Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday morning...

I seem to be averaging about 7.5 hours of sleep a night now and when I wake up, I feel good and not groggy and confused and in need of lots of coffee to get my act together. I'm pretty perky and ready to cuddle Tyke at first sight. He gets into bed with me and thinks we're going to settle down for some more sleep. I only leave him under that illusion for a short time.

The only thing I don't like, is that I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I have no idea what time it is, because of no functioning alarm clock, so I have to go into the living room to see what time it is. I'm trying to replace the battery in one of my watches now, but I can't get the back off, which is very frustrating and which I hope the Exfactor will do for me when he gets here this morning. I'm sure there's a trick to it that I don't know about. At least that way I will know what time it is in the middle of the night, but I do need to get a new alarm clock, unless I keep waking up a 5:30 am.

So, I get up and first I feed Tyke and the cats and give them their milk, and then I make myself a cup of coffee. Like a regular human being who functions normally from the moment she gets up. It's nice to know that this is possible too. Sleeping 12 hours and waking up from a comatose situation wasn't all that great either. It took me so long to get my brain in functioning order.

That was sleeping like a teenager does and you can't talk to them when they get up after sleeping so long. I know I was not coherent when I was a teenager and I got up in the weekends, called out of bed by my mother to come partake of our communal coffee hour. My mother could not comprehend that I was not able to have a conversation. She expected us to say "Goodmorning" in our most cheerful voices. I grunted in my pajamas. "Don't mumble so," she would say and I grunted, "Goodmorning," in a foul mood.

The Exfactor was here and didn't know how to get the back off the watch either, but knows of a cheap place where they can and is going to take it there for me next week. He is a handy man to have around to do these kinds of jobs for me. It means again that I don't have to go downtown to take care of it. I still do have to get a new watchband for my other watch, but there's no real rush. I can do that when I am back to my old self and casually ride my bike into town.

Oh, I rode my bike to my SPN's office yesterday, It had been many months since I had been on it and it took me a while to get used to it. I kept wanting to ride it into the gutter and over debris in the road and over the sidewalk. That was on the way over there. I did much better on the way back, because I sang a song to myself, as my SPN had suggested I do, and that way I was more relaxed. It's just a matter of getting used to it again and feeling comfortable with it, like riding a car, which you never forget how. I could get in a car now and drive away with it comfortably, although I have not driven one for 16 years. It would have to be an automatic, though, I would have a little bit more problems with a stick shift.

I just cleaned the Senseo coffee maker with a bottle of vinear. It had been so long since I had done it, that it only gave 3/4 of a cup instead of a full one and it made a lot of protesting noises while it did so. It moaned and groaned and grumbled and sounded like it was going to fall apart in 20 different pieces. It has stopped making those noises now and is making full cups of coffee again. It's no longer dangerous to stand in the vicinity of it.

Allez, I have to pay bills. I think my money is in the bank now and I have to pay the vet bill amongst other things. Then I have to go to the tobacconist because I'm not sure I'm going to make it through the weekend with my supply. It's drizzling outside and 14C, so that's not too bad, but not warm enough to turn off the heater and open the windows. It's very comfortable in here now. I don't like being stoic and cold.

Have a nice day!



Twain12 said...

i miss riding my bike, i don't live in a good area for riding bikes. Only 5C right now but it is suppose to go up to 15C, so it should be a nice day.
Have a great weekend♥

Maggie May said...

What a lovely little girl in the picture. I suppose you just picked her at random.
There is a good side to riding a bike. The feel of the wind on your face.
Singing is a very good thing to do while riding.
It is raining here.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Bernie said...

Hello Nora, I am so looking forward to riding my bike again. It will be a 2 or 3 weeks yet before I can get it out of the shed which is surrounded by snow. I am seeing so many of my blog friends showing green grass and flowers shooting through the ground, they are so ahead of our Spring here in Alberta.
So glad you are sleeping well and feeling better my friend....:-) Hugs

aims said...

What great exercise you get from riding a bike - and yes - the wind in your face.

The singing - how interesting! I understand what she is saying.

My you sound good my friend. That makes me so happy for you.

Babaloo said...

7.5 hrs is about as much sleep as I normally need. I don't get it at the moment because I always wake up before my alarm glad clock, so I'm getting about 7 hrs or maybe a bit less per night. I'm not doing well on that in the long run, so I'll have to figure something about.

I'm glad you're sleeping well - things are so much better if you've had enough sleep! :)

Gail said...

You rode your bike, that's great! I remember when you bought that and were so proud.

The times they are achangin'...