure first, drudgery last. I hope I will be able to go for walks with Tyke in spite of the rain that is predicted. Hopefully they will only be showers and not non-stop drizzle and down pours. It's not going to be very warm and there will be a cold wind blowing from the north east. That's from the cold part of the world, above Russia. It is my most sincere wish that the weather forecasters totally get it wrong today. I will have to wear an extra top under my sweater. At least my footwear will be good.

I will feed Tyke and get dressed and take my medicines and then take Tyke for a walk before the weather turns bad. It is still dry now and there's no wind yet. The world is very silent out there. I don't hear a thing. Silence is a very valuable commodity. I can't get enough of it.

Have a nice day. I hope your weather will be good.



Babaloo said...

Your good wishes for the weather were received well over here. We've had sunshine all morning and clear skies. Now it's clouding up a bit but still dry. Hope your weatherman got it wrong for your weather today!

Sorry I haven't been in touch so much this week, still busy but doing very well with the kids. I just don't have that much time anymore to read blogs and do other things around the internet. Hope you're well. I'll try and catch up on your posts over the weekend.


Twain12 said...

we are having a beautiful day today 9C for a change, although this morning when i got up it was -11C. But it is beautiful now. I opened some windows to let some fresh air in. slowly but surely the snow is melting but it is still pretty deep in some places where the sun doesn't hit. Have a great weekend

aims said...

I'm definitely not bragging my friend but I don't know what I would do without a dryer or a dishwasher. I detest doing dishes. I use to have to do them for 30 people at a time - by hand. Boy I hated that! A dishwasher is such a luxury to have. I still do plastic tubs and such by hand as my dishwasher throws them all over the place and they never dry properly. And pots etc and the good knives. But other than that - bango - into the dishwasher once finished with. Sigh.

Then of course you have to empty it and make sure the utensils got cleaned and maybe dry them. Is that sort of redundant?

And dry clothes out of dryer with a bounce sheet in it. I love that part. I like doing laundry quite a bit and nice smelling clothes make me smile.

I'd be glad for a day of rain I'm afraid. I expect we'll get a lot more snow before we see rain again.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I've been a bad visitor! I don't know what happens to the hours, they seem to fly by. Computer time is a bit like an extra-cirrcular activity for me. I do think of you though!

Tyke sounds like a little rascal but I bet he will keep you amused with his antics and win you over with his sweet looks!

Connie Rose said...

The Pilot's Wife is a good one. Don't miss The Weight of Water and Light on Snow by Shreve.