Saturday, March 06, 2010


I got the day started right. I swept some floors, did some dishes, did some laundry, walked the dog, threw out some dying plants, in other words, I made myself useful and I would have kept right on doing that if my old neighbor from upstairs, who has now moved out, hadn't offered me an almost brand new computer with Windows Vista installed in it. Everything, the mouse the keyboard, the flat screen, the works. It came in a big box and all I had to do was set it up.

I considered not doing that, but continuing using my own computer until it died, but in the end I couldn't resist the temptation and wanted to install the new computer. So, I had to dismantle my old computer first, and in the process disentangle all the wires and clean up all the dust and the top of the desk, which was a mess, but is now very clean and all the knick knacks have been put away in a cabinet.

Then I had to figure out how to put together the new computer, like where all the wires and cables went and I was slightly worried that I would put things in the wrong place and got cold feet half way through the process. I called the Exfactor, but he said he was not available until Monday, so I had to finish the job myself. And I did, though I was stumped at one point when I had connected everything and the darn thing didn't work. I sat and thought about that for a long time and then realized that I hadn't pushed the on button and that's why the flat screen said it got no signal. And I was trying to come up with all sorts of complicated solutions.

Of course, I had to add all sorts of things once I had it up and running and I'm not done yet. I still have to add email addresses and a few programs, like for my digital camera, but I've installed a bunch of things. I also had to get all my favorites bookmarked and get Mozilla Firefox installed as my browser and add the colorful tabs. For some reason, it doesn't recognize English as my preferred language and wants to spell check everything in Dutch. On Facebook also. It's a Dutch computer. I have to do something about that. I think I can change that under preferences.

I spent all afternoon messing with that thing and I'm not done yet. I will continue tomorrow. The email program is not working right. The out going emails are not going out. So if you don't hear from will know why. I haven't installed my photographs. So there may not be any pretty image to go with this post, unless I find something in the samples in the image program. Or unless I'm a stubborn fool and install the photographs tonight. I'll have rectangular eyes from looking at the screen and a frazzled brain.

Tell me you do things like this too. That you get so wrapped up in a project that you almost forget everything around you and that you know of no stopping until it's done. Tell me I'm not the only one who does this.

Tyke has been barking on and off at the dark window for about an hour now. I keep walking over there with him to see what's there but there is nothing. But he is fixated and keeps barking. He is very tense and alert and reacts to every sound. I don't know what's got into him. He must think he is a verocious guard dog, but I don't think the neighbors will appreciate it.

Okay, that's it for me now. I'll see what other kind of trouble I can get into. I'm awfully tred, though, and I shouldn't do too much more.

Have a good evening. Come have a nightcap with me.



Twain12 said...

no you are not the only one...good luck with it :)

Bernie said...

How wonderful that you have a new computer...and to put it together yourself is very impressive. I would be like you, keeping at it until I had it the way I wanted it. I am so happy for you.

Hope your evening went well and that Tyke stopped barking, perhaps there is a cat outside or something.
.........:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

You're definitely not the only one who gets super-involved in a project. I sometimes forget to eat when I'm in the middle of something - and I resent even having to stop in order to go to the bathroom!

Wisewebwoman said...

I can so relate GSW. OCD that's me when it comes to new stuff. Like now. on the Ipod, a total project getting all my music up and running and foldered and playlisted and ....

Babaloo said...

Oh, what a great present! And I'm sure you can get rid of Vista once you've got the whole thing working... ;-)

Oh, and yes, I also have to work on things until they're well and truly done. And Felix is even worse - he has been working on his laptop for days now. He's trying out several Linux versions and then something isn't working right and he has to fiddle around with it until it does etc etc etc. So, don't worry, you're not alone!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

You are definitely NOT the only one. Nor the only one to not push the on button. lol Happy for you to get the new computer. I would be at the loading of bookmarks and emails and and and....